Passage to India

Big thanks are in order to @droolius and Jenni for joining us in our food adventures tonight!

Best place to get some good Indian food in Kissimmee area near Disney.

Great weather in Kissimmee tonight. We had to eat some good Indian food with some good people.

The restaurant is very elegant. Not very full this evening. Although more people came in during our stay.

The tables are nicely set up and Chrissy who was our server was working hard in the back and the front of the house.

We started with the sauces and of course the @droolius phone sticker. Looks like a real case. Very cool. Sweet Mango Chutney, Onions, and Mint Chutney.

You always have to start with some Samosas. Very good. Nice and light this evening.

And the Garlic Naan is always a must. @Xobejm couldn’t get enough of this.

Passage to India Assorted Platter. Mouth watering combination of Samosas, Pakora, and Onion Bhaji. We loved them all. Very tasty. Especially tasty with the sauces.

All together makes a great picture. We shared all of these.

We ordered family style. That is the way @droolius and I love to eat. @Tarajroth and @xobejm and Jenni shared all of the food. We literally got a bite of everything. I will have the names of all the dishes below.

Family Style Feast Shot. My Chicken Vindaloo was Spicy. Just like I like it. So, here is now the list of what we had:

Foodbidden: Chicken Vindaloo. (Spicy) Succulent pieces of chicken marinated in vinegar and spices and cooked in a hot Goan sauce with potatoes.

@Droolius: Palak Paneer. Cubes of homemade cottage cheese cooked with spinach and fresh spices.

@Xobejm: Chicken Tikka. Tender pieces of boneless chicken marinated in mild spices and yogurt and roasted and a clay oven.

@Tarajroth: Chicken Korma. Juicy breast of chicken simmered in a rich cream sauce.

Jenni: Chicken Saag Wala. Boneless breast of chicken cooked with fresh spinach and spices.

Fantastic dinner with fantastic people. All in all we all loved it. Not for someone on a budget. This is a pricey restaurant, but worth every penny.

Chrissy, You rock!! You went above and beyond with your service tonight. We truly appreciated all the details on the food and your recommendations. Thank you so much.

Foodbidden (and the Gang) APPROVED!!!

Passage to India
(407) 396-6957
7618 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy
Kissimmee, FL 34747

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Location:7618 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL 34747

Broadway Pizza Bar

All photos are to be credited to @tarajroth and @xobejm! Thank you so much for taking some choice shots. You Go girlies!! Big Kudos to @xobejm for editing the pics for me. Great family teamwork.

Located in Downtown Kissimmee this is the place to order pizza as you want it.

This is the bar area. People were sitting on the other side so this is the best shot @tarajroth could get.

I love the look of this shot. Looks very old fashioned. Yummy food pics are coming soon.

Amazing place. This place is always busy. People coming in and sitting down to enjoy some great pizza. Now lets get to the FOOD stuff!

Garlic Cheese Bread with marinara sauce. Holy mother of yummy goodness. A dream come true for me. Garlic and Cheese. Life is good. @Tarajroth is right. These are a MUST!

@Xobejm got the Pepperoni pizza. Nice and simple. The best part of this pizza is the crust. The crust is like eating a piece of French bread.

Oh yeah! We should call it the @tarajroth special. Hot Italian Sausage, extra cheese, and Green Olives. @Wholycheesus would love this pizza. Extra cheese is just what the doctor ordered.

Baby Girl Approved!!

Wifey Approved!!!

Need I say more. Broadway Pizza Bar has brought life to downtown Kissimmee. Best pizza in town. Nice to have a non chain pizza place doing it right!!

Foodbidden and familia APPROVED!!

Broadway Pizza Bar
(407) 847-7050
403 Broadway
Kissimmee, FL 34741

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Location:403 Broadway, Kissimmee, FL 34741

Sal Y Azucar Colombian Restaurant

The name alone got my attention. While in downtown Kissimmee we spotted a restaurant and it was closed for the evening. So, we ventured out a bit more and found this place. Located on Main street just north of Broadway. Had to go in with wifey and taste it for ourselves.

When we walked in there was a gentleman sitting down. Hence the half picture here. The place has only been open for two months. Very nice place. Small, but cozy.

When we walked in we were greeted by Dora. The owner and chef of the establishment. She is from Colombia. Her boyfriend who serves at the restaurant is from Puerto Rico, but he doesn’t cook. All the food is authentic Colombian home style cooking. Dora did not speak English, but there was a gentleman sitting in the restaurant who interpreted for us. Gracias amigo. I never got his name.

Complements of the house we got Sancocho de Gallina. (Hen Soup) “Often considered a stew. It usually consists of large pieces of meat and vegetables served in a broth” (Thank you Wikipedia) @tarajroth and I tried it and it was delicious. The consistency was perfect and wifey and I ate lots of it.

@Tarajroth ordered the Carne Asada with white rice, tostones/plantain, and a Colombian cole slaw salad with carrots and onions.

The Bandeja Paisa. Traditional Colombian dish with the works. Carne Asada, tostones/plantain, white rice, egg, chorizo, arepa, Chicharron, and beans.

Photo courtesy of @tarajroth. Great feast shot. Big Kudos to @tarajroth who is taking pictures like @droolius : )

Great place. Opens 7am to 7pm Monday to Saturday. Local restaurant with lots of character. It is Cash Only. Luckily, I saw the sign while we were eating. @Tarajroth made a quick dash to the bank nearby. Thanks honey. You rock!!

Wifey and Foodbidden APPROVED!!

Sal Y Azucar
(407) 870-0404
708 North Main Street
Kissimmee, FL 34744

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Location:708 North Main Street, Kissimmee, FL 34744

Spanish Rotisserie

This morning I was feeling adventurous and went out to the Osceola Square Mall. This poor mall needs some serious loving. No quality stores are in this mall, but the food is getting much better.

This morning they had Pollo Guisado (Braised Stewed Chicken) and Pollo Asado (Roasted Chicken)

They also have Empanadas, Papa Rellenas, Yuca, and Pasteles. The owner is from El Salvador and the wife is from Cuba. One of the cooks is from the Dominican Republic. Good diversity within the team. This is what makes this place so good.

They have salads as well. The tuna salad looked great. They were just opening this morning and were making the steak. I had to head back to work, so had no time and only ordered the chicken. I had to bring it all To Go.

Pollo Asado with White Rice. Some sauce on the rice as well to give it some flavor. I was not in the mood for the plantains as a side today.

Pollo Guisado (Braised Stewed Chicken) with Arroz con Gandules. With extra sauce on the Rice. This one is always my favorite. The juices from the chicken make the rice taste yummy.

Last but not least. Empanadas De Pollo and Papa Rellena. These potato balls are stuffed with ground beef and have other yummy ingredients inside to make it the perfect bite.

I brought lunch for myself and co-workers today. They loved the meal.

Foodbidden and Co-workers APROBADO!!

Spanish Rotisserie Inc
3831 W Vine St Ste 55,
Kissimmee, FL. 34741

Location:3831 W Vine Street, Kissimmee, FL 34741

Spanish Rotisserie  on Urbanspoon

Apna Punjab Indian Restaurant

Located on 535 and Osceola Parkway. The all day buffet caught my eye.

Even though I am sure I will order from the menu because I am in a spicy sort of mood.

Nice little set up for the buffet. I did ask if any items were spicy and I was told mild. So, I ordered from the menu.

I like the bar set up. They offer a variety of beers and wines. Place looks very clean and well maintained. They have been here for about 8 months now.

Today I chose the Chicken Vindaloo (Spicy). For next time I will ask for Asian spicy. It had the right kick to it, but I like it to burn. Amazing taste.

Cheese Naan. Although I always get the Garlic naan. Today I went with cheese. Note to self, next time get Cheese and Garlic. This was perfect with my meal.

The whole meal. A side of rice comes with it and they always make sure you have enough rice. Now, don’t get me wrong, the buffet was $9.99 which is a great deal for anyone on a budget. I ordered from the menu and it was pricey, but worth it in my opinion.

Tarik, thank you so much for your service. You are a very kind man. I will be back with friends and family.

Foodbidden SUPER APPROVED!!!

Apna Punjab Indian Restaurant
(407) 507-5877
3260 Vineland Road
Kissimmee, FL 34746

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Location:State Road 535,Kissimmee,United States

Sister Honey’s

Monday to Saturday from 11am to 6pm the place to be is…..

It’s been in the Orlando area for about six months now. Thank you so much to Lisa Wilks for telling me about this place.

After a great lunch with the Lunch Bunch ladies. I was craving some cupcakes (as always). Lisa told me about this place. It is located on Orange Avenue and Michigan.

It’s a very nice little place. The gentleman helping me today was very helpful and let me know they only had two kinds of flavors of cupcakes today. No red velvet and no coconut. : (

I ordered the Double Chocolate Cupcake and the Very Vanilla Cupcake.

Delicious. Lisa did forewarn me to get extra Double Chocolate Cupcakes because I would love them. So, I got six and one to eat right now.

They were both very good. Love the taste and the cupcake texture is perfect. Not dry at all.

While I was here I got a slice of pie as well.

The Raspberry Cheese Pie. Oh Yeah!!

Their other yumminess is the Hummingbird Cake. It’s a banana cake with cream cheese, cinnamon, and nuts. This was my favorite!!

Foodbidden (Sweet Tooth) APPROVED!!!

Sister Honey’s
(407) 730-7315
247 East Michigan Street
Orlando, FL 32806

Sister Honey's on Urbanspoon

Location:247 E Michigan St, Orlando, FL 32806

RanGetsu Restaurant & Orchid Lounge

Thank you so much to @OrlandoFamStyle for hosting these fantastic lunches with such lovely people. It was also very nice to finally meet @yelporlando in person.

Heard great things about the Rangetsu happy hour. They even have a DJ booth in the restaurant. It must become quite a scene at night.

This is the entrance from the parking area. Plenty of parking space for lunch.

The outdoor seating was awesome. This must be gorgeous at night.

The bar area inside the restaurant. Very nice.

Lots of sunshine today in Maitland Florida. The other side had some people enjoying their meal, so I only took a picture of this side of the dining room.

The sushi area. The ladies I was enjoying my lunch with ordered the sushi. It took a bit for them to get their order. The server said they got hit with a few orders at the same time, so that’s why it took so long.

Miso Soup. I did not take a picture of the salad. I was too hungry. As soon as I got it I dug into it.

Sukiyaki Lunch. Thinly sliced NY strip cooked in a sweet soy sauce with assorted vegetables.

The Sukiyaki was very good. I wasn’t expecting this. It was a pleasant surprise.

Rangetsu has a nice crowd for lunch. I would love the check out the evening menu and see what it’s like. Great place.

To the ladies, thank you so much ladies for the nail lessons and the great chat. Looking forward to many more meals together.

Foodbidden APPROVED!!

RanGetsu Restaurant & Orchid Lounge
(407) 345-0044
901 South Orlando Avenue
Maitland, FL 32751

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Location:901 S Orlando Avenue, Maitland, FL 32751