B Cupcakes

I am in a big sugar coma as I write this. Via several social media sites I had seen that B Cupcakes was going to open up a new location in Winter Park Florida. I did my research and I saw that they have a location in Apopka Florida already and it seemed to have wonderful reviews.

Their second shop is located on the corner of Fairbanks and Park Avenue. It’s not really hidden, but you do have to be looking out for it to find it. It’s right next to the 711.

@Tarajroth and I wanted to go early to meet up with @winechix, but we had an appointment we needed to go to. After the appointment was done we had some lunch in Hunters Creek and made our way to Winter Park.

Beautiful place. Today was their grand opening and they had a buy one get one free special on all their cupcakes.

Brittany was the first want to greet us when we arrived. We had told her that we drove all the way from Kissimmee and she was impressed.

I knew that choosing the right cupcake was going to be difficult, so in order to make it easy for myself and wifey I decided to get one of each. You name it they have it: Peanut butter chocolate, German chocolate, salted caramel, lemon zest, Red Velvet, etc.

I ended up getting a total of 20 cupcakes to bring home. Now I know I had mentioned this before I am a big cupcake fan, so this was the perfect number for me.

They have a milk bar as well and you can add any flavor to whatever type of milk you order.

The price of the cupcake is definitely worth it. The moisture of the cake and the frosting is a perfect blend to a delicious cupcake. Red Velvet was my favorite so far. I still have 19 more cupcakes to go. Stop on by when you are in the Winter Park area. You will not regret it.
 Brittany, thanks for the warm welcome and the great customer service. You rock!!

Two Thumbs Up!!
 B Cupcakes
 (407) 660-2253
 127 West Fairbanks Avenue
 Winter Park, FL 32789
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Location:127 W. Fairbanks Ave., Winter Park, FL. 32789

Hungryexpress.com (Delivery Service)

(Photo courtesy of Hungryexpress.com)
 So you know with me there is always a story. I was eating at El Tapatio in Kissimmee last night. @Xobejm and I have dinner there often. I happened to see a sign that said Hungryexpress.com. Didn’t think much of it until I read the rest.

Carne Frita and Mofongo. (Tu Casa Restaurant)
 Hungryexpress.com. They are a delivery service. Similar to what Orlando has had for a while now. You order food from a restaurant of your choice and the delivery service will deliver it. Well, now Kissimmee has the same program. Hungryexpress.com has a few restaurants to choose from. Many more restaurants will be added later. You pick which restaurant you want, you see the menu, and pick the food you want, and they deliver it to your home. Kissimmee has never had this before and I am so thrilled that they are starting to do this. We will be able to taste menus from several places from the comfort of our own home.

Garlic Chicken with white rice. (Tu Casa Restaurant)
 Tonight was my first time trying it. I went to Hungryexpress.com and placed my order. Tonight I chose Tu Casa Restaurant. Located in Orlando. You have to create an account and once you are logged in you are ready to order. The website is very easy to use. Adding a delivery address was a challenge at first and then it just automatically worked which was weird.

Peppered Steak with Mofongo (Tu Casa Restaurant)
 After I picked the restaurant and the food I wanted I checked out and paid. Received email confirmation of the order and in even got a phone call from Hungryexpress.com saying that they received the order and will be delivering it at the time I had specified.

Bread Pudding (Tu Casa Restaurant)
 Even cooler about 30 minutes before my delivery time I received a text message saying that the driver was at the restaurant. I was in shock. A text message keeping informed and updated on the driver and his or hers status. Very cool.

Tres Leches (Tu Casa Restaurant)
 My delivery time was scheduled for 5:15 in the afternoon, so I was anxiously awaiting around 4:50 PM. I had told the guy from HUNGRYEXPRESS.com that I was very happy that the service was provided in Kissimmee and I was looking forward to using the service often.
 The part I enjoyed the most was the communication every so often. These were the messages I received:
 FRM:Hungry Express
 MSG:Your order (#68) has been confirmed by the dispatcher.
 FRM:Hungry Express
 MSG:Your order’s (#68) driver has arrived at the restaurant(s).
 FRM:Hungry Express
 MSG:Your order (#68) has been delivered! Thank you for using Hungry Express!
 Truly amazed with how smooth the process went. The delivery was here on time and the food was great. I have been there before, but it is out of my way. Now, with hungryexpress.com I can have the food delivered to my door step.
 For now there are only a few options available. More restaurants will be added soon. The delivery woman Betty is actually the owner of hungryexpress.com. It is operated by her and her sister. I thanked her so many times for having this service available in Kissimmee. She told me to spread the word and I said that I definitely would.

This is a definite Two Thumbs up!! A much needed service in Kissimmee. Spread the word.

Location:Delivery Service

Chocolateria Isla Bella (Cozumel)

Two pleasant surprises in one day. When @tarajroth and I were walking back to the ship there was a woman sitting on a small stool and she asked if we wanted to try her chocolates.

Two Anglo women who live on the island and make chocolates everyday. Very laid back and super friendly ladies.

The place is cozy and smells great when you walk in.

You can see the variety of flavors that they have. @Tarajroth and I had to get an assortment before we left.

We were suggested a few of their favorites. We couldn’t decide so we picked a bunch.

Overall, this place was very nice. I was so glad the woman was sitting outside asking if we wanted to try some chocolate. @Tarajroth and I never say no to chocolate.

Chocolateria Isla Bella
 Wouldn’t be able to tell you the address but here is the best
 I can do. From the Pier: Walk out to the main road and make a left. When you get to the Thirsty Cougar make a right. Just a half a block down is Isla Bella. On your left.

Location:Cozumel, Mexico

La Choza (Cozumel, Mexico)

This one is all thanks to Caitlyn. @tarajroth and I owe you big for this one.

@Tarajroth and I had never walked this far off the main road for lunch in Cozumel. We always ask around on the ship where the best places are at.

The entrance was awesome. We were so glad that we had made it. It was windy and we were lost for a bit, so it was nice when we arrived to a great looking place.

Several crew members here which makes me always believe its a great place. Wifi is available. This is always a must when we find a place to eat.

Chris was our server today. Great guy. Very friendly. We started off with our usual Mexican cokes.

Chips with queso sauce.

Arrachera Steak with beans and guacamole

Sopa Azteca.

Avocado Pie. Okay, so before you make that face, let me explain. Chris said we had to try it. @Tarajroth and I love Avocado, but we didn’t know about a pie. We knew it would be a bit before we came back to Cozumel, so we had to try it. Absolutely amazing. So good! It was frozen so we had to dig in. Yummy!!
 Overall, way better than I ever expected. This place is nice and it’s very clean. Servers are all great. It’s a team effort. Prices are great. Ask for Chris. He has great recommendations.

 La Choza
 10 Avenida Sur
 Cozumel, Mexico

Location:Cozumel, Mexico

Big Mama’s (Costa Maya)

The unexpected surprises are always the best. @tarajroth and I had a small window to “jump off the ship” and go and get a bite to eat. My buddy Bam from DCL suggested a place called Big Mama’s.

My favorite part of the story was him saying that it was not fancy and that we would get to see Big Mama while there. @Tarajroth and I looked at each other and agreed it had to be done.

It was a rainy day. For some strange reason I had my umbrella with me and we walked quite a bit to find a taxi. Long story on why taxis aren’t allowed anymore near the pier. We found a taxi and we were on our way.

When we arrived Bam was there at Big Mama’s. I always love when people suggest a place that they personally eat it. When we arrived we were greeted by Big Mama. Sweet woman who has owned the restaurant for a year now.

Hugo was our server today. we stayed under the small hut. We had the option of sitting by the beach, but the rain stopped us from doing it today.

Big Mama was standing in the front area of the restaurant advertising to all the tourist stopping by bragging about her fresh fruit Margaritas.

Big Mama had asked if I wanted some serious hot sauce and my answer without hesitation was yes.
 The tears would not stop. This stuff was very spicy. I loved it.

 Fresh Guacamole. @Tarajroth has this philosophy. If the guacamole is good then all the rest of the dishes have to be good. Now you see why I love this woman.

Steak Burrito

Cheese enchiladas with green sauce.

Overall a nice place. Don’t expect anything fancy. This is not for regular tourist. This place is for people who love local eats. Everyone is down to earth. They are all very attentive as soon as you arrive. The food is good. Mexican coke is a must. Guacamole is also a must. Big Mama is greeting everyone with a big smile. Check it out for yourself.

Big Mama’s
 Costa Maya
 When you arrive to the pier. Look for a taxi and ask for Big Mama’s. All the locals know about this place.

Location:Costa Maya

The Thai Resturant (Grand Cayman)

Another gorgeous day at Grand Cayman. This time I had @xobejm with me and she was excited about our food-venture. My buddy Taufan from DCL told me I had to try this place.

We asked a local taxi driver and she gave us great directions. Behind Scotia Bank and behind the Post Office. Best part was Taufan was inside the restaurant when we arrived. He really likes this place.

Because of my buddy Sammy on DCL he had me talking about Green Curry and I told him one day I would try it. Today was the day. They had a buffet for lunch, but I decided to order from the menu hoping they had Green Curry.

Green Curry and Chow Mein was going to be our order. To my surprise @xobejm and I had to trade dishes. She wanted spicy and not a “plain” dish. I was so proud of her. She loved the spicy Green Curry.

The service was spectacular. I told them Taufan had suggested this place and they loved hearing that. They were super nice to us. Locals come in and get their food and are on their way. Several crew members were here today. Several that I knew.

Thai Iced Tea. This is a must all the time.

Green Chicken Curry (Spicy)

Chicken Chow Mein
 Again, service was spectacular. Great team. Everyone was extremely friendly and happy we were there. The place is beautiful. The decor is perfect and the restaurant is very clean.

 The Thai Restaurant of Grand Cayman
 Shedden Road
 Elizabethan Square
 George Town
 Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
 Email: thairestaurant@yahoo.com
 Website: http://www.thairestaurant.webs.com

Location:Grand Cayman