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Disney Dream room | Foodbidden

Disney Dream room

Ahhhhh…the Disney Dream. What a great place to be for three days.

This time around I got a nice comfy room. Sometimes they run on the smaller side. This is the one I like to get when wifey and baby girl are with me. This time around I was solo.

Plenty of room for three and we can all have our things separate from each other. It’s a girls vs boy thing we have.

Baby girl tends to use the “leg rest” as her place to put clothes. The wooden part you see opens up and you can put stuff inside. Perfect for baby girl.

Even this bathroom is a lot bigger than the normal rooms. This is a higher category type room.

Nice second bathroom. This is where the shower is at. Two separate bathrooms is nice for a family.

Cute little tub. The other rooms have a small tub where only a child could fit. This one seems to just be for show.

This is where the TV is at. I love this part. It’s like a long huge desk. Makes me feel smart and important.

Location:Disney Dream

Animator’s Palate | Foodbidden


Animator’s Palate

I tend to only post about local restaurants but I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to post about my dining experience on the Disney Dream. First restaurant was Animator’s Palate. We were greeted with a bread basket and garlic dipping. You can’t ever go wrong with garlic.

This is a haven for technology. I won’t go into the details, but you do have to see it for yourself. For now I will focus on the food. First appetizer was the Black Truffle Pasta Purseittes. Pasta purse filled with truffle scented cheese and coated with delicate Champagne sauce.

Second appetizer was the Wild Mushroom Risotto and Porcini Twist. Served with Parmigiano-Reggiano

Both very tasty appetizers and a good start to a great cruise. Now it was entree time. I ordered the Ginger Teriyaki dusted Angus Beef Tenderloin. Carved to order on Wasabi mashed potatoes with Bok Choy and a Tamarind-Barbecue reduction. When asked how I liked it cook I of course said medium.

I especially love the presentation of every dish. Compliments to the galley staff. The other entree was the White Shrimp Pennette Pasta. Tossed with Basil and Reggiano Parmesan cheese sauce and Parmesan wafer.

Very tasty and rich. Added a bit more of Parmesan cheese to it and it was just right. For dessert we had the White Chocolate Brownie cheesecake. I think the name says it all. Absolutely perfect. Thanks to wifey for suggesting this one.

Location:Disney Dream

Enchanted Garden | Foodbidden


Enchanted Garden

Day two. Enchanted Garden dinner tonight. Great place. Very small but gorgeous place. You always feel like you are seated too close to the other tables around you.

Nice touch with the fountain there. Love the theming at the restaurants. Bread basket as usual with Chickpea-garlic purée

A refreshing unsweetened iced tea

Love the menu design. They truly pay attention to every detail.

Appetizer time. I got the Tropical Fruit Cup which is from the kids menu.

Also got the Ahi Tuna and Avocado tower with crispy noodles and Wasabi dressing

And of course the cucumber roll filled with Julienne of carrots, bell peppers and zucchini, flavored with cilantro and dressed with white Shoyu and lemon dressing. Again, the presentation is amazing.

The Romaine Wedge, fresh crisp Romaine topped with a creamy Romano dressing and homemade spiced croutons

Spinach and Raspberry salad. Tender spinach tossed with fresh raspberries, toasted pine nuts, and crumbled gorgonzola and a raspberry vinaigrette.

For entree number one. The Pan Seared Sea Bass with fava beans and pea risotto and a sweet chili glaze.

Entree number two. Slow roasted prime rib. Thyme roasted vegetables, double baked potato topped with horseradish, and natural jus.

This has made my day. A family here with me has offered their food so I can take pics. Awesome. They have the roasted pork tenderloin seasoned with smoked salt. Citrus flavored polenta cakes and oven roasted carrots, parsnips, and caramelized Granny Smith apples.

Good old fashioned Chicken Tenders with French fries and vegetables. Thanks to the Jones family.

Thank you so much to the Jones family for offering your food so I could take pics. You all are awesome. We ended with the evening with dessert.

Sweet temptations. A trio of passion fruit tart, strawberry cheesecake, and Sacher torte

Bananas Foster Sundae. Rum glazed bananas, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and caramel sauce. Wow. Just look at it. The pictures says it all.

Sugar free strawberry cheesecake with whipped cream and fruit coulis. Courtesy of the Jones family.

From the kids menu the strawberry short cake. Thanks to the Jones family.

Location:Disney Dream

Royal Palace | Foodbidden


Royal Palace

Here we are. Our final evening together. It’s been a blast. Once again thanks to the Jones family for being so supportive with my OCD-ness with taking food pics.
We start with our usual bread in a basket. Warm herb brioche with an olive spread. I should have taken a better pic of the basket. It looks like Cinderella’s coach. They should sell these at the stores.

First appetizer, was the Double baked spinach and cheese soufflé. Coated with a three cheese cream.

Second appetizer,
Iced lobster and jumbo shrimp. White and green asparagus, micro greens, and lemon dill dressing with horseradish cream.

Salad of the evening was the Avocado citrus salad with iceberg and radicchio leaves and orange vinaigrette.

The soup of the evening was the French onion soup with gruyere cheese crouton.

Now on to the first entree. Aged Angus beef tenderloin topped with garlic shrimp. Sautéed snow peas and marquis potatoes with a cognac reduction.

Second entree, Oven baked Salmon royal. Crowned with king smoked salmon and horseradish crust accompanied by sautéed Swiss chard, truffle infused cauliflower purée and white wine beurre blanc.

Thank you so much to the Jones family for the picture of their dish. They had the double cut rack of lamb with a Dijon crust with fine green beans, gratin potatoes and a rosemary jus.

For dessert. As always I had the sweet temptations. A little bit of everything. Mango cheesecake, peanut butter mousse, Tahitian vanilla creme brûlée.

Dessert number two is the Grand Marnier soufflé. Infused with fresh orange zest and served with creme anglaise.

Courtesy of the Jones family. The Tahitian Vanilla creme brûlée with almond biscotti.

They also had the chocolate ganache. Served with Breton sable and mango coulis.

As a surprise they were also served a banana split which they were very happy in getting. The Jones family rocks!!

Great way to end the cruise. Perfect meals and a perfect family. Until we “eat” again.

Location:Disney Dream

Disney Dream Bars and Club | Foodbidden



Disney Dream Bars and Club

Quick blog to give you an idea of the night club and bars of the Disney Dream.

Entering the hallway to The District. Crew members at all times hard at work making this place look sparkling clean.

Entering the first part of the bar. The District Lounge.

All types of libations being served. Their daily specials are a must.

At night they have live music. You come here to sit down, get a drink, and relax.

Champagne bar. Pink.

The whole set up is extraordinary.

Inside Pink.

Pink. Again, nice and quiet place. Gets very packed at night.

Late night snacks. Yes please. Wings, satay, chicken fingers, dumplings, etc.

687 Sports Bar

Sports at all times. Various televisions and channels playing. Depending on what game they have on, it can get very loud in here.

You have to try the 687 beer on tap.

Hallway to Evolution.

Getting closer to Evolution

Evolution Night Club. Cabaret shows late night, DJ mixing funky tunes until 2am.

About to enter Evolution.

The Evolution bar. For obvious reasons this would be the loudest place. Music bumping and people on the dance floor getting their groove on.

The theme and design is a butterfly in Evolution.

The Evolution stage.

Entrance to Skyline lounge from Evolution.

Accessible entrance. Thank you very much.

Skyline lounge. Changes from Chicago, Paris, Rio De Janeiro, and others.

Quiet place to sit and have a drink. Drink menus light up when you open them.

Skyline lounge

The sign near the elevators. As soon as you get out the elevators you know you have reached the District.

One area I was not able to photograph was D Lounge. Great place for family fun and activities. D Lounge tends to have Bingo, Game shows, etc. There was an event going on, so no pics. But be sure to check it out on the Disney Cruise line website.

UPDATE: December 9, 2012 7:48am.

Just got pics of D Lounge.

Entrance to D Lounge

Game shows, Bingo, Dance classes, and all kinds of fun. This area is for families.

The D Lounge stage.

Location:Disney Dream Bars and Club

Location:Disney Dream

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