Fort Pierce Florida

Mervis’ Cafe and Grille | Foodbidden


Mervis’ Cafe and Grille

Photo taken and credit to Susan242b. Great pic.

How many people can say they went to Ft. Pierce to work for a day.

It was bright and early when I left Kissimmee. I arrived at Fort Pierce around 8 AM and was looking for a local place to eat near my assignment.

The reviews mentioned that this was a very nice Cuban Café. I had to try it for myself. They have been in this location for 13 years. The owner knew immediately I was not from there. A lot of locals come here for their sandwiches and coffee.

Egg, Ham, and Cheese Sandwich. I wasn’t sure what to get and they suggested this sandwich. It was very good. Made on Cuban bread.

Cafe con Leche. Very nice coffee. I was wired for a bit after drinking this.

Overall, very good customer service. It’s located inside a post office so it seems strange at first. Again, many locals come to get their food here. Everybody around this area knows about this place. It’s definitely a must try.

Two Thumbs Up!!

Mervis Cafe & Grill
(772) 462-6600
402 S 5th St
Fort Pierce, FL 34950

Mervis Cafe & Grill on Urbanspoon}

Location:402 S. 5th Street, Ft Pierce, FL 34950

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