Main Street Pizza

First of all, let me start by saying this guy Lanson is awesome. He greeted me when I entered and spotted me taking pics before I came in. Justin and Lanson the two owners of Main Street Pizza are taking over the pizza scene here in Kissimmee. 

The variety on the menu can be overwhelming. No need to worry. Ask the guys what they suggest and they will be happy to guide you in the right direction. 

Main Street Pizza has been open for two months now. I foresee this place doing big things. They had me hooked with the customer service as soon as I walked in. 

Pepperoni Buns. Since Lanson knew I was a food blogger he immediately said he knew what to make for me. Pepperoni and cheese wrapped in a bun shape. He described it perfectly. Like a Cinnabon, but with pepperoni and obviously not sweet. 

Bruschetta Pizza. The second suggestion was this pizza. This was a home run. Lanson knocked this one out of the park. There was another local who came in and ordered that very same pizza. It was out of this world. 

Two Thumbs Up!  No, no! Strike that!! Four Thumbs Up!!  This is what a local shop should be like. Great customer service, owners who love their job, and like creating dishes that will appeal to the customers. 

Lanson and Justin, kept up the amazing work you guys. Best of luck to you!  
Main Street Pizza

708 N Main Street

Kissimmee, FL 34741

(407) 483-8876

Monday to Thursday 11am to 10pm

Friday and Saturday 11am to 11pm

Sunday Closed

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Alma Bella Restaurant


Sadly, this restaurant has closed. Please continue supporting local businesses, so this does not happen in our community. Updated: 5/3/16


Photo courtesy of Arlin De Leon (CEO of Alma Bella)

This is again one of the perks of my job. Being able to drive around and find local owned restaurants. This place use to be a Philly Cheesesteak restaurant. Won’t mention the name since it really never impressed me. As I was driving today I noticed a change in the awning and the colors. It’s right next to the 711 so it’s a bit hard to see.

Photo courtesy of Arlin De Leon (CEO of Alma Bella)

When I walked in I was greeted immediately. By Arlin who is the owner and another young lady who sadly I did not get her name. I was on the phone and had asked for a menu. Their slogan says “Healthy food makes your day”. I won’t lie I was a bit thrown off since I hardly see any Latino establishments with a healthy slogan.

The choices looked great and I must say it all looked freshly made. I always arrived at about 11am. I was told of the daily specials and about the menu items as well. Very impressed with the variety of options. And yes, they do make Philly cheesesteaks. Arlin is capitalizing on the old customers who came here before and proving that a Latina owned business can make an array of foods.

My choice for today was the BBQ Chicken. Never had I tasted anything so succulent. Flavorful and the meat came off the bone by just looking at it. They yellow rice and corn was something I haven’t tasted before, but that mix was very good. The salad is a nice touch to the lunch special. The beans were tasty as well.

Here was my favorite. Smoothie de Lechosa. I know you want to know what that is. Google it and after you find it online order one. Arlin suggested this one. I was going to go with my everyday Coke. I am glad she talked me out of it. Great smoothie.  They offer a variety of healthy smoothies in their menu.

This was an easy TWO THUMBS UP!! Arlin has just opened two weeks ago and is truly going places with her restaurant. I will be going again and bringing my family with me. If you are in the area give it a try. Tell them Foodbidden sent you. Arlin will smile for sure.

Arlin, again. Thank you so much for your kindness. Muchisimas gracias.

Find them on Instagram and Facebook. Their pics of their menu items look great.
Alma Bella Restaurant

1943 E Irlo Bronson Memorial

Kissimmee, FL 34744


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After an easy assignment I was heading home and had to stop at Panna. I have seen ads about it and my buddy @eatlocalorlando had also told me about it. Located in Hunters Creek. 

Pretty nice operating hours. They have other locations, Davie, Doral, and Weston Florida. Not sure how popular they are there but it’s pretty new to this area.   

You get a tracker after you order and you have a seat wherever you like. Glad the instructions on the table tell me where to place the tracker.   

The place and the decor is nice. Not at all what I expected. The ladies at the register are there to greet you when you enter. 


The flat screens are a big plus for me. I could see myself coming here for a soccer game. 

Cafe Latte is always a must. It was tasty but I have had better. I am sure it was just me that wasn’t feeling it.

Empanada with beef and cheese. This was tasty. It was shredded beef, but I didn’t really taste any cheese inside. I am sure it was melted inside. 


Foodbidden One Thumb Up! 

Overall, nice looking place. The food was just decent. I will have to come again and try other dishes. 
13526 Village Park Dr
Orlando, FL 32837
(407) 270-7891 
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Tres Amigos Authentic Mexican Restaurant

Formerly a Latin Buffet, now Tres Amigos has taken over and seems to be making quite a name for itself in the past five months here in Kissimmee.

As soon as I walked in I was greeted by Julio. He sat me down and immediately asked me what I would like to drink.

For all of you have read my blog before you know that customer service goes along way with me. I also noticed the other staff members working hard and smiling while doing it.

The staff was very efficient with some of the locals in the restaurant today. I knew some of them were out of town because of their license plates. As the dishes were being brought out to the other customers I noticed the portions were big.

 Chips and Salsa. What a great way to start my spring break week. The white sauce was especially my favorite.

Enchiladas Verdes. These were pretty good. A little bit on the salty side. I would have liked the green sauce to be a little bit more spicy. The tomatoes, sour cream, and guacamole are always a good combination.

Enchiladas Verdes. This is another shot of it. I will have to come back again and try other dishes to see what their seasonings are like. They have a pretty extensive menu. Looking forward to coming back.

Tres Leches. This is a must anywhere I go. Sadly, I am not a fan of the strawberry inside. Still the cake was nice and moist. Very good.

Overall, reasonable prices, nice and clean restaurant, and good customer service. Located on 192 and the Turnpike. This place is not to be missed.

Julio, Gracias por todo. El servicio estuvo excelente.

Foodbidden Two Thumbs Up!!

Tres Amigos Authentic Mexican Restaurant

407 530 4533

2250 E Irlo Bronson

Kissimmee, FL 34744

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No Name Beach Bar and Grill (Cozumel Mexico)

The weather was horrible in Cozumel. We had a day of rough seas and not able to dock in Costa Maya, so we came to Cozumel in the evening and stayed overnight. This morning the weather continued being bad.

After putting on our ponchos we head out for a food-venture. The No Name Bar was where we happen to arrive. We went to another place beforehand, but it was packed so we came here. So glad we did.

It’s a very small bar area. I had to ask if they served food and they have a large selection of items to order. Including some Turkish dishes.

The menu was awesome. Flags from all over the world. This bar and grill is made by crew, for crew. Their welcome mat says it as soon as you walk in. Sadly, I didn’t get a picture of it.

@aroth was a serious trooper today. After all that rain hitting our faces we were happy to be somewhere that was nice and warm and with free wifi.

Big Momma (@aroth) started it off with a Cafe Latte. Great choice. With that little touch of cinnamon.

Turkish coffee for me. And yes that is a double. Wow. I swear I grew hair with that first drink. The “mud” at the end is always the best.

Oh yeah. Not everyone enjoys this. I happen to be a fan of Turkish coffee. Kudos to No Name Bar for making it so well. As I mentioned they have different Turkish items on the menu.

El Capitan’s Girlfriend. Arrachera (Steak) with French Fries and Side Salad. This was my dish. Oh yes. I tend to come to Cozumel for their steak. It has a unique taste.

@aroth ordered The 2nd Officer. Arrachera tacos with cheese. They bring you the pico de gallo and the guacamole on the side.
 All in all, very nice place. Veronica was our server and she was very sweet. The woman at the bar was not as friendly. She just gave us the menus and had us have a seat. Efficient, but not friendly. No Name is located right across the street from Mega grocery store. Ask for Veronica.

Dos Dedos Para Arriba!! (Two Thumbs Up)
 No Name Beach Bar and Grill
 628 Avenida Rafael Melgar
 Cozumel, Mexico
 Quintana Roo

Location:628 Avenida Rafael Melgar

Singh’s Roti Shop (Grand Cayman)

Grand Cayman once again and this time I was with the big boss @aroth. Luckily, she enjoys great food like I do.

When I first told her about going to a Roti shop she was ready to try something new. She even did her research on line finding information on what a Roti shop had. We head out into town and started asking locals where the Roti shop was located.

They sent us down Shedden road in Georgetown. When you come out of the gate from the ship you make a right. Second street is Shedden make a left and walk straight down passed the Thai restaurant until you see Singh’s Roti on your left.

My first Roti shop experience was in Orlando. At Singh’s Roti Shop as well. I thought it was perfect that it had the same name. Curious to know if it’s the same owners.

When we walked in my buddy David was there. I love bumping into crew who enjoy good food. It smelled great when we walked in. Trudy was our server today. We decided to order the lunch special and a Roti. I also wanted a typical drink from Trinidad.

Mauby. A typical drink from Trinidad.

Stew Chicken with Rice and Salad. Delicious. The only thing that was difficult for @aroth and I was the bones. You had to be careful while chewing.

Curry Chicken Roti. This one deserved three pictures and more. Outstanding. The curry was spot on. No bones in the chicken and I swear I swallowed it in two seconds. My buddy David was making fun at me and asking if I needed another one. It truly was that good.
 Singh’s Roti Shop
 Shedden Road, Georgetown
 Grand Cayman, BWI

Location:Shedden Road, Georgetown

Disney Magic Cruise Restaurants

Short and sweet look at the two new and improved restaurants on the Disney Magic Ship. Enjoy the pics.
 Carioca’s. Formerly known as Parrot Cay. This is the Disney Magic’s South American restaurant.

 Animator’s Palate. Formerly known as Animator’s Palate. LOL. This is the new and improved one. Lots of enhancements. Can’t tell ya. It’s a surprise.

 Lumiere’s restaurant is not pictured. It has been cleaned up, but other than that it is the same as before.
 Disney Magic restaurants and their new changes and touch ups make her look even more gorgeous than always.

Two Thumbs Up.

Location:Carioca’s and Animator’s Palate