Charcoal Zyka

Formerly known as Charcoal Joes, Zyka has come in and made this place twice as good. The menu selection has doubled and the Indian dishes are made just right.

Small place, but there is still plenty of room. Located on John Young Parkway and Taft Vineland. This place does not play when it comes to spices. As soon as I walked in the aroma engulfed me. YUM.

They were quick to greet me and the chef is making the magic happen all by himself. Two servers and one chef. The official name is “Charcoal Zyka Grill and More. Home of the Portuguese Style Grilled Chicken and Beef Ribs”. I think that says it all. NOW LET’S EAT!!

Vegetable Samosas. I love when they come out nice and hot. The first bite is nice and crispy and all the seasoning and spices takes over your palate.

You can tell from the pic but it was steaming. It was amazing with the sauces (tamarind and mint) love double dipping to get extra flavor.

Chicken Korma was a must for today. And yes I ordered it spicy.

It comes with white rice. Every bite was a dream come true. The spicyness was just right for me. And I do love it spicy. This is the place to be for a variety of options for lunch and dinner.

Ayesha, you were awesome girl. Thanks for the friendly service and I will be back with my family.

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Charcoal Zyka Grill and More
10249 S John Young Parkway
Orlando, Florida 32837
(407) 440-4210

Location:W Taft Vineland Rd,Orlando,United States


Gigi’s Cupcakes

Located in the Colonial Plaza in Orlando on Colonial and Bumby. Gigi’s has been passing out cupcake smiles in several, and I do mean several locations around the country. @OrlandoFamStyle had told me about this place and I had to check it out with her. I didn’t realize how many locations they had. I am glad they set one up in Orlando.

As you can see word has gotten out that Gigi’s is here and the locals are coming out to taste all that Gigi has to offer. They have the daily cupcake menu. Every single staff person in this place is amazingly pleasant. They truly are genuinely nice.

The array of cupcakes are put on display for all of us to drool over, hence the glass. There so many flavors to choose from. It is hard to know where to begin.

I ordered the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough cupcake for here. @OrlandoFamStyle got the same one. We had to try it while sitting in Gigi’s. It is an awesome place to come in and see the locals get their sweets and be on their way. Some choose to order and sit down for a bit. Very family friendly as well. They also have shirts and mugs that they sell in the store with their logo on it.

Starting from the top left: Miss Princess, Scarlett’s Red Velvet, Wedding Cake, Turtle cheesecake, Double Stuff, Peanut Butter. I took these lovelies to go. The woman who helped me out today was very nice and fixed the cupcakes for me so I could take a good picture. So nice.

They gave me a pink bag and this awesome box that the cupcakes are put in.

Warning labels are important when carrying precious cupcakes. The whole experience made me smile. Imagine the face on my daughters face when she saw me walk in with the pink bag. Her eyes opened up wide. : )

Gigi’s Cupcakes team, you all were awesome greeting us as soon as we walked in. Thank you so much for making us feel welcomed.

Foodbidden APPROVED!! (With icing on top)

Gigi’s Cupcakes
(407) 893-9846
2562 E Colonial Dr
Orlando, FL 32803

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Location:2562 E Colonial Dr Orlando, FL 32803

Boiling Crab and Seafood

Today was our UYE event and the spot was in Orlando. @OrlandoFamStyle @orlandouncorked, James, and myself were here today. Located on Colonial and Mills area. Parking is a hassle and once you have parked you only have two hours. I was lucky to arrive early and parked in the back parking lot which is always super full.

Saw some reviews and it suggested many things from the menu. I went with the Fried Catfish and the French Iced Coffee. Honestly we just didn’t want to get messy with the crawfish and what not.

French Iced Coffee. WOW!! Very strong and the condensed milk hits the spot. Maybe not the best pairing with catfish, but yummy nonetheless.

Nice place overall. Everything is very clean. Even the restrooms were well maintained. Also, Free Wifi is a big plus in any restaurant.

Onion rings. James ordered these today and he said they were delicious. I didn’t get around to trying them since I was so focused on my dish.

Fried Catfish basket with french fries and bread roll. I loved dipping the catfish in the tartar sauce. The fish was well made. Not soggy and just the perfect crunch.

Feast shot. You know I have to add this shot whenever I can. All of us partaking in some good grub.

Nice place on Colonial. May bring some of the familia here if we are ever in the area. Check it out for yourself. It has some great food and customer service is amazing.

Boiling Crab and Seafood
(407) 898-7770
1242 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32803

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Location:1242 East Colonial Drive Orlando, FL 32803

Chai Thai Cuisine Orlando

(Shot of the back entrance to Chai Thai. They heavily suggest you use the front door when entering)
This adventure started thanks to Manny. We always talk about food places at work and he mentioned Thai food. So we decided to meet up for lunch at Chai Thai. They have a Chai Thai in Hunters Creek as well, but I had to try this one.

Salad and spring roll. Included with the lunch special today.
It’s located on Orange avenue just a half a block north of Michigan. Very hard to find while on Orange. It’s in between Starbucks and Planet Smoothie.

Pad Kee Mao. One review said to try this so I did. I didn’t want to go with the usual Pad Thai. Wanted something different and tasty and this was just the dish I needed. It was fantastic.

Panang Beef. Manny got this dish and it smelled great. He went with medium this time around. He usually gets Thai hot.

Ginger Chicken with white rice. Ashely ordered this one. Again, it smelled great. I never get around to asking them for a bite because I was enjoying mine so much.

Feast shot. My favorite shot to take all the time. Hanging out with great people and having great food. That’s what it’s all about.

Sticky Rice with Mango. Manny orders this every time he comes here. It’s his favorite thing to get. AMAZING. This one I did get a bite of and it’s perfect. The rice is hot and the mango is cold. The perfect bite when you combine them together.

I arrived around 12:30pm and parking was a nightmare. Around 1:30pm the parking lot was empty. I am sure the lunch rush made the parking area a mess. The restaurant was not very busy. Which surprises me because the food was great.

Chai Thai Cuisine
(407) 841-8981
2447 South Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32806

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Location:2447 South Orange Avenue Orlando, FL 32806

Golden Krust Caribbean Cuisine

What a great way to start my morning. I thought it was a pizza place at first. When I saw the sign below saying Caribbean cuisine and open at 8:00am. Perfect!!

Walked in and asked for the breakfast special. The gentleman recommended Ackee or Callaloo. I told him to pick his favorite.

Nice place. This must have been a pizza place before. The way the seats are set up it feels like it. Of maybe a Subway. Either way they are making this work for them right now.

All types of Caribbean cuisine here. The Oxtail has got my attention. I will have to come back for lunch. And the curry goat looks great as well. Now on to the FOOD!!

My dear friend here was nice enough to give me a bit of both. Callaloo on the right and the Ackee on the left. WOW! This was very good. I am a bigger fan of the Ackee. I enjoy the Saltfish taste early in the morning. The Callaloo is more of a spinach kind of substance. Still good but I am liking the Ackee better.

Let me not forget the boiled banana on the bottom and the two rolls. I could have done with one roll since they are so filling. Not a dull moment for my palate today. This was something different for me. Very nice!

Don’t be scared by the man behind the register. He seems mean, but is a nice guy once you start talking to him.

Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill
(407) 944-8879
1009 W Vine St
Kissimmee, FL 34741

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Location:W Vine St,Kissimmee,United States

El Tenampa Mexican Restaurant

With their new and improved look Tenampa is leading the way in Mexican food in this area. Rated as one of the best in any app, website, review, etc. This is a hard place to get into. Always busy! Full of people from literally all over the world.

It used to look pretty bad and beat up. The parking lot is still a little scary, but I like how they spruced this place up.

Today was a daddy daughter day. @Xobejm was feeling adventurous so we decided to come to Tenampa.

We arrived right at 5:00pm. I knew that would be a good time to beat all the local traffic and the tourist traffic as well. Tenampa is next to the India Diner.

Even the menu got a facelift. Loads to choose from. @Xobejm decided to play it safe and order the quesadilla. I had to get the steak.

Jugo de Mango, Piña, and Lemonade. Lucia our server brought it out for us to try their different jugos. Very tasty. Our favorite was the Lemonade. We also had to make it into a Mickey Mouse shape. : )

I ordered the jugo de guayaba. This jugo hits the spot all the time. Delicioso!

Chips and salsa to start our food adventure. We always have to be careful with how much we eat because we don’t want to get too full. Now….on with the FOOD STUFF!!!!

Arrachera El Tenampa. Steak with cactus and grilled onions,
rice, beans, avocado, and pico de gallo. It deserved two pictures. The meat was outstanding and the hot pepper was super spicy. That made me very happy.

Chicken and Cheese quesadilla with rice and beans. This was @xobejm dish. She was so overwhelmed with all the choices she decided to go the safe route.

Flan. Ok, ok. I know I say the same old thing every time. I am not a fan, but I had to try it. Made for a great photo too. This flan was great. Seriously, over the top great. Maybe I am becoming a fan of flan now.

Tres Leches. This was interesting. The berries in the middle just didn’t do it for me. The icing on the top is good. Not my favorite. I rather go with the flan.

Overall great place.
Lucia, Gracias for the great customer service. You were awesome!

Baby Girl APROBADO!!

Foodbidden APROBADO!!

El Tenampa Mexican Restaurant
(407) 397-1981
4565 West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway
Kissimmee, FL 34746

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Location:4565 West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway Kissimmee, FL 34746

El Zarape

Today was a To Go sort of lunch. I was working and had to find a quick bite. This place has been here for about a year or so. They used to be located on John Young Parkway and 192. The place is much smaller now.

The inside is nice. I like the way the place is maintained. It’s a small place but they use the minimal space well.

Beautiful entry way in the dining room. Mexican, Salvadorian, Peruvian, and Honduran food is served here. Although, the young lady helping me out today said they are looking for a Peruvian chef because the one they had is no longer there.

Salvadorian treats and sweets. These are typical treats found in their country. They all looked so good. I will have to come back and try some. Now on to the FOOD!!!!

Steak Tacos. Made my favorite way, cilantro and onions. The tacos were just okay. Not superb. They lacked a bit of flavor. The meat needed a bit more.

Pollo Guisado (Stewed Chicken) with red beans and white rice. The chicken was very good. It would fall off the bone. Lots of flavor. The white rice was perfect for me. Most places make it salty. This was just right. The beans were seasoned well. Overall, a very good lunch special which included a drink.

Nice place. I will want to go back and have a sit down lunch or dinner there.

El Zarape
(407) 846-2235
3624 W Vine St
Kissimmee, FL 34741

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Location:3624 West Vine St, Kissimmee, FL 34741