Maracas Latin Restaurant

The usual crooked picture of the entrance. Not what I expected. Very nice place and bigger than I thought. My fellow co-workers suggested I check this out. Thanks JB for letting me know about this place. I can see why you come here when you can.

Nice sunny day. Windows are huge and makes the restaurant shine.

Espresso, pastries, empanadas, etc. Nice little set up. When you walk in it smells like Dominican food. My stomach was growling.

Great prices. Nice choices. This was only the picture of the left side of the menu. More choices offered. My choice today was the Dominicanada.

View from my seat. Very clean place. To my left were other booths and it is obvious the locals, not the locos, come here and have their breakfast. Lots of empanadas being sold this morning.

Small buffet for lunch time. This place is pretty impressive. Good use of space. Nice decor. Very welcoming place.

Cafe con leche. YUM. Nice and smooth taste. Feels like I am at home with mom. They do give you regular sugar. I never did ask if they had Splenda. I am sure they do.

Dominicanada: Fried eggs, sausage, fried cheese, and mangu. This dish hit the spot this morning. All that I ever hoped for and more. Isn’t that a song? Great breakfast to start out my day.

Now, for me this is just a cultural thing. I am not from the Caribbean, so it’s still hard for me to get used to the short answer and reply dialogue. The ladies working at the restaurant are nice and doing their job but there is no small talk involved. I am very much a small talk kind of person. I would ask for a suggestion on the menu and they would just say, “whatever you want”. Now, to be clear. They are not being mean or rude, it’s just truly a cultural thing. Just not something that I can ever get used to.

The mangu was not hot as I had expected it to be. It was warm bordering on cold. The breakfast was delicious. The fried cheese was my favorite. Again, the customer service was the only concern. I am Latino myself so I get it. But still doesn’t jive with me.

Foodbidden. Approved! But they need more small talk. : )
Oh, and hot mangu.

Maracas Latin Restaurant
(407) 344-3500
3271 South John Young Parkway
Kissimmee, FL 34746

Location:3271 South John Young Parkway Kissimmee, FL 34746

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Mi Bandeja Paisa. Fine Colombian Cuisine

Mi Bandeja Paisa. Fine Colombian Cuisine.

Tonight was a busy night, work wise. My sister in law @vleboss did me the huge favor of picking up my baby girl since I was doing an assignment far from the area. It was her idea to go out and have dinner. I suggested a new place that I wanted to try and I recommended Mi Bandeja Paisa. @urbanspoon has great reviews on this place, so I figured it needed a Foodbidden type of mention. It was myself, @vleboss, her hubby David, and @xobejm.
This picture was at night and my iPhone 5 failed me for this shot. The entrance is nice. The only thing is that it’s right in the corner of the strip mall and very easy to miss. Mi Bandeja Paisa is on the corner of John Young Parkway and Deerfield. In the same strip mall that Martin’s BBQ was located awhile back.

This is what you see. It’s hidden in the corner. I think they get most of their business word of mouth because this place is a little hard to find.

The raw and unedited Foobidden pics. Haha. This was while we were getting seated.

While first entering the restaurant the decor was spectacular and check out those tiles on the floor. Very nice place.

Nice little bar. I love the low lights and how quaint the place is.

We were greeted with an Ipad demonstration of what the menu offerings were for the evening. Our servers Jairo and Kenner took very good care of us this evening. We made sure at the end of our meal to tip them well.

My sister in law (SIL) @vleboss ordered the Sangria. I don’t drink, but I took a taste and it was good. The bits and pieces of orange were my favorite.

I had come to this restaurant for this dish in particular. You can never go wrong with a Bandeja Paisa.

We started off with the Patacones con Guacamole, Green plantains served with house specialty freshly made guacamole. This was all @vleboss. I would not have gotten that on my own.

@vleboss ordered the Churrasco al Carbon 20oz., 20oz mouthwatering NY steak. Butterfly cut to perfection served with green plantains and fresh romaine salad.

David ordered the Lomo Saltado, Tender strips of Julienne cut skirt steak. Sautéed with cherry tomatoes, cilantro, grilled onions, and French fries served with rice.

My order was the Bandeja Paisa, Fusion of charbroiled top sirloin, rice, imported cargamanto beans, avocado, corn cake, pork, sausage, egg, and sweet plantains.

This was my favorite part of the evening. The mini desserts. Assorted flavors, this evening we had Tiramisu, Mango, Chocolate, and Coconut.

Orlando’s best kept secret. Go and check them out. This place had me wanting more.

Mi Bandeja Paisa Restaurant
(407) 704-7888
12701 South John Young Parkway
Orlando, FL 32837

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Location:12701 South John Young Parkway Orlando, FL 32837

Darland Bakery Food Truck

This is truly where it all began. April 15. Here is my story. While already addicted to food trucks, I had heard about a new food truck coming out. I also heard they had a bakery for 61 years in Orlando and were literally bringing the sweets to the “streets”, as @darlandbakery would say. I had to be there. I remember it like it were yesterday. Wifey, baby girl, and my in laws were at church. I went on my own to this event. The family met up with me later on. My father in law still praises @darlandbakery for their goodies.

This is my first picture of this gorgeous looking truck just staring at me and calling my name.

All of a sudden people starting gathering around. Now, keep in mind I show up early to everything. So, seeing people come out early was new to me.

More locals coming by and supporting @darlandbakery. Here is when it hit me, these are all the locals who have known the Darland family for years and years. They go several generations back as far as bakers are concerned.

It took less than an hour for this whole place to get crowded. Now there were other food trucks there as well but I was on a sweets mission. I asked what there special or their popular item was when I was told by a lovely lady that all of it was popular. I smiled and bought cupcakes. Their sons work on the truck as well. It truly is a family business. The young boys were very astute when it came to customer service and even passing out free smiles to every customer that came by.

Now, because of time I will fast forward the story. I have become so addicted to @darlandbakery that I sent out a message to them via Twitter asking to be contacted. I requested a dozen red velvet cupcakes. I went to pick them up at the Edgewood Farmers Market where they tend to be Thursday nights. I arrived to the market and there they were, just waiting for me.

A dozen red velvet cupcakes. 12 yummy cupcakes to be eaten only by me. Ok, I lie, baby girl had one. : ). John, the owner, and his family are the nicest people you will ever meet. The whole family has a heart of gold. I have seen them at several events and I can never buy just one cupcake. I always buy several items from them.

Every event they sell different items depending on what event they are going to. One time I was able to see them at an event and I got a cone from them. Their cake cones are amazing. Really, everything they make is Grade A.

Red velvet cake cone. I also tried the mint chocolate one.

I have tried their breads and even one time they had a chicken pot pie that wifey and I loved. When you check out their website you will see that they distribute to many other companies as well. Some high profile companies too. I will have to say this, with as good as the product is and with as many companies that they deal with, you would think they would be arrogant and rude. They are the complete opposite. Humble and always extremely gracious to everyone that buys from them. Darland truly has a place in my heart and my families heart.
Now, don’t be fooled by my pictures. I am a lover of red velvet, but they have all types of flavors.

You can order assortments and also order different size cupcakes. I like the big ones personally. Great treats and great peeps.

Darland family: For everything you have done for my family and I, I want to say thank you and look forward to a long term cupcake relationship with you all.

Baby Girl: APPROVED!!!

Foodbidden: APPROVED!!!

Darland Bakery Inc
2417 E South Street, Orlando, FL
(407) 894-1061
Twitter: @darlandbakery
Facebook: Darland Bakery Inc.
Darland Bakery Food truck is a moving target. Be sure to follow them on the social media sites.

Location:Moving Target

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Cilantrillo Cafe and Restaurant

Let me start out by apologizing for the green pictures. Lets just say it’s the theme for this blog. I would say it matches the restaurants green cilantro leaf on their sign. I took the pictures in the restaurant while rushing to work.

$5.99 lunch specials Tuesday to Friday. Oh yeah!! Also, this is right around the corner from the office. On 192 and Armstrong.

The grand entrance. This used to be a Cuban restaurant (Havana Cafe). It was good, but now Cilantrillo has taken over and serves some great Puerto Rican dishes. I have been here several times. And have brought family and friends.

Great place. If I remember correctly they have live music on the weekends. Lots of space.

I am sure this is the reason my pics came out green. I took the pics on this counter.

The decor is nice. The staff here is always friendly and in a great mood. Karina makes sure to greet everyone when coming into the restaurant while Chef Roberto cooks his heart out.

Menu has several choices, including Mofongo and Trifongo. They make them very well here.

Started off with some Mariquitas. Crips plantain chips served with mayo/ketchup on the side. I could smell the garlic while driving to work. They were so good.

This was the Chuleta Jardinera. The Pork Chop with veggies. This was truly amazing. I am not a pork chop fan, but this one has made me a fan.

Cilantrillo Café & Restaurant
(407) 483-8824
3628 W Vine St
Kissimmee, FL 34741

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Location:3628 W Vine St Kissimmee, FL 34741

Willy’s Wieners

Even though I am the millionth person blogging about this place, I felt I needed to say my piece too. Mine has more of a personal touch to it. When walking into Willy’s Wieners a few months ago for the first time with my wife and baby girl. It turned out that @Willys_Wieners and my wife were childhood friends. I know @Willys_Wieners mom on a personal level and her mom was also the realtor that helped me buy my first house as a bachelor and our first town home as a married couple. So, already @Willys_Wieners is like family. Plus, she sells Chicago style hot dogs which reminds me of my hometown, so it is all connected in the circle of life. (Singing “Circle Of Life” now) or (“It’s A Small World”)

Sadly, I came here several months ago and took great pictures. Pictures that I cannot find right now. For now I have simple pictures we took and when I am able to find my pics or take some new ones I will update the blog.

The menu. My favorite part. As I mentioned before, it takes me back to my childhood in Chicago when we would walk in and have a few items to choose from and that was it. Life was so much simpler then. @Willys_Wieners also has specials on a daily basis and she has creative names for some of her specials that appear on the board.

I would love to be in @Willys_Wieners head for one day and figure out where all her names for her specials come from.

Tonight was a gorgeous night. We decided to sit outside. @annrodoz came and joined us. She read my tweets and knew I was around, so she came by to hang out with us. Thanks for doing that ARO.

This is proof that WE DO exist and even though I eat out everyday I do not weigh 600 lbs. (Yet)
Thanks for the pic @annrodoz!

What you see me chomping on is an Italian Beef with cheese and hot peppers. My dad to this day lives in Chicago and loves these. While I was eating it for the first time it reminded me of hanging out with my dad in Chicago. Great memories.

Baby girl always keeps it plain. In the past I have ordered the Chicago Style Hot Dog that is fantastic and ordered the Pizza Puff from @Willys_Wieners, which was just like we ate at the joints in Chi-town.

I literally just found this picture digging through my archives. I have many food pics and luckily found this one. This is their Famous Chicago Style Hot Dog, mustard, onions, sweet pickled relish, dill spear, tomato slice, sport peppers, and a dash of celery salt. Need I say more? WOW!

Nice atmosphere. Walked in one time during lunch hour and it was hoppin’. Be prepared to be amazed with how good it all is. My goal for next time is to order one from each item and just sample all that @Willys_Wieners has to offer. Don’t tempt me cuz ya know I will and can.

Baby Girl gives it a two thumbs up!! If she likes it then y’all know y’all need to come down and check this place out.

NOTE: The food is always good. But I go for the friendliness and customer service. Miss G, I congratulate you and your team for such a great business.

Baby girl and Foodbidden DOUBLE APPROVED!!!

Willy’s Wieners
(407) 201-7916
108 E Dakin Ave
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Location:108 E Dakin Ave Kissimmee, FL 34741

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Kissimmee Farmers Market

As soon as I arrived I bumped into @Willys_Wieners. Great to see you. Big Wheel Provisions was there with their Homemade Egg Nog made with local eggs.

I had to get a bottle and glad to know my dear gorgeous friend @kokocooks was getting one from the Big Wheel Food Truck at Tasty Tuesdays in Orlando.

Dills, Peppers. Etc. from Big Wheel Provisions.

Flavored butters and jams.

Thanks to @Willys_Wieners for sharing one of her Sweet Pickle Relish jars with me. She says it is delicious. If @Willys_Wieners is saying its good, then I knew I had to say yes to it.

Great gifts for the holidays at the Kissimmee Farmers Market. When baby girl and I were leaving we saw these lovely boxes light up.

Fresh produce at the market tonight. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the name of the vendors. As you imagine they were the busiest at the Farmers Market tonight.

All kinds of different Honey. Baby girl tried the blackberry honey and she liked it.

Baby girls favorite. The homemade bracelets.

He makes them with tabs from soda cans. He makes them himself and sells them. The money he makes is towards a cure for cancer.

Nice and fresh. Again, didn’t get a name on these vendors.

Check out Scentsy. Penny Hipkins is an independent consultant for them and you can check her out on

Loraine Elegance. Handmade organic skin care. These ladies gave me their business card and I lost it. Luckily, I took a picture of their tent and their banner has their website. Check them out. Everything smelled delicious.

Majestic Treats was in the house and I had to buy the pumpkin loaf and the banana bread. While driving home all we could smell was that magnificent bread. Jan was super nice. Seems to be the owner. Great personality and all the breads looked fantastic.

Different kind of fudge from Crazy horse Cupcakes. Lori makes all these sweets and treats locally. And she makes cupcakes. She had me at cupcakes. Check her website at Free delivery with minimum order.

Joy Of Garlic! He had me at sugar free.

Joy Of Garlic took this to whole other level. I purchased the Garlic Sun Dried Tomatoes.

It’s the perfect marinade and rub for meat and fish. He had samples at the tent. You can try everything he has on display.

This Farmers Market needs some serious love. Not many people show up. This Farmers Market used to be on Thursday mornings and didn’t get a good turn out. Now they have changed it to Tuesday night. Compared to the other markets this is super tiny. In fact, @annrodoz joined me after a bit and was wondering where the produce was it. It truly is small, but with lots of loving this could truly take off.

Baby girl and Foodbidden semi approved! After a few months this will be a great Farmers Market. Come on out, like we do, and support the Kissimmee Farmers Market.

Kissimmee Farmers Market
201 East Dakin Avenue, Kissimmee, FL
Every Tuesday 4pm to 8pm.

Location:201 East Dakin Avenue, Kissimmee, FL

Downtown Kissimmee Farmers’ Market at Toho Square
(407) 892-1135
104 Pleasant Street
Kissimmee, FL 34741

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Sabor Del Caribe Kissimmee

I have to emphasize “Kissimmee” in this title, so I can claim that I have this one in my own backyard. True Dominican food at its finest! Notice baby girl at the bottom of the picture. Such a ham.

I have not been on the weekends but they have Karaoke and live music. A co-worker of mine comes here often just to hang out at the bar. Don’t be scared by the emptiness. As I mentioned before, I don’t like taking pictures of people sitting next to me and eating. Several people were having dinner. Not a full house, but most people pick up their food and go.

Spacious. Lots of room. I can just imagine all my fellow Latinos singing and dancing all over these floors. It must be one heck of a party at night. WEEEEEPAAAAA!!!

Ensalada de Pulpo. Yes, you read it right. Pulpo (Octopus). I had tried this months ago and it was divine. No better way to describe it.

As soon as you walk in, there is a buffet on your left. All kinds of deliciousness.

Excuse my horrible cropping abilities. Again, just so you can see the variety of food that they have. Chicken, Pernil, Beef, OH MY!

Baby girl always gets the Pernil with white rice. And it goes without saying that she puts Ketchup on the rice. I used to say, old Latino tradition, but I see everyone puts Ketchup in their rice nowadays.

I had to take some food from her dish cuz they make it so well here.

My little side salad with my dinner. Nothing to write home about, but decent. They have a variety of dressings to choose from.

They make a mean Mofongo. Garlic and bacon pieces together in one bite. YUM. And to accompany my savory dish I ordered the Carne Frita.

Well made. Tender and made on the spot. One word: Flavorful! I have had Carne Frita in some Cuban restaurants in the area, but this is the best by far. I always put some hot sauce on the plate and dip the Carne Frita and the Mofongo in it.

Both the Carne Frita and Mofongo are made to order. It takes a bit to make, but its worth every minute of it. They have lunch specials daily. $3.99 and up for lunch. Dinner is about a dollar or two dollars more. And they serve, in my opinion, way too big of a portion. If you take it to go it cost less than if you have it in the restaurant. The lunch special includes a soda. Whether you get it for here or to go, be prepared to be served A LOT!

Baby girl and I like to go in and sit down and listen to the Bachata, Salsa, and Merengue playing while we eat. It truly is finger licking good. The owner knows us now and is very kind. He is always in the mix of things, whether it be serving from the buffet or bringing the entrees out. A true hard working owner. He is always greeting every customer as they come in. The service is good. The ladies do a good job serving and making sure they are being efficient yet friendly.

If you are ever on my side of town. Come check out my “hood” and visit Sabor Del Caribe. They open at 8am and close late. Weekends they close about 12:00am to 1:00am depending on how good the party is at night.

Baby girl approved and Foodbidden approved!!

UPDATE: February 5, 2013. @tarajroth and I went for breakfast. It was fantastic. Pics below. Eggs, Sausage, Yuca. Other plate, Eggs, Salami, Cheese, and Mangu. Amazing breakfast this morning.

Sabor Del Caribe
1502 west vine street
Kissimmee Florida 34741
(407) 931-0026

Location:1502 west vine street Kissimmee Florida 34741

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