Don Pepe Taqueria and Mexican Grill

This was definitely a pleasant surprise. I never thought I would see the day when Poinciana had a Mexican restaurant. I guess dreams do come true. Don Pepe is located on Cypress Parkway and Doverplum. In The Promenade plaza. Known to many as the Publix plaza. A bit hard to find, but well worth the search.

When I entered I was greeted by Daphne. She filled me in on the protocol. You come to the counter, you order, she gives you a number, you have a seat, and she brings the food out to you. Nice and simple. The authentic Mexican music playing in the background reminded me of my Dad singing early Saturday mornings. Most places in Kissimmee play any regular Spanish music.

Chips and Salsa were very good. The salsa was not as spicy as I expected it to be, but flavorful. The chips were nice and crunchy. Had way too many of them. Nice. The folks who seem to be the owners were not very welcoming. Mind you, they were working hard in the back, but in no moment asked how everything was going and how the food tasted. Daphne seemed to be the only one making the magic happen.

You can’t ever go wrong with Jarritos. Tamarind was the way to go today. Yes, you are reading that correctly. 100 percent sugar.

Enchiladas Verdes with cheese. I had asked Daphne what she suggested and this was her choice. I like ordering them with cheese. Was expecting white cheese, but the yellow did not disappoint. I noticed people of different races coming in. That makes me happy to know food crosses all cultures.

It was a very generous portion. The prices are not bad at Don Pepe’s. While siting there several locals ordered the natural juices. That will be my choice for the next time.

The decor was amazing. I am a fan of Mexican restaurants since I grew up in Chicago, but have never seen this type of set up. Love it. I am hoping to come back with @vbterp and try some of their tacos. That tends to be our go to order in any new Mexican restaurant.

Operating hours are pretty good.  Open late. They have only been opened for a year, but I see them being successful in this area. I am hoping the community will be open to a Mexican restaurant. Don Pepe has found a niche here and should be here to stay. Daphne, gracias por todo. The service was awesome and the food was great.

Definite TWO THUMBS UP!!
Don Pepe Taqueria and Mexican Grill

853 Cypress Parkway

Kissimmee, FL 34759

(407) 978-6550


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Nikki’s Corner Cafe

What an interesting morning. Rubio and KTS were in town and we had to look for a foodventure. We were in the Poinciana area and saw the sign and had to go in.

Nice place. Feels like you are entering someone’s living room and dining room. Pictures of cats and cat figurines within the restaurant.

It was empty when we walked in and we were not greeted in such a friendly manner, but KTS was super friendly and our server changed her behavior. Fortunately.

The open kitchen concept was a bit strange to me. This is the first thing you see as soon as you walk into the restaurant.

I ordered the Ham Steak, Eggs over medium, Wheat toast, and Hash Browns.

Rubio ordered the Country Fried Steak with gravy, eggs over easy, wheat toast, and hash browns.

 KTS ordered the Bubba’s Benedict: Biscuit stacked with two sausage patties and two eggs covered in sausage gravy and hash browns.
 Overall, service was just okay. Our server wasn’t the friendliest. She changed her tone as we ordered and spoke to her a bit more. The food was great. I enjoy that southern homestyle cooking. I would go again and try their other items for lunch and dinner.
 Thanks to Rubio and KTS for putting up with my foodventure concept. Y’all are real troopers.

TWO THUMBS UP!! (to the food)
 Nikki’s Corner Café
 (407) 910-4229
 3277 South John Young Parkway
 Kissimmee, FL 34746
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Location:3277 South John Young Parkway Kissimmee, FL 34746

Savion’s Place

Downtown Kissimmee and it’s hidden treasures.

You wouldn’t see Savion’s by just driving by during the day.

In the evening plenty of people sitting outside is what caught my attention.

Very nice place. Great service. I went during lunch and when it had just opened.

The fresh bread is always a good starter.

Vegetable Pasta was a must. This was the special of the day.

Fish Tacos. Very tasty. I am embarrassed to say I had to take two of them to go because one filled me up so quickly. These were very good.
 I want to go back and try more dishes and some desserts to see what they have. Overall, this place is a winner. With me it’s always the service.

Two Thumbs Up
 Savion’s Place
 (407) 572-8719
 16 East Dakin Avenue
 Kissimmee, FL 34741
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Location:16 E Dakin Ave, Kissimmee, FL 34741

Murray’s Deli

Another gorgeous day in Paradise. Paradise Island that is. AA and I had decided to go on a #foodventure and Atlantis would be the place.

Lucky for us @gailyw and hubby happened to be in town visiting, so we planned on meeting for lunch.

This place is HUGE. Fits a bunch of people and trust me after a few minutes it got packed.

The place is clean. Open kitchen is always nice. Makes me feel safe.

The decor is amazing and the place is jammin with current songs and oldies.

Shakes with liquor. @Gailyw and hubby wasted no time. You can order the shakes with the liquor of choice. Good way to start a vacation.

Roast Beef with Au Jus. This was very flavorful. Now I won’t say that it’s better than Chicago. But I would say this was pretty good

Chicken and waffles. How can you ever go wrong with chicken and waffles? Their portions are big. You have to come hungry.

All kinds of cakes for dessert. None of us could possibly eat one of these desserts, but it all looked so good I had to take a picture of it.

Thank you so much to Gail and Simon for making time to eat with us. AA and I had a blast.

The service was a bit slow, but our server was very nice and efficient. It does get very busy and that’s why it tends to take a little bit longer to get your food.

Two Thumbs Up.

Murray’s Delicatessen
Atlantis Paradise Island
Nassau, Bahamas

Location:Nassau Bahamas, Atlantis Paradise Island

Location:Nassau Bahamas, Atlantis Paradise Island

The Thai Resturant (Grand Cayman)

Another gorgeous day at Grand Cayman. This time I had @xobejm with me and she was excited about our food-venture. My buddy Taufan from DCL told me I had to try this place.

We asked a local taxi driver and she gave us great directions. Behind Scotia Bank and behind the Post Office. Best part was Taufan was inside the restaurant when we arrived. He really likes this place.

Because of my buddy Sammy on DCL he had me talking about Green Curry and I told him one day I would try it. Today was the day. They had a buffet for lunch, but I decided to order from the menu hoping they had Green Curry.

Green Curry and Chow Mein was going to be our order. To my surprise @xobejm and I had to trade dishes. She wanted spicy and not a “plain” dish. I was so proud of her. She loved the spicy Green Curry.

The service was spectacular. I told them Taufan had suggested this place and they loved hearing that. They were super nice to us. Locals come in and get their food and are on their way. Several crew members were here today. Several that I knew.

Thai Iced Tea. This is a must all the time.

Green Chicken Curry (Spicy)

Chicken Chow Mein
 Again, service was spectacular. Great team. Everyone was extremely friendly and happy we were there. The place is beautiful. The decor is perfect and the restaurant is very clean.

 The Thai Restaurant of Grand Cayman
 Shedden Road
 Elizabethan Square
 George Town
 Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Location:Grand Cayman

Alberto’s Bar and Grill

Lunch time in Cozumel and Alberto’s was the place to be today. Thanks to Amy who took the work shift today and let me go on a food-venture.

Fresh seafood indeed. I saw some crew members here ordering some garlic shrimp which looked amazing.

Wifey and I had been here before. Nice little place. They specialize in seafood and their menu is nice. @Tarajroth doesn’t eat seafood, so we come for the tacos.

Mexican Coke is alway a must when in Mexico.

Steak Tacos with white rice and guacamole and pico de gallo. Amazing dish.
 Staff is very friendly. They take your order quickly and the food comes fast as well. Great little place to come and have a beer and eat some good food. They have free Wifi.

 Alberto’s Bar and Grill
 Find them on line

Location:Cozumel Mexico

Bakin’ & Eggs

Chicago breakfast! I love my mom for joining me on my adventures. She was a bit hesitant at first.

I had seen this place while visiting my dad at the hospital and the name caught my eye.

We were greeted by Raña. With a roll of the tongue on the R. Very sweet woman. Latina at heart.

The cupcakes and the lattes looked amazing. Wish I could have tried one. We were too full after our meal.

The tables were put together too close. Which could be an issue if you are seated next to a stranger, but luckily it was just us in this area.

Oh Chicago. How I have missed you. Although, the one thing I didn’t like was paying for parking on Lincoln. It used to be free. Now you feel rushed while eating because of the time limit on the meter. Enough about that, LET’S TALK FOOD!!

Frittata Chorizo
Sautéed red onion, potatoes, queso fresco topped with fresh avocado, jalapeño, sour cream, and giardiniera on the side.

Breakfast burrito with fruit.
Bacon, eggs, cheddar, sautéed onions, and peppers, black bean salad, tomatillo avocado salsa, sour cream.

Chilaquiles and Eggs over easy.
We have to always order a bit more. Mom and I can eat.

Raña, thank you so much for your friendly service and for being Latina at heart. My mom said she would be coming back soon. She is hoping you will be there. Gracias.

Mommy Bidden APPROVED!!

Foodbidden APPROVED!!

Bakin’ & Eggs
(773) 525-7005
3120 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657

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Location:3120 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL 60657

City Cafe

Bright and early for breakfast. This is the place we ate two years ago in Chicago with @tarajroth and @xobejm. Right near my parents house.

My parents call it “Los Muchachos” which means the guys. Pedro and Jose are the owners now for 3 years. Under new management it has taken a simple breakfast menu and transformed it to something amazing.

It’s a very nice place. Clean and very diner like. It’s smells like home cooking as soon as you open the door. “Los Muchachos” always as friendly as ever greeting you as you walk in.

The usual suspects in the morning. My parents being one of those folks as well. Locals come from near and far to have their appetite curbed. Now, let’s talk COMIDA!!

The 2-2-2 Corner Special
Your choice of two pieces of French toast two pieces of bacon two pieces of sausage and two eggs over medium.
These were my pickings. It tends to come with one protein but I always choose both.

Chilaquiles with eggs over easy. This was Mommy-Bidden’s choice. She loves coming here for the Chilaquiles for breakfast. Notice the eggs on top. Delicious. My mom had me try some and they were great.

The food is great. Customer service AWESOME!!

City Cafe
3234 N Pulaski
Chicago, IL 60618

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Location:3234 N Pulaski Chicago, IL 60618

Raglan Road Brunch

I am happy to say we made it. We had booked this brunch weeks ago and didn’t realize it landed on Mother’s Day. Wow! Busy day.

When the doors opened at 11:03am people were a little peeved. They wanted those doors opened at 11 on the dot.

The outside seating is nice. The weather was great today and we had a slight breeze. But we chose to sit inside.

Nice looking bar. The whole place is huge. The seating is nice and spread out too. You don’t feel crammed into one place near several families. Lots of room.

Nice and sunny day makes the restaurant glow on the inside. People were lined up to get in today.

Full Irish breakfast with sausage, black-and-white pudding, bacon, roasted tomato, mushrooms and fried eggs with roasties.

Pancakes Diaspora. Homemade pancakes with creme fraiche, maple syrup and mixed berry compote.

Eggs Benedict – Two soft poached eggs on a toasted English muffin with prosciutto smothered in hollandaise sauce and served with roasties.

Chris was our server today. Awesome guy. We finally got great customer service at Disney. After a whole week of okay service it was refreshing to get some true guest service.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant
(407) 938-0300
1640 East Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

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Location:N Buena Vista Dr,Lake Buena Vista,United States

Charcoal Zyka

Formerly known as Charcoal Joes, Zyka has come in and made this place twice as good. The menu selection has doubled and the Indian dishes are made just right.

Small place, but there is still plenty of room. Located on John Young Parkway and Taft Vineland. This place does not play when it comes to spices. As soon as I walked in the aroma engulfed me. YUM.

They were quick to greet me and the chef is making the magic happen all by himself. Two servers and one chef. The official name is “Charcoal Zyka Grill and More. Home of the Portuguese Style Grilled Chicken and Beef Ribs”. I think that says it all. NOW LET’S EAT!!

Vegetable Samosas. I love when they come out nice and hot. The first bite is nice and crispy and all the seasoning and spices takes over your palate.

You can tell from the pic but it was steaming. It was amazing with the sauces (tamarind and mint) love double dipping to get extra flavor.

Chicken Korma was a must for today. And yes I ordered it spicy.

It comes with white rice. Every bite was a dream come true. The spicyness was just right for me. And I do love it spicy. This is the place to be for a variety of options for lunch and dinner.

Ayesha, you were awesome girl. Thanks for the friendly service and I will be back with my family.

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Charcoal Zyka Grill and More
10249 S John Young Parkway
Orlando, Florida 32837
(407) 440-4210

Location:W Taft Vineland Rd,Orlando,United States