Taka Taka’s Cafe

First of all thanks to the UYE Lunch Bunch for hosting such a wonderful event and having great people come together and eat some amazing food. @OrlandoFamStyle always knows how to host a great party.

Venezuelan restaurant on Colonial and Econlockhatchee. Inside the Tower Square plaza. Very easy to miss. I drive down this road often and had never seen this place until now.

Today was Yadira’s birthday. Our server. She was awesome in taking all our orders. Today it was @tarajroth @xobejm @eatlocalorlando @Ann_archy @OrlandoFamStyle Brian, and Mena.

I started off with a Cafe Con Leche. Yadira hooked this puppy up. Smooth taste and had me hyper the rest of the day. Two thumbs up.

We were given the sauces to try on every dish. Garlic, chimichurri, spicy sauce, and the famous green sauce. Who knows what’s inside but it’s fantastic. We all loved the green sauce.

La Gloteneria Del Chef. Ham, cheese, sausage, cheese, arepa, French fries, steak, and chicken. WOW. This was huge. It’s supposed to serve two but we shared it with the group cuz it was way too much.

El Pabellon. Shredded beef, black beans, rice, and plantains. This was @OrlandoFamStyle and Brian’s dish. The beef was so good.

Cachapas. Sweet corn cake with cheese. @Eatlocalorlando loves these so we shared these as well. Nice sweet and savory taste.

My infamous Feast Shot. As I always say, it brings me joy to sit down and eat good food surrounded by amazing people.

Brazo Gitano. Yadira explained it as a sort of Caramel within the cake.

Brazo Gitano. I had never had this before. This was good. Not my favorite but not bad.

Yadira, Feliz Cumpleaños y Gracias por todo. Nos encanto la comida. Vamos a regresar muy pronto.

Taka Takas Café · Authentic Venezuelan Food
(407) 601-5957
9318 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32817

Taka Takas Café · Authentic Venezuelan Food on Urbanspoon

Location:9318 E Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32817

La Herradura Mexican Restaurant

Mexican restaurant with some class. Great looking interior. Used to be Martin’s BBQ on the the corner of John Young Parkway and Deerfield. Now it has been redesigned and has had a facelift. Welcome La Herradura to Orlando. It’s been open for three weeks now.

Love the decor. Staff is beyond friendly. As soon as I was approaching the entrance the staff opened the door for me as welcomed me to the restaurant.

Some locals were here already enjoying the lunch specials and the mid afternoon margaritas.

Plenty of room on the inside but even more seating outside. Today was chilly so I chose to sit indoors. I would love to see this place at night full of people enjoying the food and the ambience.

Chips and salsa are always the perfect start to a good meal. Millena was my server today and she was so pleasant. Great service is a must for me.

Number 4 Lunch combo. One grilled cheese steak and one grilled cheese chicken taco with rice, beans, and salad.

Number 4 Lunch Combo. Everything was delicious. The chicken and the steak were very well made. La Herradura should and will be doing big things in this location. BUEN PROVECHO!!

Millena, Gracias por tu servicio y tu sonrisa tan linda. La comida estuvo deliciosa. Voy a regresar con mi familia muy pronto.

Foodbidden APPROVED!!!

La Herradura
(407) 851-7799
12701 S John Young Parkway
Orlando, FL 32837

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Location:S John Young Pkwy,Orlando,United States


The first Foodbidden giveaway is here!!

I would like to start with giving a big Thanks to Toby Srebnik for the huge support on my Avu-Avu blog post a few months ago.
Big Mega Thanks to @droolius for the invite to the event.
Super Jumbo thanks to Buena Vista Palace for hosting such a marvelous event.

Now…..on with the details:

Best Foodbidden pose wins a gift certificate which entitles you to dinner for two in Avu-Avu at the Buena Vista Palace.

Avu-Avu is a dinner restaurant that features island favorites of skewers of grilled meats and seafood from an open display kitchen.

This value dinner offer is limited to two guest, value not to exceed $75.00 and is non-inclusive of gratuity or alcohol.

Now, some of you may be asking what the Foodbidden pose is. Well….here it is:

@xobejm will be picking the best picture and I will post it as soon as I get word on who the winner is. The Foodbidden poses should be sent to my Twitter @marvinrm. Use #Foodbidden when you post your pic. Please remember the hashtag. All photos are due before April 14. Winner will be announced April 15. Seems like a good gift to get on Tax Day.

If you want more info on Avu-Avu check out my blog about the restaurant. You can also go to http://www.buenavistapalace.com. You will love this place. I guarantee it!! (Hair Club for Men voice)

Any questions send me a tweet! Looking forward to some great pics!

Location:Avu-Avu Restaurant

Costa Brava Restaurant

Thank you so much to Adaya Viera for recommending this place to us. We tend to go to another spot where all the crew members hang out, but today we wanted to do something different. We have been to Cozumel over 100 times and today was a nice surprise.

Costa Brava is a nice place with a colorful interior and plenty of seating.

We had crew members and guest in here today enjoying a great meal with Rosa the owner. Teresa was the one serving us today and she suggested the Plato Mexicano (The Mexican Plate)

The table setting was awesome and we were served chips with a mild salsa and a hot salsa. Never been to a place where you get two options. Very nice.

When Teresa brought out the dish we were shocked. It truly had a bit of everything in it. You name it, it’s there.

Pork chop, beef, chicken taco with green sauce, chicken taco with mole sauce, cheese quesadilla, chicken tostada, chicken enchilada. Holy Mother of Aztec calendars! This dish was amazing! So much to choose from. And as you can see from the picture before this one, it had rice, fried black beans, guacamole, and veggies.

My famous Feast Shot. Unbelievable! Costa Brava pride themselves in home style cooking. It all was delicious. So many things to choose from, it was hard to determine which was my favorite.

Bring a friend with you. The whole menu is in Spanish. They accept credit cards and cash. Free Wifi. Ask for Tere. She was awesome.

Wifey and Foodbidden APPROVED!!
Tere was nice enough to take a picture for us. She was concerned that the picture came out dark. I told her regardless of how it looked I would still post it. @Tarajroth and I had to combine our thumbs up on this dish.

Calle 7 Sur #57 enter Ave Rafael E. Melgar y 5a Ave Sur Col. Centro C.P. 77600
Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Location:Cozumel, Mexico

Nohoch Kay Big Fish

This was @tarajroth’s third time here and my first. When coming off the ship it is about a twenty minute taxi drive. Most of the crew members come here to eat. Great food and great prices.

Today was busy. Most of the time it has crew members just relaxing while they eat. Today you could tell it was tourist season. Spring Break brought out all the people today.

The bar is hoppin’ at all times. Most people ordering Sol beer so they can drink the authentic drink in Mexico.

This was our view from our table. As you can see it was a beautiful day today. The breeze felt so good.

Guacamole. We had to start with a fresh order of guacamole and chips. This was a must. Perfect starter to a meal.

@Xobejm was not feeling adventurous so she played it safe and ordered the Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas. Great presentation and nice flavor with some true Mexican cheese.

Arrachera with rice and veggies. @Tarajroth ordered this one and she loves it. Every time she comes here that is what she orders. It is unbelievable.

Fish tacos. I would say my choice was the best one. The presentation of the dish and the flavors were amazing. They had a green hot sauce that was truly spicy. I kept on pouring it on after every bite. Great fish tacos.

Baby Girl APPROVED!!


Foodbidden APPROVED!!

Nohoch Kay Big Fish Restaurant
Bar and Beach Club
Located in Mahahual Mexico. Q. Roo

Location:Mahahual, Mexico

Disney Fantasy Guest Areas

Buena Vista Theatre has first run movies that play here. Disney digital 3D movies are available and even open captioned movies.

It truly is breathtaking when you first walk in.

The place to come to see your portraits that have been taken all over the ship.

Here is where you go to find your pics. You scan your card and it tells you where your “portfolio” of pictures are at.

Yet another place to find your pics.

These are the digital pictures that you can manipulate to your liking and then get them printed.

The place to be for Disney art.

The art gallery has all the collectors items art and new ones that are about to become famous.

This one was courtesy of @xobejm. She loves hanging out here. This is the kids area. Specifically, the Oceaneer Lab.

The interactive floor allows the children to play all kinds of fun games with their feet while they jump and stomp their feet on the digital floor.

The ship simulators.

Computer games, movies, Wii, etc.

@Xobejm comes here and makes her own comic strips. She can type them up and print them out and make her own story.

This is the place to be for arts and crafts.

So many more places to see and visit on the Fantasy. These are the place mostly seen on the ship and the VIP access tour of the kids Lab. Only children are allowed in the kids area. Today was Open House which meant parents could come in and play with their children in the Lab. Lots of fun.

Location:Disney Fantasy

Casanova Restaurant

Grand Cayman has many offerings for a tourist like me. But this was an unexpected surprise. @tarajroth and I have been here several times. This is our place to go to since it’s so close to the Disney ship.

A gorgeous entry way to a luxurious restaurant. All along the walls are the pictures of regular people like you and me. They also have pictures of celebrities.

The restaurant is a joy to be at and the workers are predominantly Italian. Always treated like royalty when we walk in. Lots of crew members come here to enjoy the food as well.

Today we chose to sit outside because the weather was great. We have never done this before. It tends to be too hot and humid so we sit in the AC. Today the breeze helped a lot so we had to sit outside.

Our view from our table. What a beautiful day we had. Even though it started sprinkling by the time we arrived to the restaurant the threat of rain was over.

The bread basket. Oil and vinegar on the table and you mix it yourself. Delicious. We had to just take small bites since we were about to order a huge meal.

Pepperoni Pizza. @Xobejm went plain and simple today. Huge portion. Lots of flavor. Very well made pizza.

Spaghetti in a bolognese sauce laced with a hint of cream. @Tarajroth has gotten this dish time and time again here. We have been coming here for the past 10 years at least. This dish is truly the best.

Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo. This was my dish for the day. The huge portion did intimidate me for a bit, but once I took a bite it was gone in five minutes. This dish has made me a pasta lover for life.

Great Italian food in Grand Cayman. Not for someone on a budget. The ambience and the view cannot be beat. Also, exceptional service. All the Casanova team members work together to provide the best service possible.


Baby Girl APPROVED!!

Foodbidden APPROVED!!

Casanova Restaurant
North Church Street
P.O. Box 2828 Grand Cayman
KY1-1112, Cayman Islands
(345) 949-7633

Location:Grand Cayman Island