Alberto’s Bar and Grill

Lunch time in Cozumel and Alberto’s was the place to be today. Thanks to Amy who took the work shift today and let me go on a food-venture.

Fresh seafood indeed. I saw some crew members here ordering some garlic shrimp which looked amazing.

Wifey and I had been here before. Nice little place. They specialize in seafood and their menu is nice. @Tarajroth doesn’t eat seafood, so we come for the tacos.

Mexican Coke is alway a must when in Mexico.

Steak Tacos with white rice and guacamole and pico de gallo. Amazing dish.
 Staff is very friendly. They take your order quickly and the food comes fast as well. Great little place to come and have a beer and eat some good food. They have free Wifi.

 Alberto’s Bar and Grill
 Find them on line

Location:Cozumel Mexico

El Postrecito (Cozumel Mexico)

Mega huge thanks to Cynthia from DCL who told me about this place. I would have never found it on my own. Cynthia had mentioned a great dessert place and I knew that I had to give it a try.

The place is very colorful and as soon as you walk in you can smell all the baked goods.

Cupcakes, cakes, cookies, OH MY!!

The decor was very cool. The tables are nice and simple. Biggest benefit of this place was that they had free WiFi. Big plus.

Banana Cake

I had asked what they recommended for today. I was told I had to try the Banana Cake. I was given a huge slice and I swear I even licked the plate at the end. What a great cake.

Chocolate Cupcake
 I also let the gentleman helping me out know that I was a fan of cupcakes and I wanted to know if I could bring them on board the ship. But the gentleman wasn’t sure, so I decided to not risk it and just get one cupcake.
 This place is a must try. A bit of a walk from the pier. Just passed Mega supermarket on the corner.
 Super friendly service! The place is very clean.

Two Thumbs Up!!
 El Postrecito
 Plaza Zona V Ave. 11 Sur
 Esq. R.E. Melgar #298 Cozumel, Q. Roo
 (987) 869-1428
 Facebook: El Postrecito Cozumel
 Twitter: @ElPostrecitoczm

Location:Cozumel Mexico

It’s Sugar (Grand Cayman)

How can you possibly say no to a shop like this. I had gone in about three weeks ago and knew I had to write about this place. This week I was ready to take pics and share this store with the world.

The place is amazing. It’s truly a child’s dream come true. Located in Grand Cayman at Gate 1 when you arrive from the tender boats.

The store just goes on and on. With different sweets and treats and tons of memorabilia. Even merchandise from way back in the day.

Everything here is candy. Even huge candy. The biggest jaw breaker I have ever seen here.

Bacon candy products which would be perfect for my buddy @droolius.

Candy, Candy, and more candy. This is truly the place to be to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Had to take this pic of these kids with their life size sweets. Look how big the gummy bear is!!

Gelato as well? Oh yeah. Lots to choose from. The ladies were nice enough and would give samples.

Mint Chocolate Chip. This was Amy’s choice for the day.

Butter Pecan. This was mine. Amazing gelato. We both have actually eaten gelato in Italy, so we were ready to criticize it. We were shocked how good it was. Very tasty.
 Definitely something you need to see for yourself. It’s pretty pricey because of the location, but the the products they have are unique. You won’t be disappointed.

Two Thumbs Up!
 Grand Cayman
 At the pier (Gate 1)

Location:Grand Cayman (Gate 1)

The Old Gaol Cafe (Grand Cayman)

Grand Cayman today and had to look for a new food-venture. I wouldn’t say the owners were rude. Probably just more shocked that a Latino was stopping by and eating their food. I saw Old Gaol Cafe on line and didn’t think twice about it. As I was walking looking for any place that was unique I happened to find Old Gaol Cafe.

 Indian buffet and menu items as well. On a side street in front of Emerald Marquise. On South Church and Goring Avenue. The seating is outside. Covered and no breeze was rough, but it was the true island experience. The owners were sitting a few tables away from me enjoying their own food. That made me feel good about what I was eating.

On the menu they have hot dogs and burgers for the non adventurers. The menu mostly consists of Indian dishes.

Chicken Korma and Sag Aloo
 They had other choices on the buffet menu but I loved the Korma and Sag Aloo. And the saffron rice made it twice as good.

This was the buffet options for today. I should have tried a bit of each. Maybe next time. Come and check it out for yourself. Nice place. Ask the locals and they will lead you the right way.

Two Thumbs Up!!
 Web information

Location:Grand Cayman

Thai Thai Restaurant and Sushi

Before I head out to a week of adventures I was told by my friend Sammy from DCL to check this place out for some good curry.

The restaurant is gorgeous. Opened right at 11:00am. I love prompt people. Stanley greeted me as soon as I came in. Thai Thai has been here for over 10 years now, according to Stanley.

The sushi bar is huge. The staff are courteous. The variety of music was very unique. Listening to country and pop music while sitting in a Thai restaurant was awesome. They have Thai and Japanese dishes. When I got the menu it had about five pages to it. Lots to choose from.

Thai Tea. One of the best I have had in a long time. Nice and sweet. This is my go to drink every time.

Crispy Duck Curry.

Crispy Duck Curry. I have to blame @tarajroth for this one. She ordered this dish one time before and I am hooked. Although the sushi looked tempting. The curry is what my buddy Sammy had recommended. Glad I did it. This was a great dish. So good I had to post two pictures of it.
 Overall, great place to come and eat. Locals were here just as early as I was. I did see some people who were from Thailand coming in and enjoying the food. Crew members that I know frequent Thai Thai. Check it out for yourself. The sushi looked great. I will have to come back.

Most definitely a two thumbs up and Foodbidden Approved.
 Thai Thai Restaurant & Sushi
 (321) 784-1561
 8660 Astronaut Blvd
 Cape Canaveral, FL 32920
 Thai Thai Restaurant & Sushi on Urbanspoon

Location:8660 Astronaut Blvd Cape Canaveral, FL 32920

Pepper Pot Grill (Nassau, Bahamas)

 My dear friend Leslie from DCL was the one who introduced me to this place years ago. Today I had to bring my buddy Chris with me. It is near the straw market. You have to cross the street from the main road and it’s hidden in the back. I asked some taxi drivers and they told me it was closed. I then asked around again and they directed me to where it was at.

It was the first time Chris was eating Jamaican food. This was truly a great place to start. Sandra was our server today. She was awesome. Got our food out quickly. The place is nice and clean. It is cash only. They claim to have the best Jamaican food on the island. It is strange to be in the Bahamas and have Jamaican food.

Mango Juice. This is what Chris ordered. I wanted to take a sip, but I was enjoying my carrot juice way too much.

Carrot Juice. I was expecting to taste carrots and soil. I was not expecting it to be creamy. I wanted five more of these. This juice is perfect.

Jerk Chicken with rice and peas and plantains. I remember it having more of a kick. This time around Chris said it was tasty, but it was missing the kick.

Curry chicken with white rice and plantains. This was my dish. The curry was perfect. Great taste. Had a nice spicy kick to it, but my issue were the bones in the chicken. Still delicious, just annoying. They have other sides that they offer. I love their plantains.

Fruit Cake. For dessert I had my eye on the chocolate cake they had near the register. To my surprise it was their Fruit Cake. Fantastic. I could not tell you what it had on the inside, but it was great. Chris and I were full and we still took more than one bite because it was that good.

Two Thumbs Up. Foodbidden Approved.
 Overall, the place is a hidden gem. It is off from the main road. Short walk and definitely worth it. Cash only. Place is clean. Ask for Sandra. She is awesome. Oxtail is on the menu. Busy during lunch time. Lots of locals call their orders in and come and pick them up.
 Pepper Pot Grill
 Nassau, Bahamas
 Near Market and George Street

Location:Between Market and George Street