Main Street Pizza

First of all, let me start by saying this guy Lanson is awesome. He greeted me when I entered and spotted me taking pics before I came in. Justin and Lanson the two owners of Main Street Pizza are taking over the pizza scene here in Kissimmee. 

The variety on the menu can be overwhelming. No need to worry. Ask the guys what they suggest and they will be happy to guide you in the right direction. 

Main Street Pizza has been open for two months now. I foresee this place doing big things. They had me hooked with the customer service as soon as I walked in. 

Pepperoni Buns. Since Lanson knew I was a food blogger he immediately said he knew what to make for me. Pepperoni and cheese wrapped in a bun shape. He described it perfectly. Like a Cinnabon, but with pepperoni and obviously not sweet. 

Bruschetta Pizza. The second suggestion was this pizza. This was a home run. Lanson knocked this one out of the park. There was another local who came in and ordered that very same pizza. It was out of this world. 

Two Thumbs Up!  No, no! Strike that!! Four Thumbs Up!!  This is what a local shop should be like. Great customer service, owners who love their job, and like creating dishes that will appeal to the customers. 

Lanson and Justin, kept up the amazing work you guys. Best of luck to you!  
Main Street Pizza

708 N Main Street

Kissimmee, FL 34741

(407) 483-8876

Monday to Thursday 11am to 10pm

Friday and Saturday 11am to 11pm

Sunday Closed

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Vino Tinto

Since I moved here from Chicago I have loved Kissimmee. These mom and pop shops are hard to find, but truly worth searching for.

I was greeted immediately with a smile and a good morning. Good customer service is hard to find. I was told what the specials were. They had a variety of hot food (not pictured). They also have made to order sandwiches.

Pollo guisado, yellow rice, and sweet plantains. The chicken came right off the bone when I picked it up. The flavors were perfect. The yellow rice was nice. Mixed veggies and sausage pieces in the rice. It was very good.

Hours of operation. I will have to come early one morning and see what breakfast items they have. Definitely a nice place to come for lunch.

Two Thumbs Up!! Great customer service. Great food. Nice variety. Place is clean and they have specialty coffees as well. As I always say, I will be back again for more.
Vino Tinto Restaurant

1409 E Vine Street

Kissimmee, FL 34744

(407) 944-0942

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Cafe Caobana 

Today work took me to Orlando. Welcome to the busiest street I have ever experienced, Semoran. This little gem is a bit hard to spot, but worth making U-turns and dealing with traffic.

(Photo courtesy of Mike P)

Nice interior decor. The one issue was entering and not being greeted in a friendly way. The woman seemed to be in a bad mood when I came in the restaurant.

(Photo of courtesy Mike P)

The sweet section. This is a sugar coma waiting to happen. These look to be worth the migraine. Couldn’t do any of the desserts today. I was on a mission to get a good sandwich.

Cafe con leche. Those little vanilla wafers are a great touch to this drink. While I am typing I am still feeling that caffeine in my veins. My actual server was very friendly and very helpful.

Media Noche. Ham, cheese, pork, pickles, mayo, and mustard. This was the suggestion from the server and a great one at that.

Two Thumbs Up!!  Lacking in the friendly gretting department when you walk in, but overall a very clean and nice looking place. To my server, gracias por todo. Un placer de conocerla.

Cafe Caobana

73 S Semoran Blvd

Orlando, FL 32807

Monday to Thursday

6:30am to 8:00pm
Friday and Saturday

6:30am to 10:00pm

6:30am to 4:30pm

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Sip N’ Dip Donuts

Another one that I have been wanting to come to for so long. I have finally arrived. 

(Photo courtesy of Blondie V)
As soon as you walk in and smell all those baked goods it’s heavenly. Wow. Now I see why there were so many people coming in and out of this place. 

(Photo courtesy of Cam A)

Locals coming in and out for the breakfast sandwiches as well. They looked great, but I was on a mission. It was time to get a donut. 

Oreo cookie donut. Now this is what dreams are made of. @Xobejm had been here with a friend and wasn’t a big fan. I love this place. PERIOD!!! 

Boston Cream. Anything custard filled is my go to item. This was so nice and soft. Melted in my mouth.

Two BIG Thumbs Up!!!  The staff is nice and very helpful. Great little family business. Love finding gems like this. 
Sip N’ Dip Donuts

1001 13th Street

St Cloud, FL 34769

(407) 892-1252

Monday to Saturday 5am to 11pm

Sunday 5am to 5pm

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Mutt’s on 13th

Finally made it. @Burgerbeast had told me about this place a while back and I had forgotten about it. My buddy Isaac reminded me of it and here I am. Located in St Cloud Florida.

The customer service was excellent. I won’t lie, I felt like an outsider, but that was my own personal feeling. Locals come here for lunch and everyone knew each other.

The place is clean and it smelled great as soon as I walked in. I was greeted immediately and had to ask for help in ordering. The staff suggested their award winning burgers, but I saw the pork tenderloin sandwich and had to do it.

When you are done ordering you take a seat and they bring your food to your table. Love the fact that they bring your food and ask if you want ketchup or mustard. It’s the little things that mean so much.

Pork tenderloin sandwich. I do not regret my decision at all. I should have had the burger since that’s what they are known for. Couldn’t pass up on a good pork sandwich.

Two Thumbs Up!!  Going back for that burger for sure. Had some locals sitting near me and their burgers looked really good. They also have a variety of shakes. I will be back!!
Mutt’s on 13th

1517 13th street

St. Cloud, FL 34769

(407) 891-1595
10am to 8pm

Closed on Sundays

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Homemade Food 

Oh yes you did read that correctly. The name of the restaurant is Homemade Food and it’s name suits it well.

The decor caught my eye immediately. The salsa music in the background was a nice touch as well. The place is very clean.

Empanadas. They have typical breakfast specials in the morning. I had the pleasure of meeting the owner Rider Ferreira. He has very proud of his restaurant and told me that he had been open for less than a month.

The ground beef was my dish for the day. The owner was nice enough to let me sample some of the soup they had for today. It was a chicken and beef soup. Very tasty.

Each day they have three proteins: shredded chicken, shredded beef, and Pernil (pork). In addition they will have another protein depending on the day. The option of black beans and red beans made me happy. They also had vegetables.

Love the hours of operations. Hard to find a place that opens early morning. The young lady who served me was very friendly and very helpful. She says they have a great breakfast in the mornings.

Carne Molida with black beans and white rice. This ground beef was amazing. It has been a long time since I have had a good tasting picadillo.

Mango Juice. They have several natural juices to choose from. Regular and Latin sodas are served as well.

Tres Leches. Very good. Not too sweet. It was a good way to end my meal.

Two Thumbs Up!! Rider, gracias por todo. Espero regressed pronto con mi familia. Sorry that I forgot your staff persons name. She was great. Always nice to get excellent customer service.

Homemade Food

1322 John Young Parkway

Kissimmee, FL 34741

(407) 978-6509

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ChimiKing Food Truck (192)

After coming back from Celebration Hospital I found this beauty just waiting for me. Now, I have tasted them before when I first met @droolius and @eatlocalorlando in South Orlando. Good times. But now they have a permanent location on 192 in front of Old Town in Kissimmee. Just look  for the Visitors Flea Market.

Empanada de Carne. I had to start out with this one while I waited for my Chimi Burger. They have all kinds of frituras. Do not be fooled by the limited menu. These dishes will knock your socks off.

And you can never do without a Country Club. El refresco nacional Dominicano. This drink is not for everyone. It’s sweet, but very good. I have mentioned that sugar coma before.

Beef Chimi. Dominican burger, cabbage, tomato, and mayo-ketchup. I have to admit I was shocked by seeing the tourist from different races ordering the Chimi. They are open until 3am on Friday and Saturday.

Two Thumbs Up!! This is the place to be over the weekend. Heck, its the place to be during the week as well. Great customer service.

ChimiKing Food Truck (192)

5811 W. Highway 192

Kissimmee, FL  34746

(407) 255-5109


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