One Sweet Sista! Heavenly Cakes

This afternoon was a new discovery sort of day. Downtown Kissimmee has so many wonderful places. Last Thursday One Sweet Sista has opened their doors. And today was the day I would discover it.

Christi was the young lady who welcomed me to the store as soon as I walked in. The place looked and smelled great. The bright pink on the awning is a great touch. It got my attention in a second.

The inside is very pretty. Everything was super clean. They are going to be serving a full breakfast menu starting Monday. I cannot wait.

Plenty of space to come in and have a great tasting cupcake with a cup of coffee and sit by the window and enjoy the view of Historic Downtown Kissimmee.

Cupcakes galore and more treats. Don’t be fooled. This is just a soft opening and they will be kicking it into gear by Monday. Plenty of treats yet to come.

Banana Bread Pudding.
 I was recommended to try this one. I had to take a picture of it. It was fantastic. It has been a long time since I have had a good banana bread pudding.

They have cupcakes with no filling and cupcakes with Bavarian Cream filling. Those were the ones I purchased today. I loved the cream filled ones. They were perfectly made. Nice and moist. The icing was just right. Not too sweet. Perfect amount of filling.

Red Velvet, Vanilla Confetti, Chocolate Confetti, and Pumpkin.
 I will be going back to One Sweet Sista very soon. The experience was amazing.

Banana Bread Pudding.
 Operating hours will be 6am to 6pm for now and trying to get a feel of the clientele. They will then take it from there and change opening hours depending on the turn out.

Peanut butter, Cinnamon, and Chocolate Chip cookies.
 When I was about to leave I asked what else I should order. I was suggested to try the cookies as well.

It all tasted so good. It’s always hard to find the perfect cupcake. This one is a must when in downtown Kissimmee.

Stop on by and visit One Sweet Sista when you are in downtown Kissimmee. You won’t be disappointed. The staff is awesome and I am looking forward to their breakfast menu coming this Monday.
 Christi, thanks for being so awesome today. I will be back and bringing my family with me next time.

Foodbidden Approved! Two Thumbs Up.
 One Sweet Sista! Heavenly Cakes and Desserts
 (407) 973-6314
 324 Broadway
 Kissimmee, FL 34741
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Location:324 Broadway Kissimmee, FL 34741

Khushi Indian Restaurant (St Maarten)

This day was an Indian food day. I have been to St Maarten several times before and always went to the same Indian restaurant. While walking to it I found out it has closed for good. So, I had to search for another one.

Khushi is hidden in the corner. Just to the left of the courthouse. Cash only and no credit cards. Free Wifi is always nice. When I arrived the staff seemed a bit apprehensive. I am sure they have never seen a Latino in their place before. I smiled and said I wanted to sit and eat.

The place is very small. Not sure if they ever get super busy or not. I did experience firsthand what it’s like when the crew members arrive. While sitting there all alone about 10 crew members showed up. Three of which I knew very well.

Mango Lassi was a great way to start my afternoon. Made on the spot.

Samosas. These were served with meat. Nice and crispy. The green sauce added a bit of kick to the samosas.

No Garlic Naan today, so I had to settle for Roti. It was good, but the garlic Naan would have hit the spot.

Chicken Vindaloo (Spicy) I could have had more spice. I think they make it more Americanized to be safe with the customers. I would have loved it extremely spicy.

The combination of the rice and vindaloo were perfect. Again, just would have wanted it spicier. Also, the food was warm but not hot. I could hear them cooking in the back, but it was not steaming hot.

Overall, nice place. Cash only. Staff is nice but don’t expect Disney type service. While speaking to one of the crew members he said it perfectly. He would rate it a 7 between 1 and 10. I would say I agree. Free wifi is a big plus. Come and give it a try for yourself.

I would say One Thumb Up.

Khushi Indian Restaurant
Phillipsburgh, St Maarten
Behind Courthouse.

Rancho Latino (St. Thomas, USVI)

Here I was in St. Thomas after a long two weeks of work. I searched on line for a god spot. Found one called Rancho Latino. Dominican owned. While asking a buddy of mine if he knew where it was he directed me to a local who explained where the place was. She also said it was her own personal favorite spot.

Being directionally challenged made it difficult to get there, but I did finally arrive. On the bright side I got some good exercise. It is about a mile away from the ship. I found a shortcut walking back, so it seemed quicker.

This place was very nice. Decor was not extravagant, but made in a way to make you feel at home. I was welcomed as soon as I came in. I was very sweaty from all the walking and was given a napkin to wipe off. Very sweet ladies. Bianca was my server today and offered me a drink.

Jugo de Parcha. Passion Fruit Juice. I had asked for Tamarind, but they were all out. The passion fruit was very sweet. A bit too much for me.

Croquetas de Queso. Cheese croquetas. They were freshly made and came out very hot. I wanted to devour them all and had to wait for them to cool off a bit. Very good and very cheesy. Loved them.

Roast Pork, Mofongo, and salad. The tomato sauce on the side was interesting. Wasn’t sure if it was for the pork or for the Mofongo. Bianca asked what dressing I wanted for the salad and I decided to eat it plain. The pork was very savory. Each bite melted in my mouth. Nice and tender. The Mofongo was unreal. Loads of flavor and that hint of garlic that makes my mouth water every time I take a bite.

I always have to end it with a dessert. The Tres Leches is a must any place I go. This was very good. Not too sweet and the consistency was just right. Sometimes they tend to be too mushy. This one was firm and delicious. Two thumbs up for the dessert.

Overall, great place. Has some good reviews. Staff is sweet. Bianca was awesome. Music is perfect. Not too loud. Locals come here for lunch. Nice place to come and have a great meal.


Rancho Latino (St. Thomas)
Vitraco Mall
W Indies Dock Road, Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands

Location:W Indies Dock Road, Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands

Oh Que Bueno Restaurant

After a long day of eating at Epcot Food and Wine it was time to hang out with my dear friend Melvita from Chicago.

She was in town for a workshop and we had to see each other and have dinner. Fortunately, we were near a great Colombian restaurant on Semoran near the Orlando Internationl Airport.

Oh Que Bueno has been on this side of town for quite a bit now. Most of my Latino friends come here and have told me how good the food is.

The atmosphere is nice. When you walk in the music is playing at full blast and the locals are enjoying good conversation and a good meal.

It smells great as soon as you enter and we were greeted and seated as soon as we walked in. Tonight seemed a bit busy. Every table had someone and the servers were moving and shaking helping the customers.

Joaquin was our server for tonight. Very friendly gentleman with a great sense of humor and excellent regarding knowledge of food and dessert. I had to start off with a Colombiana to drink.

Bandeja Paisa.
Arroz, frijoles, carne asada, chorizo, chicharron, morcilla, maduro, huevo y arepa (rice, beans, steak, fried pork skin, sausage, fried sweet plantain, black sausage, fried egg and corn cake). This was my dish. The portions are enormous.

Grilled skirt steak. This was @xobejm dish. She ate the whole steak. She loved it! Joaquin suggested to try an assortment of their sauces.

Carne Asada.
Grilled top round steak. This was @tarajroth dish and Melvita got the same dish but with plantains. We all tried the different sauces and they were all so good. Mojito, Hot Sauce, and Chimichurri. I did not take a photo of the sauces because we immediately attacked them.

Postre De Natas
Creme dessert

Flan De Queso

Tres Leches. We had to share all the desserts tonight. These hit the spot and were a great ending to our meal.

Luckily, tonight we were hungry. Oh Que Bueno went all out and delivered an amazing huge meal and dessert. Overall, very nice place. Decent size. Music is a bit loud. TV screen to watch sports. Full bar. Clean restrooms. Great customer service.

Joaquin, Gracias por todo. La comida y el servicio estuvo excelente. Te lo agradezco mucho.

Foodbidden APPROVED!

Oh Que Bueno Restaurant
(407) 447-5026
1125 South Semoran Boulevard
Orlando, FL 32807

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Location:1125 South Semoran Boulevard Orlando, FL 32807

Festival of Bacon

(Photo courtesy of

This was the day we were all waiting for. I had even purchased my bacon IPhone case for the event. The Festival of Bacon was hosted at the Orlando Festival Park. 2911 East Robinson, Orlando, Florida. October 5, 2013. First time ever.

@tarajroth and @xobejm were ready to have some good food. And we all know everything is better with bacon. We were happy to bump into our fellow #foodspotters and food bloggers while we were there.

When we arrived to the parking lot it was all full. We had to park at a school nearby. They charged us 5 dollars and @tarajroth overheard the woman raising the price by the time we were leaving. As a Yelp member I was entitled to free parking, but the lot I ended up at did not honor that.

Bacon lovers from near and far showed up today. I even saw some fellow colleagues and friends hanging around this lovely event.

The DJ was playing some old school hip hop and I was feeling the groove. The Bacon Groove that is.

The mechanical bull is a must at any event in Orlando Florida. The slides and the bouncy houses were all very busy with sweaty and greasy bacon kids.

These were our Bacon Bucks. Included in the price of admission which was $37.00 and some change. I should have purchased the tickets when they were on pre-sale. They were half the price. Lesson learned.

Slow and Low Bar-B-Que was our first stop. We walked around first to see all the bacon treats that were offered. Then we went in for the kill.

Bacon Wrapped Rib. Worth 5 Bacon Bucks. The meat fell off of the bone. Nice and tender just the way I like it. Not too overpowering with the sauce. Well made.
Next up was Anthony’s.

I would say the board says it all. The cream sauce was nice and light. Was expecting it to be strong and it wasn’t. The peas scared me at first but the flavors blended in together very well. Next up Beth’s Burger.

Now I should start by saying that I not only love this woman, but I love her burgers. I had been here for a @dishcrawlorlando once before. I love how this woman runs her business in a predominantly male environment. And her burgers are just plain awesome. Enough said. The peanut butter is a very creative taste with the cheddar and the bacon.
Next up, The Sugar Suite.

Where the hell have I been?!?!?! I have never tasted anything so amazing in my life. I felt like I had died and gone to bacon heaven! This was all courtesy of @tarajroth. She stopped by The Sugar Suite tent. No line, no wait, no hassle, and just went and ordered 2 of them. I was very happy to see @TastyChomps at the Festival of Bacon and having some Whoopie pies in his hand.

Overall, I was impressed with the amount of people there. We didn’t eat much. Long lines, lots of heat. Yet, in the shade the weather felt great. What an amazing turnout from the Orlando bacon lover community. Looking forward to the event next year.

NOTE: Because of personal reasons I only stayed for two hours. Be on the lookout for more pics and blogs from the following:

Location:Orlando Festival Park

Joanie’s Diner

Wifey and I were feeling adventurous after dropping off baby girl at school. Downtown Kissimmee is always a good place to start off the morning. Never too crowded and just the right amount of parking spaces right in front of the restaurants.

This was our first time at Joanie’s Diner. I first moved to Downtown Kissimmee in May of 1999. Downtown was smaller back then. Still had a small town feel to it and to this day the Historic District has remained feeling like home, but a much more renovated home.

The breakfast specials caught our eye so we had to go in and give it a try. We were welcomed by Sherry who was our server for this morning. First thing she offered was coffee and we said, Yes Please!

I wanted to try a bit of everything and I knew that the “Big Man” was the way to go. @Tarajroth ordered the “Little Man” and substituted French toast instead of hot cakes. The prices were great. The say to have the best burger in town and I would love to try their pies. @Tarajroth and I will have to come back in the near future.

Two huge cups of coffee always makes the morning brighter.

French Toast with powdered sugar and butter.

Hot Cakes with butter. I personally love the little butter packets. When I opened them up they would be melted just ready to pour on the hot cake.

Fried eggs (over medium), sausage, and bacon.

Fried eggs (over easy) and bacon.

Great food, great customer service, great local people hanging out and enjoying some good grub in the morning.

Sherry, thanks for the great and prompt service. Your smile was truly appreciated. Until we “Eat” again.

Two Thumbs Up!

Joanie’s Diner
(407) 933-0519
120 Broadway
Kissimmee, FL 34741

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Location:120 Broadway Kissimmee, FL 34741