Nadia’s Mediterranean Cafe

Now in their new and improved location 127 Broadway in the Historic Downtown Kissimmee area. Where the belly dancers come out and play on Saturday nights.

Nadia’s has been in Kissimmee for 2 years now. Since June 2012. Every local Kissimmean comes to Nadia’s for some good old fashion hummus. People say it’s the best in town.

This was my first time here. I was greeted immediately with a smile and warm hello from Nadia herself.

The lunch menu is short and sweet and it all looked yum to the tum. I will have to make it a point to come for dinner as well.

Sampler Platter
 Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Falafel, and Tabouli.

Turkish Coffee. Nice and strong. I am bald and grew hair with just one sip.

Baklava. This is done Nadia style. Great texture and perfect sweetness. Most of the time I have tasted this dessert it comes out too sweet. This Baklava was just right.

Various choices for dessert. Nadia comes out and shows you this tray and you are hooked. I wanted to get one of each.

Five Thumbs Up!!
 Customer service is top notch with Nadia. Everyone gets treated like a VIP. Food was outstanding.
 Nadia, thank you so much for the kind service and amazing food. I will be back very soon.
 Nadia’s Mediterranean Cuisine
 (407) 518-1900
 127 Broadway
 Kissimmee, FL 34741
 Facebook: NadiasCafe
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Location:127 Broadway Kissimmee, FL 34741

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Lechonera El Jibarito #1

So this is a pretty sweet story. @Xobejm has a classmate who has been with her since pre- K.

Celia and @xobejm have been friends ever since and one day we heard Celia’s parents own a restaurant.

Being the hungry man that I am I asked where it was. El Jibarito has been open for one year so far and it’s in Kissimmee closer to the Poinciana area.

I wanted to come on Labor Day and they were packed. So I left heart broken and with an empty stomach.

I was on a mission to come today no matter what the traffic looked like and fill up my belly!!

Luckily I picked a day and a time where most people are just leaving work. @Xobejm and I were ready to eat.

The place is huge. Very nice and extremely clean. The tables have Puerto Rican names and motifs.

The tables are lower to the floor and the designs are gorgeous.

@Xobejm ordered the Chicken with white rice and beans.

I ordered the Pastel. Had to do it.

I also ordered the Chicken Noodle Soup. This was way too yummy. (All I needed was a soda on the side)
 Overall the service was excellent. Food was on point. Everything had flavor and we left that place licking our fingers. This is a must try in Kissimmee.
 Hector y Lisandra. Muchas gracias por todo. Todo estaba delicioso. Tienen un restaurante muy lindo. Los deseo mucha suerte.

Foodbidden: Two Thumbs Up!!

@Xobejm: Two Thumbs Up!!
 Lechonera El Jibarito #1
 (407) 935-0035
 1985 S John Young Parkway
 Kissimmee, FL 34741
 Facebook: Lechoneraeljibarito
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Location:1985 S John Young Parkway Kissimmee, FL 34741

El Inka Grill

My pre-birthday celebration and @vbterp said I was to choose what I wanted for the day.

I was in the mood for some good Peruvian cuisine.

I had overheard that this was a good place.

Toasted Corn with jalapeño sauce

Calamares Fritos
 Crispy calamari rings with creole sauce and fried yuca.

Tallerines Verdes Con Churrasco:
 Charbroiled Black Angus skirt steak served with Peruvian pesto spaghetti

Picante de Mariscos
 A seafood mix sautéed with spicy rich creamy sauce served with rice.

Suspiro A La Limeña. Milk, sugar, almond flour, meringue, and cinnamon.

Picarones. Squash, sweet potato, and chancaca (solidified molasses)
 Overall, The service was good. The restaurant is pretty pricey so I was expecting excellent customer service. It lacks in that department, but the food is very good. The ambience is very nice. When you walk in you are expecting fine dining, but the customer service kind of lets you down.

Two Thumbs Up for the food. Customer service need to be bumped up a notch.
 El Inka Grill
 (407) 730-7979
 4106 Town Center Boulevard
 Orlando, FL 32837
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Location:White Cedar Cir,Kissimmee,United States

Mervis’ Cafe and Grille

Photo taken and credit to Susan242b. Great pic.

How many people can say they went to Ft. Pierce to work for a day.

It was bright and early when I left Kissimmee. I arrived at Fort Pierce around 8 AM and was looking for a local place to eat near my assignment.

The reviews mentioned that this was a very nice Cuban Café. I had to try it for myself. They have been in this location for 13 years. The owner knew immediately I was not from there. A lot of locals come here for their sandwiches and coffee.

Egg, Ham, and Cheese Sandwich. I wasn’t sure what to get and they suggested this sandwich. It was very good. Made on Cuban bread.

Cafe con Leche. Very nice coffee. I was wired for a bit after drinking this.
 Overall, very good customer service. It’s located inside a post office so it seems strange at first. Again, many locals come to get their food here. Everybody around this area knows about this place. It’s definitely a must try.

Two Thumbs Up!!
 Mervis Cafe & Grill
 (772) 462-6600
 402 S 5th St
 Fort Pierce, FL 34950
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Location:402 S. 5th Street, Ft Pierce, FL 34950

Moe’s Gyro and Grill

Moe’s has just moved in the Osceola Mall. Now known as Plaza Del Sol.

Moe has come to Kissimmee to show the folks how a good Greek Gyro is made. He has a variety of other options. And because of the demographic of this mall he also makes Puerto Rican sandwiches.

Greek Gyro. Since I am originally from Chicago I felt it was necessary for me to try this one. The portion was a bit smaller than what I’m used to. The meat was good and the ingredients were fresh, but it was just okay it wasn’t fantastic.

Greek Salad. I was heading to work so I had to bring all of it to go. The Greek salad was okay as well. It had all the right ingredients and since I had just traveled from Greece I was in the mood for one of the salads. Again it didn’t blow my mind or my taste buds.
 Overall, the place has potential. Moe is an amazing guy. Loves what he does and has only been here for a few months. he has very decent lunch specials and the clientele may be a little bit hard for him to get because of the demographic, but I feel like it has a chance to be successful here in the mall.

Two Thumbs Up!

Location:3831 W Vine St., Kissimmee, FL 34741

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What an amazing way to spend a Saturday morning. @Droolius, @Joeyme1, @kokocooks @tytyeats, and @vbterp

This was my post-birthday celebration. It was a time when we were all able to get together and celebrate my big 4-0!

@Xobejm was hanging out with her cousins and she was truly missed. We were on a mission to eat as much as we could and this is how it started. Buchito is a Cuban Cafe.


Cuban Sandwich

Cuban and Cortadito

Cafe con leche.

The Alexandre: Pastrami, Cheese, Bacon, lettuce, and tomato.

Homemade Desserts: Flan, Key Lime, Chocolate Cake

The service is amazing. So far the two sandwiches we’ve had have been really good. It’s been around now for about six months. This is a nice little place to come to for breakfast and lunch. You will not be disappointed. Come Hungry. The prices are reasonable.

(407) 483-7813
131 Broadway Ave
Kissimmee, FL 34741

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Cafe Osceola

This was a different experience to say the least. Rosen Shingle Creek is an amazing hotel with a variety of restaurants.

Cafe Osceola was my first try. I cannot wait to try what other options they have within the hotel. I have heard many great things about their other restaurants.

I was there for lunch today and it wasn’t as busy. Many conference folks come here for lunch. We got in before the rush.

Amazing soups.

Great options for salad

The buffet options just keep going.

Sandwich options.


Food and more food.

Did I mention food?

Funny how with all those choices I ended up picking the curry chicken with the fried rice.

Key Lime Pie

Red Velvet
 Overall, the buffet is a very nice. It is very pricey, but worth every penny. The service is fantastic. The desserts were just okay. I tried the red velvet and key lime pie and I wasn’t too crazy about them. The buffet on this day for lunch was $18.99. So make sure you come hungry. I would like to come here for dinner and see what it’s like.

Two thumbs up!!
 Cafe Osceola
 (407) 996-9939
 9939 Universal Blvd, Orlando 32810
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Location:9939 Universal Blvd, Orlando 32810