La Finca Mexican Gri

La Finca Mexican Grill


This is my second time here. Used to be the old Ponderosa in front of the Royal Caribe hotel. Huge place. I will have to bring all the foodies here to check this out. Plenty of room.

I like coming early to avoid the lunch rush. They open at 11am and close at about the same time or later on the weekends.

I love this. Lunch specials on the TV while showing Mexican soap operas. I had to take a pic of this. They have great lunch specials and the staff is extremely helpful and super friendly. The true ranchero Mexican playing in the background feels great. Today I am alone so I only ordered four steak tacos with onions and cilantro. The green sauce they serve adds a little kick to the tacos. Very nice. The chips and salsa are great. Look at all that salsa they serve. I love big portions.

I love the way they are presented when they bring it to the table. Makes me feel bad to open them up.

Just the right size and the perfect flavor. Glad they are around this area. Disney needed a good Mexican restaurant. La Finca is the right choice. Their menu is huge just like their restaurant. Loads of offerings and yes lots of alcohol to choose from. I highly recommend this place. Especially, for a big group. Very family friendly place and great atmosphere. A must see in the Disney area. Right off of 535 and 536. Please ask for Berenice. She is extremely friendly and great attitude. That is hard to find nowadays. Thank you so much for the food and nice chatting with you. Best of luck in Orlando.

UPDATE: Tonight I went back with my friend Traci, wifey, and baby girl. We ordered the Tres Leches.

I have had these growing up and at every Spanish restaurant that I go to. This one is the best I have ever had. No lie. This was soooooo good.

La Finca Mexican Grill
(407) 465-1414
8200 World Center Drive
Orlando, FL 32821

Location:World Center Dr,Orlando,United States

La Finca Mexican Grill on Urbanspoon

La Finca Mexican Grill on Urbanspoon

Fish Taco (Osceola Ma

Fish Taco (Osceola Mall)


Call me as ghetto as you like. I was at the Osceola Mall and I had to do this. I am sure you are all asking what the heck I was doing there. There is a new Mexican restaurant and it’s called Fish Tacos. New to me but it seems it has been at the mall for a bit now. Only reason I am saying that is because it seems to have repeat customers. Of course knowing me I ordered everything but a fish taco. First up was the nachos.

Look at all the goodies inside. These were the chicken nachos. Very nicely put together. It was nice to pick a nacho up and combine it with everything and make the perfect bite. I am curious to know how much business they get seeing how this mall needs a lot of love. The next dish were the Flautas. These were mixed. Cheese, chicken, beef. Thank you so much Damassy for this recommendation.

These are very delicious. They really know how to present their food. It seems like the person at the register is also the owner he is very friendly and outgoing. He always suggests a drink after you order. Good up sell. Last but not least is my “go to” dish at every Mexican restaurant.

Just the way I love them. Steak tacos with cilantro and onions. This is the true way to eat a taco. Lots of flavor and again the presentation was amazing. They have three sauces to choose from mild, medium, and hot. I know it doesn’t make any sense to go to a place called Fish Tacos and get steak tacos, but I just had to do it. For me the true test of an authentic Mexican restaurant is how they make their steak tacos. Every dish I had was very good. Lots of flavor. I would suggest this restaurant to anybody, but I just wouldn’t recommend this mall to everybody. It truly needs a facelift.
If you are ever in my neck of the woods stop on by.

Fish Taco (Osceola Mall)
(440) 847-8226
3831 W Vine St
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Location:3831 W Vine St Kissimmee, FL 34741

Location:3831 W Vine St Kissimmee, FL 34741

Fish Taco on Urbanspoon

Rico Pan Bakery

Rico Pan Bakery

I started my morning the @wholycheesus way. My dear fellow foodie let me know about this place in Kissimmee. I figured its near home, so why not. Great little bakery.

Nice and clean. Lots of goodies to choose from early morning. They open at 8:00am and have everything freshly baked.

The also make specialty cakes for any occasion.

Sweets and treats that go on forever. It all looks so good. I would have loved to try one of each. Here was what I started with,

Cafe con leche. I like mine with lots of milk. You have the option of getting it darker. The woman at the register will always ask how you want your coffee made. Unfortunately, no espresso. Now, I am not sure if that’s only this morning or all the time. Second on the list was the famous Pan De Bono,

So much cheesy goodness in every bite. According to Wikipedia: Pan de bono is a type of Colombian bread made of corn flour, cassava starch, cheese and eggs. EGGSAACTLY!! That said it all. My next order was the Tripleta,

Tripleta, according to Zain Deane, Puerto Rico travel guide, “The Tripleta is all about: beef, ham and chicken crammed together along with lettuce, onion and tomato.” He had me at crammed together! That does sum it up. Picture in your mind taking a big huge bite of this sandwich. Remarkable.

This is a great place. Thanks again to my dear friend @wholycheesus who suggested this place. Wifey and I love it. Great food, great music, and great customer service. We will be coming back again and again.

Wifey approved!

Rico Pan Bakery
1003 W Vine St
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Location:1003 W Vine St Kissimmee, FL 34741

Rico Pan Bakery on Urbanspoon

Sazon Latino

Sazon Latino

It was lunch time and I was craving some good Mexican tacos. Sazon Latino or El Sazon Latino, which is their Facebook page, is a great place to get a bite to eat.

They have lunch specials everyday. The owner has chosen to make small amounts of food to be sure that its all fresh. Example, they make a small batch of rice in the morning. By mid afternoon they make a fresh new batch.

I love the look and feel of the restaurant. This place used to be a Puerto Rican restaurant. Sazon Latino has now come in and introduced Kissimmee to the Acapulco Guerrero type Mexican food that we have been waiting for. They have been open for three months now. I have no doubt they will be here for many years to come. Now, lets get to the “food” stuff.

Steak tacos with cilantro, onions, and a radish on top. The true Acapulco Guerrero way. The meat tasted great. The true carne asada that I so truly love. No boiling of the meat and its made on the spot. As I always say, the tacos are my “go to” dish in any Mexican restaurant. As soon as I tried these I had to order more.

The cheese quesadillas with chicken were amazing. With a side of yellow rice and black beans. True, fresh Mexican cheese. It was only me this time around and I had to bring food home as well.

To Go: Chile Relleno with cheese (stuffed pepper) with yellow rice and black beans. I got messy while bringing it home. These are great. Growing up I ate them filled with carne molida (ground beef). My dad didn’t like them filled with cheese. As I got older I loved them stuffed with cheese. I would have only asked to have the pepper to be more spicy. That’s how my dad liked them. I know it wouldn’t be possible to make them spicy because customers would not be able to take the spice. Maybe I will ask for a special order. : )

To Go: Their tamales are so good. I ordered four of them. I got an assortment. They have cheese, chicken, and pickled green pepper (rajas). They are wrapped in banana leaves which makes them taste even yummier. Growing up in Chicago I have tasted all kinds of tamales. You can taste the freshness immediately. Even the owner was having one while I sat down and ate there. Means a lot to me when the owners eat what they have cooked themselves.

To Go: The other item was the steak burrito filled with rice and beans. I am not a fan of a burrito filled with anything. I like it filled with steak, cheese, onions, and cheese. But this one I had to try just like they make it. I was very impressed how all the flavors came together in this burrito. It’s a good size and they serve great portions.

They open at 9am and serve breakfast as well. I have personally spoken to the owners and they are very nice and caring people. I enjoy supporting local businesses for this same reason.
Come and check them out.

Foodbidden approved!

Sazon Latino
632 E Vine Street
Kissimmee, FL 34744-1612

Location:500 E Osceola Pkwy Kissimmee, FL 34744-1612

Sazon Latino on Urbanspoon

Woodsby’s Cou

Woodsby’s Countryside Cafe

ntryside Cafe

Ok, so before I begin. It’s not your eyes deceiving you. It’s my non photographic abilities. All my pics and I do mean ALL my pics come out with a tilt. I am starting to get a complex. I can’t seem to take a straight picture. Same thing when I am trying to put a sticker on something. It always looks crooked. Anyway, enough about me and my faults. Lets get to the “food stuff”

Way way back when I used to workout this would be what I ordered all the time. Here at Woodsby’s they take it to a whole new level. This is what true southern style home cookin is all about. Eggs over easy of course.

Wifey got the good stuff. Notice the huge biscuit on the side. This was our first time here and we loved it. My good friend @ann_rodoz recommended this place to us. Sorry we couldn’t bring you with us ARO. Next time we will all go together.

Baby girl ordered something similar to mommy. But hers came with toast. Crispy hash browns is the only way to go.

And just for fun I had to try their French toast. Growing up I was never really a fan. Now I am noticing I am picky when it comes to French toast. Me picky. That is funny seeing the way I eat everyday. This is a great restaurant. Always busy. They serve dinner as well although rumor has it that breakfast is their specialty. Embarrassed to say that I couldn’t take a picture inside the restaurant because it was so full. People get creeped out when I start taking pics in a restaurant. Wonder why? : )

Wifey, baby girl, and Foodbidden Approved!! Great place for home style cooked meal and it’s great for those on a budget. Ask for Ashley.

Woodsby’s Countryside Café
(407) 932-2252
4515 South Orange Blossom Trail
Kissimmee, FL 34746

Location:4515 South Orange Blossom Trail Kissimmee, FL 34746

Woodsby's Countryside Café on Urbanspoon

Sabor Del Caribe Kissim

Sabor Del Caribe Kissimmee


I have to emphasize “Kissimmee” in this title, so I can claim that I have this one in my own backyard. True Dominican food at its finest! Notice baby girl at the bottom of the picture. Such a ham.

I have not been on the weekends but they have Karaoke and live music. A co-worker of mine comes here often just to hang out at the bar. Don’t be scared by the emptiness. As I mentioned before, I don’t like taking pictures of people sitting next to me and eating. Several people were having dinner. Not a full house, but most people pick up their food and go.

Spacious. Lots of room. I can just imagine all my fellow Latinos singing and dancing all over these floors. It must be one heck of a party at night. WEEEEEPAAAAA!!!

Ensalada de Pulpo. Yes, you read it right. Pulpo (Octopus). I had tried this months ago and it was divine. No better way to describe it.

As soon as you walk in, there is a buffet on your left. All kinds of deliciousness.

Excuse my horrible cropping abilities. Again, just so you can see the variety of food that they have. Chicken, Pernil, Beef, OH MY!

Baby girl always gets the Pernil with white rice. And it goes without saying that she puts Ketchup on the rice. I used to say, old Latino tradition, but I see everyone puts Ketchup in their rice nowadays.

I had to take some food from her dish cuz they make it so well here.

My little side salad with my dinner. Nothing to write home about, but decent. They have a variety of dressings to choose from.

They make a mean Mofongo. Garlic and bacon pieces together in one bite. YUM. And to accompany my savory dish I ordered the Carne Frita.

Well made. Tender and made on the spot. One word: Flavorful! I have had Carne Frita in some Cuban restaurants in the area, but this is the best by far. I always put some hot sauce on the plate and dip the Carne Frita and the Mofongo in it.

Both the Carne Frita and Mofongo are made to order. It takes a bit to make, but its worth every minute of it. They have lunch specials daily. $3.99 and up for lunch. Dinner is about a dollar or two dollars more. And they serve, in my opinion, way too big of a portion. If you take it to go it cost less than if you have it in the restaurant. The lunch special includes a soda. Whether you get it for here or to go, be prepared to be served A LOT!

Baby girl and I like to go in and sit down and listen to the Bachata, Salsa, and Merengue playing while we eat. It truly is finger licking good. The owner knows us now and is very kind. He is always in the mix of things, whether it be serving from the buffet or bringing the entrees out. A true hard working owner. He is always greeting every customer as they come in. The service is good. The ladies do a good job serving and making sure they are being efficient yet friendly.

If you are ever on my side of town. Come check out my “hood” and visit Sabor Del Caribe. They open at 8am and close late. Weekends they close about 12:00am to 1:00am depending on how good the party is at night.

Baby girl approved and Foodbidden approved!!

UPDATE: February 5, 2013. @tarajroth and I went for breakfast. It was fantastic. Pics below. Eggs, Sausage, Yuca. Other plate, Eggs, Salami, Cheese, and Mangu. Amazing breakfast this morning.

Sabor Del Caribe
1502 west vine street
Kissimmee Florida 34741
(407) 931-0026

Location:1502 west vine street Kissimmee Florida 34741

Sabor Del Caribe on Urbanspoon



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Willy’s Wieners

Willy’s Wieners

Even though I am the millionth person blogging about this place, I felt I needed to say my piece too. Mine has more of a personal touch to it. When walking into Willy’s Wieners a few months ago for the first time with my wife and baby girl. It turned out that @Willys_Wieners and my wife were childhood friends. I know @Willys_Wieners mom on a personal level and her mom was also the realtor that helped me buy my first house as a bachelor and our first town home as a married couple. So, already @Willys_Wieners is like family. Plus, she sells Chicago style hot dogs which reminds me of my hometown, so it is all connected in the circle of life. (Singing “Circle Of Life” now) or (“It’s A Small World”)

Sadly, I came here several months ago and took great pictures. Pictures that I cannot find right now. For now I have simple pictures we took and when I am able to find my pics or take some new ones I will update the blog.

The menu. My favorite part. As I mentioned before, it takes me back to my childhood in Chicago when we would walk in and have a few items to choose from and that was it. Life was so much simpler then. @Willys_Wieners also has specials on a daily basis and she has creative names for some of her specials that appear on the board.

I would love to be in @Willys_Wieners head for one day and figure out where all her names for her specials come from.

Tonight was a gorgeous night. We decided to sit outside. @annrodoz came and joined us. She read my tweets and knew I was around, so she came by to hang out with us. Thanks for doing that ARO.

This is proof that WE DO exist and even though I eat out everyday I do not weigh 600 lbs. (Yet)
Thanks for the pic @annrodoz!

What you see me chomping on is an Italian Beef with cheese and hot peppers. My dad to this day lives in Chicago and loves these. While I was eating it for the first time it reminded me of hanging out with my dad in Chicago. Great memories.

Baby girl always keeps it plain. In the past I have ordered the Chicago Style Hot Dog that is fantastic and ordered the Pizza Puff from @Willys_Wieners, which was just like we ate at the joints in Chi-town.

I literally just found this picture digging through my archives. I have many food pics and luckily found this one. This is their Famous Chicago Style Hot Dog, mustard, onions, sweet pickled relish, dill spear, tomato slice, sport peppers, and a dash of celery salt. Need I say more? WOW!

Nice atmosphere. Walked in one time during lunch hour and it was hoppin’. Be prepared to be amazed with how good it all is. My goal for next time is to order one from each item and just sample all that @Willys_Wieners has to offer. Don’t tempt me cuz ya know I will and can.

Baby Girl gives it a two thumbs up!! If she likes it then y’all know y’all need to come down and check this place out.

NOTE: The food is always good. But I go for the friendliness and customer service. Miss G, I congratulate you and your team for such a great business.

Baby girl and Foodbidden DOUBLE APPROVED!!!

Willy’s Wieners
(407) 201-7916
108 E Dakin Ave
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Location:108 E Dakin Ave Kissimmee, FL 34741

Willy's Wieners on Urbanspoon

Maracas Latin Rest

Maracas Latin Restaurant


The usual crooked picture of the entrance. Not what I expected. Very nice place and bigger than I thought. My fellow co-workers suggested I check this out. Thanks JB for letting me know about this place. I can see why you come here when you can.

Nice sunny day. Windows are huge and makes the restaurant shine.

Espresso, pastries, empanadas, etc. Nice little set up. When you walk in it smells like Dominican food. My stomach was growling.

Great prices. Nice choices. This was only the picture of the left side of the menu. More choices offered. My choice today was the Dominicanada.

View from my seat. Very clean place. To my left were other booths and it is obvious the locals, not the locos, come here and have their breakfast. Lots of empanadas being sold this morning.

Small buffet for lunch time. This place is pretty impressive. Good use of space. Nice decor. Very welcoming place.

Cafe con leche. YUM. Nice and smooth taste. Feels like I am at home with mom. They do give you regular sugar. I never did ask if they had Splenda. I am sure they do.

Dominicanada: Fried eggs, sausage, fried cheese, and mangu. This dish hit the spot this morning. All that I ever hoped for and more. Isn’t that a song? Great breakfast to start out my day.

Now, for me this is just a cultural thing. I am not from the Caribbean, so it’s still hard for me to get used to the short answer and reply dialogue. The ladies working at the restaurant are nice and doing their job but there is no small talk involved. I am very much a small talk kind of person. I would ask for a suggestion on the menu and they would just say, “whatever you want”. Now, to be clear. They are not being mean or rude, it’s just truly a cultural thing. Just not something that I can ever get used to.

The mangu was not hot as I had expected it to be. It was warm bordering on cold. The breakfast was delicious. The fried cheese was my favorite. Again, the customer service was the only concern. I am Latino myself so I get it. But still doesn’t jive with me.

Foodbidden. Approved! But they need more small talk. : )
Oh, and hot mangu.

Maracas Latin Restaurant
(407) 344-3500
3271 South John Young Parkway
Kissimmee, FL 34746

Location:3271 South John Young Parkway Kissimmee, FL 34746

Maracas Latin Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Cupcake Hearts

Cupcake Hearts

Cupcake Hearts

What a fantastic find this was. Wifey and I had made plans to get some cupcakes from the Orlando area. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as planned. I quickly did a Google search for Kissimmee cupcakes and Cupcake Hearts was the first to appear. I have been in Kissimmee for 13 years and feel like I know every establishment, but I was pleasantly surprised.

There are two entrances to Cupcake Hearts. I came through the back entrance. If you are going on Osceola Parkway from The Loop, it’s on your left passed Michigan. Behind the Denny’s and Panera Bread. It the mall where the Walmart is at. When I called I spoke to a very friendly young lady by the name of Diana. I asked for directions and she was very patient in guiding me to her place. (I didn’t realize who Diana was when I called)

Once I arrived I knew I was in for a treat. It smelled delicious. I had been to this place way back in the day when it was a Puerto Rican/Chinese/Venezuelan restaurant. Yes, yes, I know, don’t ask. Only in Kissimmee would you find such strange mixtures and combinations of foods like this. But now, I was ready to get that sweet tooth craving fulfilled.

Cupcake Hearts does not play around when it comes to varieties. Plenty to choose from. You know me, I went for one of each. And No, not the small size ones, the regular size ones of course. 18 different flavors. While Diana is helping me out and getting my order together I come to know a little about her business. They have been opened for a year. Diana is the Executive Pastry Chef and Owner. She is a Le Cordon Bleu graduate and is dang good at making cupcakes! (My words, not hers). They make custom cakes and do catering orders as well.

What would my blog be without my notorious crooked shot. : )
18 different flavors.

My usual confusion is which cupcake am I eating. Diana was nice enough to literally write down what each cupcake was for me. Great customer service. Just standing there talking with Diana was like talking to a long time friend. Thank you so much for your kindness.

I love uncovering them when I get home and smelling all that yummy goodness.

Yep, you counted correctly. 18 in all. First one I tried was the chocolate chip cupcake. WOW. Cupcake Hearts has put Kissimmee on the map with these cupcakes. Perfect bite, not too sweet, just right, moist, and each topping is made perfectly. While speaking to Diana she mentioned because of being in Kissimmee her best sellers are the Mango, Guava, etc. Makes sense. My Latino people tend to go for what is familiar and they like their “native” flavors. I on the other hand, am not your typical Latino. I love anything and everything. The more variety, the better for me. 18 different varieties to be exact. I am a Cupcake Hearts fan.

Be sure to stop on by and say hello to Diana. They also have coffee so you can hang out and have a cupcake and coffee on site.

Foodbidden APPROVED!!

Cupcake Hearts
3156 Bill Beck Blvd.
Kissimmee, FL 34744
(407) 344-0404
Facebook: Cupcake Hearts

Location:3156 Bill Beck Blvd, Kissimmee, FL 34744

Cupcake Hearts on Urbanspoon

Delicia’s Cafe. Col

Delicia’s Cafe. Colombian Restaurant

ombian Restaurant

Delicia’s Cafe

It’s been in Kissimmee for as long as I can remember. In my opinion the best Bandeja Paisa in town. Yep, I said it. Great Colombian food. I remember when we used to come here with co-workers. And we used to come here very often.

The owners are very nice. They have been extremely humbled by the economy and how it has affected their business. Yet, they remain open despite all the surrounding restaurants going out of business. It is so easy to miss. It is located on 192 and Dyer. Literally, in front of the Suntrust building. It’s a small strip mall and Delicia’s is the last place on the corner. Very hard to spot if you are not from here.

Very small place. 6 tables in the whole restaurant and four stools to sit on a table that looks out to the parking lot and resembles a small bar. Their operating hours are 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 8am to 5:30pm. Their breakfast specials are fantastic. Their scrambled eggs with onion and tomatoes are the best. 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 8am to 5:30pm.

The locals come in and out very often just to get their Pan De Bono, empanadas, Chicharron, and Papas Rellenas. The prices are high, but very much worth it.

This picture truly depicts how small the place is. Yet, the locals love it. They also come for juices, Colombian candies, and specialty dishes. Now, on to the food!

Two eggs, steak, two slices of tomato. Excellent way to start my day. Truly a breakfast of champions.

Wifey ordered the Calentado, Two eggs, rice and beans mixed together and an Arepa.

These are truly the hidden gems in Kissimmee. The little hole in the wall places that serve you some of the best food ever made. BUEN PROVECHO TO ME!! Now Let’s eat before the food gets cold.

Foodbidden APPROVED!!


Delicias Café
(407) 343-9990
3199 W Vine St
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Delicias Café on Urbanspoon

Location:W Vine St,Kissimmee,United States

Chef John’s Place

Chef John’s Place

Chef John’s Place

First of all, huge thanks to Keith Burnett and @TheLittleKitchn for the suggestion. I am glad that Keith was able to join me in my adventure today. All we needed was @TheLittleKitchn to complete the puzzle.

Outdoor sitting accommodates more of the locals during the dinner rush. Live Jazz music is played on Thursday nights. Very busy in the evenings. Strongly recommend to make reservations before going. Lots of people lining up to eat here for dinner.

They used to be in a different location near downtown Kissimmee and now are toward the Poinciana area. This used to be Kissimmee Cowboy BBQ, also owned by Chef John. When Chef John moved his downtown Kissimmee restaurant to here, it became Chef John’s Place. Chef John has his followers since the downtown Kissimmee days and new followers who frequent his restaurant. Keith is a hardcore follower. Now their menu is twice as delicious. They have BBQ and seafood options. Great menu and lots and lots of choices.

I had done my homework and found their menu online. I wanted to be prepared before I arrived, so we could get down to business as soon as possible. So hard to choose what I wanted. I wish I could have ordered one of each item on the menu. The have daily specials for lunch and dinner.

Per Keith’s suggestion we started off with some wings. When Patty, our server, who was amazing, asked how we liked them, I asked for Hot. These wings were perfect. The perfect crunch at each bite and the perfect heat that would hit your tongue without disintegrating it. Absolute perfection.

Keith ordered the Dockside Tropical Salad with Shrimp. The restaurant in downtown Kissimmee was called Chef John’s Dockside Restaurant. Hence the name of the salad. The balsamic dressing on this was amazing. It’s Chef John’s homemade Balsamic dressing. Keith had me try some and it was fantastic.

I ordered the Fried Catfish with Mac and Cheese and Baked Beans. Every single bite was amazing. Everything tasted so good. I am picky when it comes to fish, but Chef John did not disappoint.

We truly saved the best for last. While I ordered tons to bring home, Keith assured me I had to try one dessert in the restaurant. It’s called the Carmon’s Fried Peach Pie. Carmon is Chef John’s wife. Holy mother of Spanish Empanadas. These were excellent. I am not a fruit pie fan, but this one made me a believer. With the ice cream and whipped cream it was the perfect bite.

Chef John’s is open Monday to Saturday 11am to 9pm. What I liked the most about this place was Chef John would come to each table to check on the customers and asked them how everything was. Very nice.

I will be going back with wifey and baby girl. Keith comes here once to twice a week. I may be joining him more often. Thank you so much Keith for joining me in my Foodbidden journey. Until we “Eat” again.

Foodbidden APPROVED!!!

Chef John’s Place
(407) 343-4227
3753 Pleasant Hill Road
Kissimmee, FL 34746

Chef John's Place on Urbanspoon

Location:3753 Pleasant Hill Road, Kissimmee, FL 34746

Venezia Patisserie a

Venezia Patisserie and Cafe

nd Cafe

Venezia Patisserie and Cafe

Not to be confused with Venezia Bakery and Cafe. Ends up they are the same owners, but slightly different name in this location. Their other location is in Hunters Creek. That is Venezia Bakery and Cafe. This one is right in The Loop Mall and its called Venezia Patisserie and Cafe. Not confusing at all. : )

Nice place. Looks very elegant when you come in. @Wholycheesus was the one who told me about this place. Thanks man. I am glad I came here.

Spacious. Not often seen around these parts. : ) As you have seen from my previous posts, the Kissimmee restaurants that I go go tend to be on the smaller side.

I started off with the Criollo breakfast. Two eggs, black beans, arepa, farmers cheese, and shredded beef. Amazing. Very filling. BUT, I of course saved room for coffee.

Ended with a small Cannoli. Semi tasty. Wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. I have tried their other sweets and they are really good. They offer an array of cakes, cupcakes, pies, etc.

And a Cafe con leche. Oh yeah! This is what dreams are made of. Very nice presentation. Venezia also serves empanadas, arepas, cachapas, and churros everyday. A great typical Latino breakfast. They are open 9am to 9pm Monday to Friday. Saturday they close at 9:30pm. Sunday 9am to 9pm.

If you are ever in the Loop shopping mall. Give @wholycheesus and myself a call. We will join you.


Foodbidden APPROVED!!

Venezia Patisserie and Cafe
3222 N John Young Parkway
Kissimmee, FL 34741
(407) 350-5934

Location:3222 N John Young Parkway, Kissimmee, FL 34741

Venezia Patisserie And Cafe on Urbanspoon

Sabor Valluno

Sabor Valluno

@Tarajroth told me about this restaurant where the Big Lots is located. In front of the Kissimmee Social Security office. I had to take a drive and find it. Located on Michigan and 192. Nice little place with a lot of character. The Christmas tree is up and the Spanish music is playing. It got me in the Holiday spirit.

Maria was the first one to greet me. I explained I would be taking some pictures of her place if she didn’t mind. I have found it’s better to ask before I go ahead and start clicking. Especially in Kissimmee. : )

The empanadas, chorizo, etc. It all looked nice and hot. Ready to eat. Along with some sweets and treats that were freshly baked. Now, lets get down to the good stuff!

This is the Pollo al horno (Oven baked chicken) with white rice and fries. Now remember this was all taken to go. I wanted to sit down and enjoy the ambience. Not the best pictures, but it gives you and idea of the portions and what it contains.

Chuleta Frita (Fried Pork Chops), with white rice, salad, and fries. Colombian style. Very good. Well made. Shared the dish with some fellow Puerto Rican co-workers and they loved it.

Colombian Tamales with white rice. Not what I am used to, but it was good. The taste grew on me bite after bite. Very good and very filling. First time I have eaten Colombian tamales. TASTY!

This is the Colombian Tamale open. A bit messy, but full of flavor and big portion too. Very filling. This is one of those comfort foods that hits the spot every time.

Last, but certainly not least, Chicken Soup. It comes with the daily special. The soup was magnificent! I am not a fan of soups, but this one was out of this world! Lots of food for a good price. Maria and her team have a great smile when you walk in. Amazing customer service. Cannot wait to go back and eat in the restaurant. I had to get it all to go and that made me sad.

Maria, Gracias por tu sonrisa tan linda y tu forma de ser. Great food!! You have impressed this Guatemalan with your food! : )

Foodbidden APPROVED!!

Sabor Valluno Bakery & Restaurant
(407) 518-1521
1314 East Vine Street
Kissimmee, FL 34744

Sabor Valluno Bakery & Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Location:1314 East Vine Street Kissimmee, FL 34744

Mi Casita BBQ

Mi Casita BBQ

Mi Casita BBQ

The name fits this place perfectly. It’s a small house (Casita) The inside is super tiny. Right off John Young Parkway and Bryan Street. 1 block south of Emmett in Kissimmee. I have seen this place, but never stopped. @Xobejm and I were feeling adventurous today, so we had to check it out.

Literally, two feet from @xobejm is John Young Parkway. Hard to take a picture when you feel the traffic heading towards you. Extremely congested with John Young traffic. Very noisy, but worth putting up with all that for some good grub.

This is Marcos, owner of Mi Casita BBQ. Great man to sit down with and talk about his 10 years in this little place. Marcos and his wife are Cuban. How they sell great Puerto Rican and Cuban food is a mystery to me. : ) What a sweet man. Took his time to just talk with me about his website and his place. He was so proud.

And there you have it. Small, tiny, pequeño, whatever term you can think of. I am noticing the pictures are making this place bigger than it seems.

@Xobejm was ready to get her food and start eating. There are only four stools to sit on. Mi Casita gives you a to go container each time you order. My pictures will show the to go containers, but we ate inside the restaurant.

I loved this sign. “DON’T COOK TAKE YOUR LUNCH WITH YOU”. Great lunch specials. $3.50 will get you a lot of food.

Rotisserie Chicken with yellow rice and olives, and plantains (maduros). Mi Casita has Ketchup and BBQ sauce on the condiment tray. Had to taste it with the BBQ. Everything was delicious. Great food.

@Xobejm got the Pernil with white rice. She then put Ketchup on the rice. The true Puerto Rican way. Speaking with Marcos he said he has people lining up for his lunch specials and his food runs out quickly. He is open 7am to 7pm. Or until food runs out. They have breakfast sandwich specials every morning as well. Good food and great prices.

Foodbidden and Baby Girl APPROVED!!!

Mi Casita BBQ
(407) 944-3360
102 South John Young Parkway
Kissimmee, FL 34741
Facebook: Mi Casita BBQ

Mi Casita BBQ on Urbanspoon

Location:102 S John Young Parkway, Kissimmee, FL 34741

Puerto Rico’s Cafe

Puerto Rico’s Cafe

Puerto Rico’s Cafe

Amazing sign seen driving east or west on 192 in Kissimmee. A bit West of Central. @Xobejm and I were again feeling like something different and yet something delicious. While trying to avoid all types of holiday traffic I stumbled upon Puerto Rico’s Cafe. They have been here for over 20 years and I learned very quickly why that was.

There is this sense of elegance to this place. For a second, I felt I was actually in Puerto Rico while admiring the design of the building.

As is common for me to take my slanted pictures I truly was intrigued by the door. To the right of this door is another just like it. @Xobejm and I were not sure which one to open. Door number 1 or door number 2? We chose door number one, which is this door here.

This is way more space than I am used to around these parts. Lots of seating and the place is spotless. Locals come here to enjoy their cafecito con leche and a freshly made Mofongo.

The decor is amazing in Puerto Rico’s Cafe. All is laid out so well. And again I felt like I was in Puerto Rico all over again.

The bench caught my eye. And the lunch and dinner specials as well. : ) They have a variety of items to choose from and the specials change daily.

This is behind the wall where that bench was. It’s a little bar where you can get your smoothies, beer, etc. It’s also the counter to pay when you are done eating.
Now, on to the good stuff!!

Carmen, our server brought out a bread basket to start. This always makes my day. Just the right amount of garlic on top. Starting with this let me know that @xobejm and I were in for a delicious meal. Carmen was very nice and sweet. When Carmen walked away I got up to take some more pics and took the menu so I could be sure to write everything I ordered correctly. That’s when Rachel came to the table and made sure everything was okay. I explained what I was doing and she just wanted to be sure we had ordered already. Very friendly staff here and very attentive.

Rachel was sweet enough to bring out a Piña Colada smoothie for @xobejm. She not only did it for Baby Girl, but for another young girl in the restaurant. I thought that was awesome. I knew for a fact that Rachel must kill at night because she was way too nice.

I ordered the Churrasco (skirt steak) with white rice and black beans. These black beans were just like my mom made at home. Not too salty, which happens often in other restaurants. These were perfect. I ordered the steak medium and it was tender and delicious. @Xobejm ended up eating most of it as well. She loved this one.

Our second dish was the Mofongo stuffed with Chicken and garlic. Most places don’t serve it with the chicken broth on the side. Most times you have to ask for it. Here at Puerto Rico’s Cafe they include it with the dish. I ate almost all of this. This was fantastic.

For dessert we had the Cheese Flan, which came recommended by Carmen. Rachel said she preferred the Coconut flan. Rachel, by the way, is the grand daughter of the owner of Puerto Rico’s Cafe. Sweetest woman I have ever come across in any establishment. Made @xobejm and I feel very comfortable. I am not a lover of Flan but I took a bite and inhaled the rest of it. This was insanely good!!

Second dessert was the Tres Leches. This is Baby Girl’s favorite any place we go. I had a bite of this and this was very tasty. With all these dishes we had to bring one home with us. The Grilled Pork Chops for @tarajroth.

To Go: The Grilled Pork Chops with white rice, garlic bread, and small salad. Puerto Rico’s cafe has taken these pork chops to another level. Look at the size. These are nice and juicy. Truly the perfect pork chop.

Rachel and Carmen, Gracias por todo. La comida estuvo deliciosa! Vamos a regresar muy pronto.

Foodbidden APPROVED!!

Baby Girl APPROVED!!

This is a place to bring @Droolius, @eatlocalorlando, and @kokocooks. Cannot wait to be back here. Kissimmee’s locally owned restaurants are making me proud.


Puerto Rico’s Café
(407) 847-6399
507 West Vine Street
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Puerto Rico's Café on Urbanspoon

Location:507 W Vine St, Kissimmee, FL 34741

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China Gourmet

China Gourmet

China Gourmet

Let me begin by wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

@Tarajroth had worked all day today and the only place we found open for dinner was China Gourmet. Two minutes away from home. Christmas Day is rough to find anything open.

I ordered the Hot and Spicy Beef combo with fried rice and egg roll. I had to ask for it Asian spicy. Most of the time their spicy is not hot enough for me.

@Tarajroth ordered the Hunan Beef and she wanted it spicy as well. The dish traditionally comes spicy but wifey asked for a bit more spice. I guess we were both in a spicy sort of mood. China Gourmet is your usual quick stop for Chinese food. What I like about it tonight was that it wasn’t overwhelming salty. I tend to leave Chinese restaurants with a sodium coma. China Gourmet hit the spot tonight. Great food and the young lady at the cashier was very friendly and wished us a Merry Christmas. Nice people rock!!

A great place to visit in Kissimmee. This is located in the Publix shopping mall. Stop on by and give them a try. : )

Wifey and Foodbidden APPROVED!! (Especially, on Christmas Day)

China Gourmet
(407) 870-0077
3066 Dyer Blvd
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Location:3066 Dyer Blvd, Kissimmee, FL 34741

China Gourmet on Urbanspoon

Dolce Bakery & Café

Dolce Bakery & Café

Dolce Bakery & Café

@Xobejm and I started our morning finding a new spot for breakfast. Osceola Parkway and Old Dixie Hwy was the spot to be this morning. You can see the sign if you are truly searching, but other than that its very easy to miss.

This place is Niiiiiiice. Wow. Where have I been? Sweets, Treats, breakfast items, etc.

Lots of space to sit down and have your empanada with some cafe con leche. Very high end place here. Well, high end for Kissimmee. : )

I am very impressed with the whole layout. This place is great. The young lady at the cash register says they don’t have a menu because they are changing it up. The owner is from Venezuela. The young lady gave her suggestions and I chose the Venezuelan breakfast.

They have so much to choose from. The locals come in for the cafe and empanada and head on out. @Xobejm and I sat down and enjoyed this great place.

The Venezuelan breakfast: Scrambled eggs with onions and tomatoes, shredded beef and a cachapa with cheese. YUM! No coffee for me today. @Xobejm had already eaten at home, so she shared a bit with me.

Great place to sit down and have a great tasting breakfast.

Baby Girl APPROVED!!

Foodbidden APPROVED!! (photo courtesy of @xobejm)

Dolce Bakery & Café
(407) 201-6828
992 East Osceola Parkway
Kissimmee, FL 34744

Dolce Bakery & Café on Urbanspoon

Location:992 East Osceola Parkway Kissimmee, FL 34744

Melao Bakery

Melao Bakery

Melao Bakery

Thanks to @annrodoz for suggesting this place to me. She is a hardcore foodie as well who goes out to all these neat places to eat. Kissimmee is full of best kept secrets. This is off the beat and path. In front of the Oscoela Health Department. It’s been in this location for 4 years and still going strong.

The place is big. Not your typical hole in the wall. So much room, they could have a small nightclub in here. While sitting here in the restaurant I noticed all the music is Christian music. The staff shirts say, “Glory Be to God” (In Spanish of course) The restaurant is kept extremely clean.

I was careful taking pictures today. Lots of locals coming in and out for the fresh bread and coffee. Also, their breakfast selection is amazing. Best Puerto Rican food in this area. You name it you can order anything here and they will make it for you.

They have a separate area for all the sweets and treats. All of the other blogs I have done you see the buffet and the sweets together. Melao has its own section for sweets. Very nice.

Number 5 Breakfast Combo: Fried Eggs, Plantains, Ham, French Fries, Toast, and Cafe con leche. All of this yumminess for $8.00. Great prices and great portions. Open from 6am to 9pm. Highly recommend this place for anyone on a budget.

Foodbidden APPROVED!!

Melao Bakery
(407) 348-1777
1912 Boggy Creek Rd
Kissimmee, FL 34744

Melao Bakery on Urbanspoon

Location:-1936 Boggy Creek Rd,Kissimmee,United States

Tropico Mofo

Tropico Mofongo


Tropico Mofongo

Located on 535 and Osceola Parkway. Another hidden gem in Kissimmee. Very small place that has been here for years, but now is under new management. More options in the buffet and fresh Mofongos made to order.

As you walk in you are greeted by a lovely sign announcing the lunch special of the day. YUM. Be ready to be indecisive with so many items to choose from. I am mostly impressed with the amount of “Americanos” who come here. The diversity of clientele is heart warming. The mixture of people is what makes this place shine.

Lots of people who come in and get their meals to go. Very quick and friendly service. Shirley was the one who helped me out today and she was amazing. She served my delicious meal with a smile.

Everything looks so good. Soooo much to choose from. Biggest Puerto Rican food options in town. Shirley knows some locals by name and remembers other people who have been here before. Shirley remembered a young lady who had come here before and the young lady said this was her fourth time here.

Do not be fooled by the empty seats. I am waiting in line to get my food. Sometimes the line goes outside as the locals come to get their fix before they head to work or home. This is lunch time, so the lunch rush is in full effect. I chose to sit down today and take in the ambience.

Shirley not only serves the food, but she cleans up as soon as the locals leave to set up for the next customers coming in and checks up on the customers to make sure they are happy with their food.

I ordered the Bistec Encebollado. Steak and Onions. I always request more of the steak juice on top of the rice. Most of the locals come here for the Mofongo. They know it’s a wait before they make it, but everyone sits patiently because they know its well worth it.

Great place. Family friendly and good for folks on a budget. Lunch specials are a must. They also have combo specials where you can get a certain amount of meats with rice and beans. Loads to choose from.

I come here as often as I can with the family. Great food!

Shirley, thank you so much for your awesome customer service and keep on smiling. It’s contagious!

Foodbidden APPROVED!!

Trópico Mofongo
(407) 397-7666
3160 Vineland Rd, Suite 2
Kissimmee, FL 34746

Trópico Mofongo on Urbanspoon

Location:State Road 535,Kissimmee,United States

El Rey De Los Pollo

El Rey De Los Pollos


On the corner of Oak street and the forever full of traffic John Young Parkway.

This is a Dominican restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Great specials and great prices. Loads to choose from. The “everyday buffet” is right!

The buffet line has the usual offerings of meats and your choice of rice. This is all Dominican style food.

Pernil, chicken, beef, etc.

Frituras (fried stuff), soups, pasteles (Puerto Rican tamales), etc.

Yummy desserts. Flan, cakes, and even pineapple. This line also has the macaroni salads.

The restaurant is huge. I couldn’t get a picture of the room to the left of this dining room because it was too dark. It fits a whole bunch of people. Don’t think they are ever filled to capacity.

Two tables near the bar area. The bar area is dark and it has a light that looked horrible in pictures but I took the picture anyway.

The bar area. Very nice in person. The picture doesn’t do it justice. Ok, enough of what the place looks like. LET’S EAT!!!

@Xobejm was not in the mood to be adventurous. She wanted food from the buffet and I wanted to order from the menu. Baby Girl got the Chicken Empanada with Arroz Con Gandules.

I went all out tonight. Churrasco with white rice and red beans. Mmmmmmmm. I mean really, meat and onions? The picture speaks for itself. Delicious!

For dessert @xobejm ordered the Flan. Nice little portion. Not too sweet. Which is important for us. It was very good.

Mine was the Bizcocho Dominicano. (Dominican Cake) Holy Mother of Dominican goodness. This was very good. Maria, our server said this was a cake made by a certain woman who makes it all the time for the restaurant and that the locals come and purchase lots of it. According to Maria it sells out quickly.

The two sweets put together. YUMMY!! Nice place in Kissimmee. Plenty of parking. Hard to get out of the parking lot because of all the John Young Parkway traffic. Sigh!

Foodbidden and Baby Girl APPROVED!!

El Rey de Los Pollos
(407) 343-5030
917 N John Young Pkwy
Kissimmee, FL 34741

El Rey de Los Pollos on Urbanspoon

Location:917 N John Young Parkway, Kissimmee, FL 34741

Mike And Tony’s

Mike And Tony’s

Even though I have the Foodbidden Funky Flu I still managed to get up and go food exploring.

Do not be surprised. This is not an incorrect picture. This place is inside the gas station.

I am here at the Shell Gas Station in Kissimmee. The Big EZ Market has loads of candies, drinks, snacks, etc. But many people don’t know the hidden gem inside.

Mike And Tony’s has been here for years helping the locals fulfill all their Puerto Rican cravings one bite at a time. Lunch specials everyday.

Mr. Tony has his Frituras (fried goodness) all ready to go this morning. He opens at 7:00am and closes at 5:00pm. @Xobejm and I would stop on the way home when he used to close a bit later. Best dinners in town. This morning I was in the mood for his breakfast special.

The Steak, Onions, Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese, Mayo, and Egg sandwich. Breakfast of champions. There was another gentleman there with me this morning trying to convince me to buy the Bacalaito as well.

Bacalaito (Cod Fish) Trying not to make Peter Pan and Captain Hook references right now. This was fantastic. I ordered it with a side of Mayo Ketchup (Mayo and Ketchup mixed together) for the perfect bite.

Mr. Tony named his place after his son Mike. Love the name and great food. All is made to order. He accepts Cash Only. Luckily for me they have an ATM in the gas station.

Foodbidden APROBADO!!! : )

Mike And Tony’s
2201 W Columbia Avenue
Kissimmee, FL 34741
(407) 591-2564

Mike And Tony's on Urbanspoon

Location:2201 W Columbia Avenue, Kissimmee, FL 34741

Jah Love Caribbean Re

Jah Love Caribbean Restaurant


This will be the shortest blog I have ever done. Thanks to @melissaswaffles for suggesting this place to me. Even with my Foodbidden Funky Flu feeling I had to try this place and get something tasty.

Jah Love Caribbean Restaurant in Kissimmee. In the Plaza on Main. Located on Main Street a block North of 192. I remembered my good friend of mine Carolyn Hernandez would come here often and get Oxtail. That was my goal, but in the interest of time I ordered the Jerk Chicken.

Jerk Chicken, rice and beans, and plantains. Nice and spicy! Great flavor in every bite. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take pics of the inside of the restaurant. Which is a good thing. This place was hoppin’!!! I came for the lunch rush and they were packed.

I plan to come again soon. Next time Oxtail for sure!!! Hopefully @melissaswaffles will be joining me in my next adventure to JahLove Caribbean Restaurant.

I plan to update this post the next time I come with more pics. Stay tuned.

Foodbidden APPROVED!!

Jah Love Caribbean
(407) 935-1157
1700 N Main St
Kissimmee, FL 34744

Jah Love Caribbean on Urbanspoon

Location:1700 N Main St Kissimmee, FL 34744

PG’s Wings And M

PG’s Wings And More


Holy mother of spicy wings!!! I did not know what I was getting myself into.

Let me tell ya what happened from the beginning. PG’s Wings has been in Kissimmee for as long as I can remember. Very well known for their wings.

Today I was feeling the Foodbidden Funky Flu, so I decided to try some Super Hot Wings from PG’s. Way back in the day some co-workers and I would get food from here when we had late night shifts.

People don’t often sit down and eat around this time. Most of the locals phone in their order and come and pick it up. People ordering 50 wings and above every two seconds in this place. I went with the 10 wings. But first, appetizer.

The Sampler. Fried Cheesesticks, Jalapeño Poppers, and Fried Mushrooms served with Ranch dressing. Not the healthiest of choices, but today we were going all out.

@Xobejm was shocked on how big their drinks are. Lord have mercy. I ordered an Iced Tea and it was just as big. Glad it was. Little did I know I would need it.

Baby Girl got the Garlic Parmesan wings. I was proud of her when she said the didn’t want plain. Sniff sniff. She is finally developing a sense of flavor for food. Gracias Dios Mio!

The Super Hot Wings. This right here…..should be illegal all over the WORLD!! Now, I know what you are thinking. WHY?? Simple, I wanted to get rid of this horrible flu and non stop coughing. I needed and wanted something super spicy. I just never thought it would kick my ass the way they did.

I love super spicy food and have gone to Indian Restaurants and asked for super spicy and it doesn’t even phase me. These wings defeated me from the first bite. (Bowing down now to the wings) My mouth is still numb after an hour of finishing dinner.

Bonnie, thank you so much for your recommendation. The Garlic Parmesan wings were amazing. We will definitely see you soon.

Baby Girl and Foodbidden SUPER HOT APPROVED!!!

PG’s Wings & More
(407) 847-3441
1205 West Oak Street
Kissimmee, FL 34741

PG's Wings & More on Urbanspoon

Location:1205 W Oak Street, Kissimmee, FL 34741

Mizu Japanese St

Mizu Japanese Steakhouse


Tonight ended beautifully. The day started out rough, but dinner made all the drama of the day go away. When we entered Mizu we were greeted by Genesis. She had a great smile and welcomed us to the restaurant. Great attitude. Perfect person to have in front of the house. As we got seated I could see the family at the other table having a blast. I was super excited for our turn.

Mizu is gorgeous on the inside. Permits and accolades posted making it 100 percent legit. These are important things in Kissimmee. : )
Squeaky clean.

Here is where all the great sushi is made. We didn’t get any this time around. We were on a Steak and Chicken mission tonight.

These were the tables. There were some people in this area, but we were taken to where the action was about to happen.

Nothing better than a great Hibachi dinner tonight. Heard great reviews about this place. It’s always interesting to sit down with strangers for dinner. : )

Everything was super clean. The place was spotless. Very well taken care of. All kinds of locals come in for their Japanese food fix.

Our first food item was the House Salad with a Mizu dressing. Amazing. Our server Diego was definitely Spasian. Yep, you read it right. He was Spanish and Asian (Spasian) Thanks to @tarajroth for the word. He made sure to get our drink order and bring us our starters. Gracias Diego por todo y espero que la propina sea suficiente. Jaja.

Next was the Mushroom soup. As I always say, I am not a soup person, but this one was very good. I ate the whole thing.

Even wifey @tarajroth was in chopstick mode trying to eat her salad. Hilarious. I didn’t even try. I went straight for the fork.

And of course Baby Girl had to follow her mom. We should thank @kokocooks for her lessons. @Xobejm was much better at it than @tarajroth.

Chef Tom was our man for the evening. His witty ways and amazing cooking abilities made our dinner very special tonight. Chef Tom had a great sense of humor!

Chef Tom made sure that @xobejm had some “baby sake” (which was water) : )
Great picture from @tarajroth

Chef Tom was making the magic happen. @Xobejm was a bit scared at first, but she loved the whole experience.

The onion rings of fire and the veggies on the side. I usually never eat veggies, but I ate all of these.

We ordered the steak and chicken. The dinner comes with a shrimp appetizer as well.

Food just tastes better when it’s cooked right in front of you. Plus Chef Tom with his jokes and tricks made it all even more delicious.

No way I am going to wait for the whole meal to be cooked. I have to start with the rice, noodles, shrimp, and veggies.

Here is the Chicken and Steak as well. As you can see most of the noodles are gone. Great stuff. And of course had to get the Mizu white sauce.

Chef Tom insisted on taking a picture of us since I was taking pictures of the food. He took about 12 pictures of us making all kinds of faces.

We had an amazing time at Mizu’s. Great place to have in Kissimmee. Near the Best Buy. Great lunch specials and I highly suggest this place for families. The Mizu team truly make this place awesome. Great staff!!

Baby Girl, Wifey, and Foodbidden APPROVED!!!

Mizu Japanese Steakhouse
(407) 846-8828
1632 West Osceola Parkway
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Mizu Japanese Steakhouse on Urbanspoon

Apna Punjab Indian Restaurant

Located on 535 and Osceola Parkway. The all day buffet caught my eye.

Even though I am sure I will order from the menu because I am in a spicy sort of mood.

Nice little set up for the buffet. I did ask if any items were spicy and I was told mild. So, I ordered from the menu.

I like the bar set up. They offer a variety of beers and wines. Place looks very clean and well maintained. They have been here for about 8 months now.

Today I chose the Chicken Vindaloo (Spicy). For next time I will ask for Asian spicy. It had the right kick to it, but I like it to burn. Amazing taste.

Cheese Naan. Although I always get the Garlic naan. Today I went with cheese. Note to self, next time get Cheese and Garlic. This was perfect with my meal.

The whole meal. A side of rice comes with it and they always make sure you have enough rice. Now, don’t get me wrong, the buffet was $9.99 which is a great deal for anyone on a budget. I ordered from the menu and it was pricey, but worth it in my opinion.

Tarik, thank you so much for your service. You are a very kind man. I will be back with friends and family.

Foodbidden SUPER APPROVED!!!

Apna Punjab Indian Restaurant
(407) 507-5877
3260 Vineland Road
Kissimmee, FL 34746

Apna Punjab Indian Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Location:State Road 535,Kissimmee,United States

Spanish Rotisserie

This morning I was feeling adventurous and went out to the Osceola Square Mall. This poor mall needs some serious loving. No quality stores are in this mall, but the food is getting much better.

This morning they had Pollo Guisado (Braised Stewed Chicken) and Pollo Asado (Roasted Chicken)

They also have Empanadas, Papa Rellenas, Yuca, and Pasteles. The owner is from El Salvador and the wife is from Cuba. One of the cooks is from the Dominican Republic. Good diversity within the team. This is what makes this place so good.

They have salads as well. The tuna salad looked great. They were just opening this morning and were making the steak. I had to head back to work, so had no time and only ordered the chicken. I had to bring it all To Go.

Pollo Asado with White Rice. Some sauce on the rice as well to give it some flavor. I was not in the mood for the plantains as a side today.

Pollo Guisado (Braised Stewed Chicken) with Arroz con Gandules. With extra sauce on the Rice. This one is always my favorite. The juices from the chicken make the rice taste yummy.

Last but not least. Empanadas De Pollo and Papa Rellena. These potato balls are stuffed with ground beef and have other yummy ingredients inside to make it the perfect bite.

I brought lunch for myself and co-workers today. They loved the meal.

Foodbidden and Co-workers APROBADO!!

Spanish Rotisserie Inc
3831 W Vine St Ste 55,
Kissimmee, FL. 34741

Location:3831 W Vine Street, Kissimmee, FL 34741

Spanish Rotisserie  on Urbanspoon

Broadway Pizza Ba

Broadway Pizza Bar


All photos are to be credited to @tarajroth and @xobejm! Thank you so much for taking some choice shots. You Go girlies!! Big Kudos to @xobejm for editing the pics for me. Great family teamwork.

Located in Downtown Kissimmee this is the place to order pizza as you want it.

This is the bar area. People were sitting on the other side so this is the best shot @tarajroth could get.

I love the look of this shot. Looks very old fashioned. Yummy food pics are coming soon.

Amazing place. This place is always busy. People coming in and sitting down to enjoy some great pizza. Now lets get to the FOOD stuff!

Garlic Cheese Bread with marinara sauce. Holy mother of yummy goodness. A dream come true for me. Garlic and Cheese. Life is good. @Tarajroth is right. These are a MUST!

@Xobejm got the Pepperoni pizza. Nice and simple. The best part of this pizza is the crust. The crust is like eating a piece of French bread.

Oh yeah! We should call it the @tarajroth special. Hot Italian Sausage, extra cheese, and Green Olives. @Wholycheesus would love this pizza. Extra cheese is just what the doctor ordered.

Baby Girl Approved!!

Wifey Approved!!!

Need I say more. Broadway Pizza Bar has brought life to downtown Kissimmee. Best pizza in town. Nice to have a non chain pizza place doing it right!!

Foodbidden and familia APPROVED!!

Broadway Pizza Bar
(407) 847-7050
403 Broadway
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Broadway Pizza Bar on Urbanspoon

Location:403 Broadway, Kissimmee, FL 34741

The Original Anthony’s Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant

I had been wanting to blog about Anthony’s, but wanted a picture of the restaurant as well. @Tarajroth and I tend to order for delivery. Their food is delicious.

This is the owner Eddie. Today I had to explain I was there to take pictures and not order food. I explained I have eaten his food at home and never at the restaurant. He let me take pictures of his place. Nice guy.

Very nice place. You can tell Eddie runs a right ship. Eddie and his team were making sure every customer that came in would be taken care of. Eddie was in the kitchen making the magic happen.

Garlic Knots. These were the dishes I posted on Foodspotting a few days ago.

Garlic Bread with Cheese. These are fantastic. @Xobejm and I ate most of these. @Tarajroth wasn’t quick enough.

Chicken Parmigiana with pasta. Lightly breaded chicken breast, topped with mozzarella and marinara. Amazing!

Spaghetti Carbonara. Spaghetti with sautéed bacon and onions, served in a creamy parmesan sauce. This was my favorite dish. @Tarajroth just happen to find this dish under pasta entrees. I am going to order this dish from now on. Wonderful!!

Baby Girl: APPROVED!!!

Wifey: APPROVED!! AND……….

Foodbidden: APPROVED!!

This is the place to come for some good home Italian cooking. Cannot wait to eat at the restaurant. The place looked great. Awesome customer service both in the restaurant and on the phone. Thank you so much.

The Original Anthony’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant
(407) 483-5980
1166 West Osceola Parkway
Kissimmee, FL 34741

The Original Anthony's Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Location:1166 W Osceola Parkway, Kissimmee, FL 34741

Phillysteak Gyros and Wings

This one was definitely all Josue Rodriguez’s fault. My co-worker sends me a text message and tells me “Best Gyros in town.” So, of course I had to check it out the same day.

Right next door to Anthony’s. I wanted to dine in this evening, but I was exhausted, so I got the food to go. Plus, it was Super Bowl evening and had to get home to watch the game.

Great little place. Nice and clean. Lots of locals just coming in to pick up food and go. Lots of specials on the menu. I asked for a menu to bring home, but they had run out. Husseine was the gentleman helping me out today. He was happy to hear someone had referred me.

Gyro with seasoned fries. Josue is right these fries are amazing. The way they seasoned them is perfect.

Closer shot of the Gyro. This was so good. The tomato and onions on the bottom make it a perfect bite with the Tzatziki sauce.

Shawarma beef with rice. This was fantastic. The two dishes I bought were very tasty and well worth coming out here to find them. Thank you so much Josue for the recommendation.

Husseine mentioned the name of the restaurant has changed. They didn’t want people to be confused with the title “Slim”. So, now it’s just called Phillysteak Gyros and Wings.

Foodbidden APPROVED!!

Slim Orlando’s Phillysteak Gyros and Wings
(407) 944-4976
1164 W Osceola Pky
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Slim Orlando's Phillysteak · Gyros · Wings on Urbanspoon

Location:1164 W Osceola Parkway, Kissimmee, FL 34741

Cilantrillo Café & R

Cilantrillo Café & Restaurant


I had to revisit Cilantrillo tonight. The pictures taken a while back came out horrible. So, lets call this round two.

As always the place is gorgeous. huge space and the bongos are set for the evening entertainment.

Plantain chips and mayo/ketchup. My favorite combo. This is a great start to a great meal.

Chuletas Kan Kan (Pork Belly Pork Chops) with Trifongo (cassava, green plantains, and ripe plantains)

Baby Girl went with the American dish tonight and ordered the Cheeseburger, lettuce, pickles, and onions. She had me taste some and it was awesome.

Baby Girl APPROVED!!!

Foodbidden APPROVED!!

Cilantrillo is the place to be with the best Trifongo in town. They are open on Sundays and have lunch specials that are out of this world. Stop by and pay them a visit. BUEN PROVECHO!!

Cilantrillo Café & Restaurant
(407) 483-8824
3628 West Vine Street
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Cilantrillo Café & Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Location:W Vine St,Kissimmee,United States

Sol De Borinquen

Sol De Borinquen

Open for breakfast at 6:00am. Sol has provided local customers with the best in Puerto Rican food and pastries. Best quesitos in town. I made a quick stop before work around 8:20am. The place was packed. This post will be a quick and dirty one.

Not an ideal place for me to take pics but there was no way to take pics without people seeing me. This was the best I could do this morning. Latinos aren’t too happy when a stranger comes in and takes pics. Couldn’t avoid the people this time. I tend to capture only the restaurant, but I couldn’t this morning.

Desayuno Pequeño. (Small breakfast). Bread, scrambled eggs, bacon. As you could see from the previous picture they have several items for breakfast. Most locals come super early to get their Pan Sobao. And I do mean early. Breakfast specials are very inexpensive and very good.

Overall quality of food is good. Customer service is not great. I felt like I was bothering them by being there. In Puerto Rico I had the same feeling even though I am Latino myself. There is a sense of get in, order, and go. Their lunch specials are amazing as well and the place is pretty big compared to other Kissimmee places. If you don’t mind a bit of attitude from the staff than Sol De Borinquen is the place for you.


Foodbidden Semi-APPROVED!!! Food is good, but lacks customer service.

Sol de Borinquen Bakery
(407) 518-7755
2510 Michigan Ave
Kissimmee, FL 34744

Sol de Borinquen Bakery on Urbanspoon

Location:2501 Michigan Avenue, Kissimmee, FL 34744

Cid’s Filipino R

Cid’s Filipino Restaurant


Lunch time and in search of a new place and I found Cid’s. I had heard @droolius talk about it and I knew I had to come in and check it out. The Filipino restaurant near my place closed down, so it was nice to see Cid’s here nearby.

Small and cozy place to come and get some good Filipino food. Been here for a year and three months. The locals come to get the lunch specials. Other folks like me tend to ask what each special contains. Sylvia is really good about breaking it down and explaining what each meal has inside.

The lunch specials are hot and ready to go. Sylvia was the one helping me today and offered the lunch special and the menu. I went with the menu today.

Pancit with mixed noodles.
Noodles with strips of meat and vegetables sautéed with soy sauce. Your choice of thin or thick noodles. I chose both. Sylvia offered me a hot sauce that was amazing. Cleared up the sinuses real quick. She said her husband makes it for the restaurant. SPICY! Love it!!

Fried Lumpia. Ground meat with special spices. Finger size and fried. Amazing. The dipping sauce was perfect for this. I didn’t get the name of the sauce. YUM!

When in Kissimmee stop on by and visit Cid’s. Best Filipino food in Kissimmee.

Sylvia, Salamat for all your help and treating me so kindly. Also, thanks for your patience in explaining every lunch special for me. I will be back again with my family.


Cid’s Filipino Restaurant
(407) 933-0821
1328 North John Young Parkway
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Cid's Filipino Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Location:1328 North John Young Parkway Kissimmee, FL 34741

Grandma’s Kitchen

Grandma’s Kitchen

Formerly known as Fish and Chips. Grandma’s Kitchen is the place to be for some good ole traditional English home cooked food. Been here on 535 and 192 for three years. Right next to the Publix. I have to bring @gailyw and hubby here for sure.

Very spacious and you can hear the fish and chips sizzling as soon as you come in. Rob, the owner greeted me as soon as I walked in. They have a brunch on Sundays from 12:00pm to 4:30pm and it looks divine. Very pretty place. Now, on to the FOOD stuff.

Haddock and Chips. Rob suggested I try this my first time around. The tartar sauce on the side and the malt vinegar. YUM. I did pour the malt vinegar on the side for the chips and the fish. I was told it is mostly for the chips. Thanks @Hayley_Jo for the info.

Jam and cream scone. Ummmm….the picture says it all right?? Wow. As soon as I saw it on display I had to get it. Rob makes all the dishes made to order. All the chips are hand cut and fried to perfection. No machines, no smoke, no mirrors. They have different kinds of pastries. Grandma’s is a must try when you are around the area. Rob and Jill will be sure to take care of you.

Rob and Retta, thank you so much for being so friendly with me tonight and making me truly feel at home. Great suggestion and great talking and getting to know you. Until we “EAT” again.

Foodbidden APPROVED!!

Grandmas Kitchen
(407) 396-7888
2925 Vineland Rd
Kissimmee, FL 34746

Grandmas Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Location:2925 Vineland Rd Kissimmee, FL 34746

Kissimmee Ba

Kissimmee Bakery and Restaurant

kery and Restaurant

It has been a long time since I have eaten here. My buddy Enrique and I come here for their Pupusas. This bakery is a Puerto Rican and Salvadorian restaurant.
They have been in Kissimmee for over 14 years. The locals come for the lunch specials and bakery treats.

The people here are super friendly. Lots of Central American warmness in this place. I was greeted with a smile as soon as I walked in. They are open from 7:30am to 8pm Monday to Saturday. They open at 10am Sundays.

Nice looking place. Not too small. This place becomes super busy during lunch and dinner. My father in law loves their chicken soup. Everything is made to order. It has always been a hard place to find. 192 traffic is so crazy that if you blink you will definitely miss it.

The cafe con leche is always a must. One thing about Kissimmee, you should bring your own Splenda. Only regular sugar here.

Breakfast special. Eggs, bacon, ham, toast, and fries. Best breakfast ever! Delicious. Crispy bacon which @tarajroth would love. The toast is awesome with the butter inside. I had them add in the ham because it sounded good, and it was. You usually have a choice of one protein.

Kissimmee Bakery, Gracias por todo. El desayuno estuvo riquísimo. Pienso regresar pronto con la familia.

Foodbidden TWO THUMBS UP!!

Kissimmee Bakery
(407) 933-2211
1111 E Vine St
Kissimmee, FL 34744

Kissimmee Bakery on Urbanspoon

Location:1111 E Vine St Kissimmee, FL 34744

El Zarape

El Zarape

Today was a To Go sort of lunch. I was working and had to find a quick bite. This place has been here for about a year or so. They used to be located on John Young Parkway and 192. The place is much smaller now.

The inside is nice. I like the way the place is maintained. It’s a small place but they use the minimal space well.

Beautiful entry way in the dining room. Mexican, Salvadorian, Peruvian, and Honduran food is served here. Although, the young lady helping me out today said they are looking for a Peruvian chef because the one they had is no longer there.

Salvadorian treats and sweets. These are typical treats found in their country. They all looked so good. I will have to come back and try some. Now on to the FOOD!!!!

Steak Tacos. Made my favorite way, cilantro and onions. The tacos were just okay. Not superb. They lacked a bit of flavor. The meat needed a bit more.

Pollo Guisado (Stewed Chicken) with red beans and white rice. The chicken was very good. It would fall off the bone. Lots of flavor. The white rice was perfect for me. Most places make it salty. This was just right. The beans were seasoned well. Overall, a very good lunch special which included a drink.

Nice place. I will want to go back and have a sit down lunch or dinner there.

El Zarape
(407) 846-2235
3624 W Vine St
Kissimmee, FL 34741

El Zarape on Urbanspoon

Location:3624 West Vine St, Kissimmee, FL 34741

Jerusalem Res

Jerusalem Restaurant


What a day. Worked all weekend and as soon as my shift was over @xobejm calls to ask if we were going to be adventurous today. My answer, “Oh Yeah!”

Middle Eastern food was on my mind, but I expected a fast food place. This is a sit down restaurant with lots of style and class. The outside seating is spectacular.

I had read many reviews from @yelp about this place in my neck of the woods. Kissimmee has many hidden gems and this is definitely one of them. Rafat, the owner was nice enough to stop at our table and chat with us.

The inside of the restaurant is top notch. The decor is gorgeous and the furniture gives the place a high end look. They have been in this area for over 5 years.

Pita Bread. As we came in we were greeted by a few young ladies. One of them who happened to be our server. We weren’t able to get her name, but she was nice. The pita bread was the first thing to come out and we devoured it in about second.

Next up was my Turkish Coffee. One of the other servers mentioned me not sleeping tonight after having this drink. Nice and strong and very tasty. Now….LET’S TALK FOOD!!

Mazza-A Combination of
hommous, baba ghamouge, grape leaves, tabbouli and kibbeb or falafel. We asked our server what she recommended. She suggested this plate and I am glad we tried it. A bit of everything. Very nice.

@Xobejm ordered the Kids Spaghetti with meat served with tomato sauce. I had to take a bite because it smelled so good. This was very good. Not too saucy which is just like I like it and @xobejm too.

Chicken Shawerma.
Chicken breast pieces marinated with special spices, slowly roasted vertically on a skewer by low fire, thinly sliced served with rice and house salad. @Tarajroth ordered this and her favorite part was the Tahuni sauce. A sort of mayonnaise with garlic type sauce. This was the Foodbidden family favorite.

Kabab Combination
A combination of shish kabab, shish kwook and kafta served on a bed or rice and house salad. Every piece of protein was fantastic. Cooked perfectly. So flavorful.

After all this we were too full for dessert. What a great place. They also have a store next door where you can buy their cheese from their cheese plate and their pita bread too.

Rafat, thank you so much for stopping by our table and speaking to us. It was nice to know about your business. You have a perfect restaurant and delicious food.

Foodbidden Family Approved!!

Jerusalem Middle Eastern Restaurant
(407) 397-2230
2920 Vineland Road
Kissimmee, FL 34746

Jerusalem Middle Eastern Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Location:2920 Vineland Road, Kissimmee, FL 34746

Pizza City Kissim

Pizza City Kissimmee


This happens to be @vleboss go to spot. I haven’t been here in over 10 years. So, here goes the story. @vleboss has been coming here for over ten years with her family and Kris has been her server for years. Well, luck has it that Kris now owns this Pizza City for a few years now. She went from server to owner.

It has won awards for their food and Kris herself has won awards for her service. Unfortunately, I was unable to confirm the story with Kris. I may go again just to ask if it’s a true story.

(Photo courtesy of @tarajroth)
One issue I had with this place today is that it didn’t have a mixed crowd. I have been in Kissimmee for 14 years now and am always used to seeing diversity. Pizza City didn’t offer that today. I felt uncomfortable for a bit. Didn’t take me long to get over it, but it did make me a bit nervous.

Feast Shot.
The ladies had antipasto salad when I arrived. I was about ten minutes late. Which is too late when it comes to food. Now lets talk about the entrées.

(Photo courtesy of @vleboss)
My SIL needs some practice in picture taking but for being her first time I will give her a B-.
This was the Lunch Special. Two slices, salad, and drink. @Tarajroth and @vleboss shared this.

Baked Ziti. Didn’t know what to order and I asked my SIL what I should order and she suggested that. I didn’t like it. I could have made the same thing at home. The pizza slice was better than this. Maybe I ordered the wrong thing. Based on reviews this place is supposed to be good. I should give it another chance. It won’t be soon. Not my cup of tea. Check it out for yourself and see what ya think. @vleboss loved it and so may you.

Pizza City
(407) 846-1666
611 W Vine St
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Pizza City on Urbanspoon

Location:611 W Vine St Kissimmee, FL 34741

Joanie’s Diner

Joanie’s Diner

Wifey and I were feeling adventurous after dropping off baby girl at school. Downtown Kissimmee is always a good place to start off the morning. Never too crowded and just the right amount of parking spaces right in front of the restaurants.

This was our first time at Joanie’s Diner. I first moved to Downtown Kissimmee in May of 1999. Downtown was smaller back then. Still had a small town feel to it and to this day the Historic District has remained feeling like home, but a much more renovated home.

The breakfast specials caught our eye so we had to go in and give it a try. We were welcomed by Sherry who was our server for this morning. First thing she offered was coffee and we said, Yes Please!

I wanted to try a bit of everything and I knew that the “Big Man” was the way to go. @Tarajroth ordered the “Little Man” and substituted French toast instead of hot cakes. The prices were great. The say to have the best burger in town and I would love to try their pies. @Tarajroth and I will have to come back in the near future.

Two huge cups of coffee always makes the morning brighter.

French Toast with powdered sugar and butter.

Hot Cakes with butter. I personally love the little butter packets. When I opened them up they would be melted just ready to pour on the hot cake.

Fried eggs (over medium), sausage, and bacon.

Fried eggs (over easy) and bacon.

Great food, great customer service, great local people hanging out and enjoying some good grub in the morning.

Sherry, thanks for the great and prompt service. Your smile was truly appreciated. Until we “Eat” again.

Two Thumbs Up!

Joanie’s Diner
(407) 933-0519
120 Broadway
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Joanie's Diner on Urbanspoon}

Location:120 Broadway Kissimmee, FL 34741

One Sweet Sist

One Sweet Sista! Heavenly Cakes

a! Heavenly Cakes

This afternoon was a new discovery sort of day. Downtown Kissimmee has so many wonderful places. Last Thursday One Sweet Sista has opened their doors. And today was the day I would discover it. 

Christi was the young lady who welcomed me to the store as soon as I walked in. The place looked and smelled great. The bright pink on the awning is a great touch. It got my attention in a second. 

The inside is very pretty. Everything was super clean. They are going to be serving a full breakfast menu starting Monday. I cannot wait.

Plenty of space to come in and have a great tasting cupcake with a cup of coffee and sit by the window and enjoy the view of Historic Downtown Kissimmee. 

Cupcakes galore and more treats. Don’t be fooled. This is just a soft opening and they will be kicking it into gear by Monday. Plenty of treats yet to come.

Banana Bread Pudding.
I was recommended to try this one. I had to take a picture of it. It was fantastic. It has been a long time since I have had a good banana bread pudding.

They have cupcakes with no filling and cupcakes with Bavarian Cream filling. Those were the ones I purchased today. I loved the cream filled ones. They were perfectly made. Nice and moist. The icing was just right. Not too sweet. Perfect amount of filling. 

Red Velvet, Vanilla Confetti, Chocolate Confetti, and Pumpkin.
I will be going back to One Sweet Sista very soon. The experience was amazing. 

Banana Bread Pudding. 
Operating hours will be 6am to 6pm for now and trying to get a feel of the clientele. They will then take it from there and change opening hours depending on the turn out. 

Peanut butter, Cinnamon, and Chocolate Chip cookies. 
When I was about to leave I asked what else I should order. I was suggested to try the cookies as well.

It all tasted so good. It’s always hard to find the perfect cupcake. This one is a must when in downtown Kissimmee.

Stop on by and visit One Sweet Sista when you are in downtown Kissimmee. You won’t be disappointed. The staff is awesome and I am looking forward to their breakfast menu coming this Monday. 

Christi, thanks for being so awesome today. I will be back and bringing my family with me next time. 

Foodbidden Approved! Two Thumbs Up. 

One Sweet Sista! Heavenly Cakes and Desserts
(407) 973-6314
324 Broadway
Kissimmee, FL 34741

One Sweet Sista! Heavenly Cakes and Desserts on Urbanspoon

Location:324 Broadway Kissimmee, FL 34741

Savion’s Place

Savion’s Place

Downtown Kissimmee and it’s hidden treasures. 

You wouldn’t see Savion’s by just driving by during the day.

In the evening plenty of people sitting outside is what caught my attention.

Very nice place. Great service. I went during lunch and when it had just opened. 

The fresh bread is always a good starter. 

Vegetable Pasta was a must. This was the special of the day. 

Fish Tacos. Very tasty. I am embarrassed to say I had to take two of them to go because one filled me up so quickly. These were very good. 

I want to go back and try more dishes and some desserts to see what they have. Overall, this place is a winner. With me it’s always the service. 

Two Thumbs Up

Savion’s Place
(407) 572-8719
16 East Dakin Avenue
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Savion's Place on Urbanspoon

Location:16 E Dakin Ave, Kissimmee, FL 34741

Amigos Mexican Grill

Amigos Mexican Grill

Thank you so much to @xobejm and @annrodoz for joining me on this foodventure. It was a last minute arrangement and it worked out well.

Here we are. This was formerly a hobby shop and loved by many in Kissimmee. Now it’s Amigos Mexican Grill.

Many friends thought this was their neighborhood Tex-Mex location in Orlando. Not even close to that.

This is Moe’s and Chipotle had a Latino baby and they named him Amigos Mexican Grill. 

@Xobejm got the Amigos Bowl with steak and the works on it. She was able to pick whatever topping she wanted. This was perfect for her.

@annrodoz got the Chicken and Cheese quesadilla. Again made to her liking with all her favorite toppings inside. 

Mine was the Amigos Burrito. Again, with anything I wanted inside. I ordered the steak. 

The customer service was awesome. They have been open for 2 months and they will be having a live band soon. If you are a fan of Moe’s then you will love this restaurant. We were given a taste of every meat they had. Nice variety and very flavorful. 

Overall, don’t expect authentic Mexican because it’s not. It’s just a more improved version of Chipotle. These ingredients are just as fresh and it’s not a chain. Give it a try. You will be pleasantly surprised. 

Two Thumbs Up!

Amigos Mexican Grill
4153 W Vine Street
Kissimmee, FL 34741
(321) 239 0079

Location:4153 W Vine Street Kissimmee, FL 34741

Amigos Mexican Grill on Urbanspoon

Nikki’s Corner Cafe

What an interesting morning. Rubio and KTS were in town and we had to look for a foodventure. We were in the Poinciana area and saw the sign and had to go in.

Nice place. Feels like you are entering someone’s living room and dining room. Pictures of cats and cat figurines within the restaurant.

It was empty when we walked in and we were not greeted in such a friendly manner, but KTS was super friendly and our server changed her behavior. Fortunately. 

The open kitchen concept was a bit strange to me. This is the first thing you see as soon as you walk into the restaurant.

I ordered the Ham Steak, Eggs over medium, Wheat toast, and Hash Browns.

Rubio ordered the Country Fried Steak with gravy, eggs over easy, wheat toast, and hash browns.

KTS ordered the Bubba’s Benedict: Biscuit stacked with two sausage patties and two eggs covered in sausage gravy and hash browns.

Overall, service was just okay. Our server wasn’t the friendliest. She changed her tone as we ordered and spoke to her a bit more. The food was great. I enjoy that southern homestyle cooking. I would go again and try their other items for lunch and dinner. 

Thanks to Rubio and KTS for putting up with my foodventure concept. Y’all are real troopers. 

TWO THUMBS UP!! (to the food) 

Nikki’s Corner Café
(407) 910-4229
3277 South John Young Parkway
Kissimmee, FL 34746

Nikki's Corner Caf\'e9 on Urbanspoon

Location:3277 South John Young Parkway Kissimmee, FL 34746

Nana’s Bakery

Nana’s Bakery

If you are ever in the Poinciana area please, please, please come and stop at Nana’s. They have baked goods and more. Empanadas, cupcakes, quesitos, etc. Very nice Spanish bakery. Couldn’t get the sense of what country. Worth a visit.

Nana’s needs some love and some more customers. They have been here for a year according to Jesus who made my sandwich tonight. Gracias Jesus for the amazing meal. 

Two tables is all Nana needs. It’s rare for customers to sit and eat. It’s more of an order and go sort of place. While I sat down the locals were coming in for the pastries and the empanadas. 

Tripleta Sandwich. Ham, Pernil, and Steak. I had to do it. Amazing. Great sandwich. They also have steak, Cubano, and Ham, Egg and Cheese. They also have Alcapurrias. 

Tornillo. Filled with Bavarian Cream. A great way to end my meal. I bought a steak sandwich to go for @xobejm to try. I am sure it will be just as yummy. 

Great little place. Nana’s Bakery is located in the Southport Plaza. Behind the Racetrack on Pleasant Hill and Southport. BUEN PROVECHO!! 

Two Thumbs Up!! 

Nana’s Bakery
(407) 572-8797
3370 W Southport
Kissimmee, FL 34746

Nana's Bakery on Urbanspoon

Location:3370 W Southport Rd,Kissimmee,United States



What an amazing way to spend a Saturday morning. @Droolius, @Joeyme1, @kokocooks @tytyeats, and @vbterp

This was my post-birthday celebration. It was a time when we were all able to get together and celebrate my big 4-0!

@Xobejm was hanging out with her cousins and she was truly missed. We were on a mission to eat as much as we could and this is how it started. Buchito is a Cuban Cafe.


Cuban Sandwich

Cuban and Cortadito 

Cafe con leche.

The Alexandre: Pastrami, Cheese, Bacon, lettuce, and tomato. 

Homemade Desserts: Flan, Key Lime, Chocolate Cake

The service is amazing. So far the two sandwiches we’ve had have been really good. It’s been around now for about six months. This is a nice little place to come to for breakfast and lunch. You will not be disappointed. Come Hungry. The prices are reasonable. 

(407) 483-7813
131 Broadway Ave
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Buchito on Urbanspoon}

Location:131 Broadway Ave. Kissimmee, FL 34741

Moe’s Gyro and Grill

Moe’s Gyro and Grill

Moe’s has just moved in the Osceola Mall. Now known as Plaza Del Sol.

Moe has come to Kissimmee to show the folks how a good Greek Gyro is made. He has a variety of other options. And because of the demographic of this mall he also makes Puerto Rican sandwiches.

Greek Gyro. Since I am originally from Chicago I felt it was necessary for me to try this one. The portion was a bit smaller than what I’m used to. The meat was good and the ingredients were fresh, but it was just okay it wasn’t fantastic.

Greek Salad. I was heading to work so I had to bring all of it to go. The Greek salad was okay as well. It had all the right ingredients and since I had just traveled from Greece I was in the mood for one of the salads. Again it didn’t blow my mind or my taste buds. 

Overall, the place has potential. Moe is an amazing guy. Loves what he does and has only been here for a few months. he has very decent lunch specials and the clientele may be a little bit hard for him to get because of the demographic, but I feel like it has a chance to be successful here in the mall. 

Two Thumbs Up!

Location:3831 W Vine St., Kissimmee, FL 34741

Moe's Gyro and Grill on Urbanspoon}

Lechonera El Jibarito #1

So this is a pretty sweet story. @Xobejm has a classmate who has been with her since pre- K.

Celia and @xobejm have been friends ever since and one day we heard Celia’s parents own a restaurant.

Being the hungry man that I am I asked where it was. El Jibarito has been open for one year so far and it’s in Kissimmee closer to the Poinciana area.

I wanted to come on Labor Day and they were packed. So I left heart broken and with an empty stomach.

I was on a mission to come today no matter what the traffic looked like and fill up my belly!!

Luckily I picked a day and a time where most people are just leaving work. @Xobejm and I were ready to eat.

The place is huge. Very nice and extremely clean. The tables have Puerto Rican names and motifs. 

The tables are lower to the floor and the designs are gorgeous.

@Xobejm ordered the Chicken with white rice and beans.

I ordered the Pastel. Had to do it.

I also ordered the Chicken Noodle Soup. This was way too yummy. (All I needed was a soda on the side)

Overall the service was excellent. Food was on point. Everything had flavor and we left that place licking our fingers. This is a must try in Kissimmee. 

Hector y Lisandra. Muchas gracias por todo. Todo estaba delicioso. Tienen un restaurante muy lindo. Los deseo mucha suerte. 

Foodbidden: Two Thumbs Up!! 

@Xobejm: Two Thumbs Up!! 

Lechonera El Jibarito #1
(407) 935-0035
1985 S John Young Parkway
Kissimmee, FL 34741
Facebook: Lechoneraeljibarito 

Lechonera El Jibarito #1 on Urbanspoon}

Location:1985 S John Young Parkway Kissimmee, FL 34741

Nadia’s Mediterr

Nadia’s Mediterranean Cafe

anean Cafe

Now in their new and improved location 127 Broadway in the Historic Downtown Kissimmee area. Where the belly dancers come out and play on Saturday nights. 

Nadia’s has been in Kissimmee for 2 years now. Since June 2012. Every local Kissimmean comes to Nadia’s for some good old fashion hummus. People say it’s the best in town.

This was my first time here. I was greeted immediately with a smile and warm hello from Nadia herself.

The lunch menu is short and sweet and it all looked yum to the tum. I will have to make it a point to come for dinner as well.

Sampler Platter
Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Falafel, and Tabouli. 

Turkish Coffee. Nice and strong. I am bald and grew hair with just one sip. 

Baklava. This is done Nadia style. Great texture and perfect sweetness. Most of the time I have tasted this dessert it comes out too sweet. This Baklava was just right. 

Various choices for dessert. Nadia comes out and shows you this tray and you are hooked. I wanted to get one of each. 

Five Thumbs Up!! 

Customer service is top notch with Nadia. Everyone gets treated like a VIP. Food was outstanding. 

Nadia, thank you so much for the kind service and amazing food. I will be back very soon. 

Nadia’s Mediterranean Cuisine
(407) 518-1900
127 Broadway
Kissimmee, FL 34741
Facebook: NadiasCafe

Nadia's Mediterranean Cuisine on Urbanspoon}

Location:127 Broadway Kissimmee, FL 34741

M & M’s Cafe

M & M’s Cafe

This started off as an amazing morning. @Xobejm and I were ready for a new foodventure.

M&M’s Cafe has been in this location for 8 months now and is bringing in locals for some authentic Dominican food.

As soon as we walked in we were greeted by Marvis, a lovely young lady who is one of the owners. That is always a great way to start a morning.

This was previously a Mexican bakery and M&M’s came in and remodeled everything to create a family friendly environment.

Not only family friendly, but libations for adults are always a must.

The whole restaurant was pristine. Loved the ambiance and the Spanish music as soon as you walk in.

The food choices looked amazing. They have menu items as well. The breakfast and lunch options were very reasonable.

Bistec Encebollado. (Beef Steak) with yellow rice and plantains. This was my order. Very flavorful. The meat was nice and tender. Great portions.

Pernil. Pork with white rice. @Xobejm is picky about her pork. She ate most of this dish. I had a taste and I loved it.

Avocado Salad. This is about as healthy as I get. Freshly made. Delicious.

Chicken Empanada. @Xobejm was a big fan of this one. This one was stuffed with chicken. 

When in Kissimmee come by and visit M&M’s Cafe. Located at Kissimmee Manufacturers Mall. Or better known as the Nike Outlet plaza. A bit hidden in the back. Hard to find, but worth it once you do. 

Marvis, Gracias for everything. The food was amazing and we will be back for more. @Xobejm loved it too. The most I have seen her eat in a long time. : )

Two Thumbs Up!! 

M & M’s Cafe
(407) 465-1974
2533 Old Vineland Rd
Kissimmee, FL 34746

M & M's Cafe on Urbanspoon

Location:2533 Old Vineland Rd Kissimmee, FL 34746

Golden Krust Caribbean Cuisine | Foodbidden


Golden Krust Caribbean Cuisine

What a great way to start my morning. I thought it was a pizza place at first. When I saw the sign below saying Caribbean cuisine and open at 8:00am. Perfect!!

Walked in and asked for the breakfast special. The gentleman recommended Ackee or Callaloo. I told him to pick his favorite.

Nice place. This must have been a pizza place before. The way the seats are set up it feels like it. Of maybe a Subway. Either way they are making this work for them right now.

All types of Caribbean cuisine here. The Oxtail has got my attention. I will have to come back for lunch. And the curry goat looks great as well. Now on to the FOOD!!

My dear friend here was nice enough to give me a bit of both. Callaloo on the right and the Ackee on the left. WOW! This was very good. I am a bigger fan of the Ackee. I enjoy the Saltfish taste early in the morning. The Callaloo is more of a spinach kind of substance. Still good but I am liking the Ackee better.

Let me not forget the boiled banana on the bottom and the two rolls. I could have done with one roll since they are so filling. Not a dull moment for my palate today. This was something different for me. Very nice!

Don’t be scared by the man behind the register. He seems mean, but is a nice guy once you start talking to him.

Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill
(407) 944-8879
1009 W Vine St
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill on Urbanspoon

Location:W Vine St,Kissimmee,United States

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