Hawaiian Grindz

The Lunch Bunch has arrived!! MEGA YUMMY MAHALO to @OrlandoFamStyle for hosting this fabulous event.

The place is gorgeous and lots of locals came here today to enjoy some Authentic Hawaiian Grindz!

We came in six deep and they didn’t even flinch. They sat us down and took our order immediately. We love quick service with a smile.

I had to start off with the Aloha Maid Natural. Passion Fruit and Guava? You can’t go wrong. Now let’s talk FOOD!!!

Garlic Sugoi Chicken. Fried boneless thighs served with “garlicky” sauce imported from Hawaii.

Zippy’s Chili. Imported from Hawaii. You always have to ask for availability.

Combination Plate. Kalbi Ribs, Kalua Pig, Mochiko Chicken. They have some great lunch specials where you can pick any two or three. I went straight for the combo plate. Cost more, but I wanted more food.

Malasadas. “A Portuguese confection, made of egg-sized balls of yeast dough that are deep-fried in oil and coated with granulated sugar.” (Courtesy of Wikipedia).
One word. YUM!! These were amazing! They should be called Amazingsadas!

When in Oviedo come and check this place out. You will not be disappointed and you will leave with a full tummy!


Foodbidden TWO THUMBS UP!!

Hawaiian Grindz
(407) 542-7850
3050 Alafaya Trail
Oviedo, FL 32765

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Location:3050 Alafaya Trail Oviedo, FL 32765

Vespr Craft Coffee and Allures

This morning was a 45 minute drive sort of day. @OrlandoFamStyle @Tarajroth Brian and I were meeting for the Lunch Bunch today and we decided to start things off with some craft coffee.

Vespr has been here for about a month in the Waterford Towers on Alafaya. Kaitlin who was helping us today mentioned that they would be adding new items to the menu. @TastyChomps did a beautiful write up and posted some videos on Vespr. TastyChomps.com

Being our first time we went The Coffee Siphon way. Had to do it. The Siphon produces more flavor, clarity, and lighter body. Kaitlin was nice enough to explain the process. The Coffee Siphon is like a water vac system. Water vapor goes to the top of the chamber. You steam coffee grounds to a minute and a half. Reduce from heat and the paper filter traps all oils on the top. Not exactly what she said but ya get the idea.

Not the best explanation, but @TastyChomps has it all spelled out for ya. After reading his blog post on Vespr it made me want to go and try this place. I also looked it up on line and found the whole process of The Coffee Siphon.

I was amazed by the whole process. I ordered the
Senda Salvaje.
Honeysuckle, smooth lemon zest, honey, tangerine, roasted cocoa nib.

@Tarajroth ordered the Brazil Ipanema-Peaberry.
White grape, Asian Pear, roasted hazelnut.

I took a sip of each coffee as is. Being the typical Latino that I am I asked for lots of milk to add to it. I could still appreciate the flavor of the coffee.

Overall, nice place. Sweet treats are always a plus in any coffee shop. They had some small cookies and sweets, but nothing that will fill you up. It’s only been open for about a month and I can see this place truly being successful in this location.

Kaitlin, you rock girl! Thanks for showing us the way of the Siphon. We live in Kissimmee, but it was worth the drive. Thanks again.

Vespr Craft Coffee and Allures
(407) 476-3093
626 North Alafaya Trail
Orlando, FL 32825

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Location:626 North Alafaya Trail Orlando, FL 32825

3 Sisters Speakeasy

Many thanks to @KissimmeeMainSt for posting on Twitter that 3 sisters would be open for lunch today. According to Laura, our server they are doing a trial and seeing how it works out. They tend to open at 4pm and close at 12am Monday to Thursday. Friday from 4pm to 2am, Saturday 11am to 2am and Sunday 12pm to 8pm. I am hoping that more people come for lunch time. Very good food.
I was here today with @xobejm and @angelarothasl

Located in Historic Downtown Kissimmee. Broadway and Dakin to be exact. Plenty of free parking in the area. Lunch time is always pretty busy in the Downtown District. There is one thing I forewarn every time I bring someone new to 3 Sisters. The portions are HUGE!! Come hungry and save room for dessert. We ate too much this time around and couldn’t get dessert. We were all sad.

Outside seating is a must here. The evenings are full of life in this area when the locals and tourist come to get a bite to eat and decide to hang out and stop for a drink. We came in today for a quick lunch stop and an opportunity to blog about this great place. Now….LET’S TALK FOOD!

Chicken Quesadilla
Flour tortilla filled with chicken, cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese, and topped with cilantro lime sauce. Served with sour cream and pico de gallo. @xobejm got her cilantro lime sauce on the side.

Chicken Cordon Bleu
Chicken breast stuffed with ham and Swiss cheese topped with a creamy cheese sauce. Served with scalloped potatoes and broccoli. This was my order. Very tasty. The chicken was perfect and the cheese sauce was to die for. We all agreed that the scalloped potatoes were our favorite.

Rib Eye Steak
12 ounce Rib Eye Streak cooked to your liking, served with scalloped potatoes and broccoli. This was worth two pictures. Amazing. This was Angela’s order and I tried a piece. WOW! This item was not on the menu. They have daily specials, so there is a surprise every time you visit.

Any chance you get to come down and visit Downtown Kissimmee stop on by and say “Hey” to the 3 Sisters team. They are all very friendly. Two Thumbs Up!!

Laura, thanks for your great service and warm smile. You made us feel very welcomed.

@xobejm Approved!!

3 Sisters Speakeasy
(407) 201-3270
226 Broadway
Kissimmee, FL 34741

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Location:226 Broadway Kissimmee, FL 34741

Quokka Coffee

This establishment has Closed.

On this beautiful Wednesday morning I was in the mood for something different. Since I am a creature of habit I figured I would venture out of my comfort zone. So glad I did.

Quokka has been in the Historic Downtown Kissimmee area for about a year and half now. Thursday nights they have a band that plays right outside the shop.

They also sell Yum Yum Truck cupcakes. Love seeing great local partnerships come together this way. Today was a rather slow day for Quokka. People enjoying the outdoors I am assuming. Although, as I was about to leave there more people coming in for their caffeine fix.

All their coffee is fair trade and organic. It also caught my eye that they sell alcohol. I may have to check this place out at night as well. Do not let this slow day fool you. Plenty of locals stop on by and visit often. Now, let’s get to the goodies!

Iced Latte.
Dempsey the gentleman helping me out today was very friendly. Very laid back and great in suggesting what items I should try. I did ask him a bunch of questions and he answered all of them without a problem. I didn’t say what all the questions were for. Dempsey, you have been blogged!

Coolangatta Turkey Cranberry.
Thinly sliced turkey topped with gourmet cranberry sauce and honey Dijon mustard along with muenster cheese on sour dough bread.
This was Dempsey’s suggestion for the day. They also have a variety of other sandwiches. Including breakfast sandwiches. They offer salads and other pastries as well.

It was a quick stop, but one worth making for sure. This will be on my radar to stop by more often. What I also like were their free samples of biscuits. Very clever to have you taste one and be hooked and want to buy more.

Glad to have Quokka in Kissimmee. It’s a great addition to the hidden gems we have in the Downtown District.

Quokka Coffee
(407) 383-1119
131 Broadway Ave
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Quokka Coffee on Urbanspoon

Location:131 Broadway Ave Kissimmee, FL 34741

Location:131 Broadway Ave Kissimmee, FL 34741

Orlando Snack Café

After gaining all this weight in Chicago last week I had to go for one more place this morning back home in Florida. Hunters Creek area is home to this great cafe.

Glad to find it open on Sundays. 8:00am to 1:00pm. Rest of the week it’s 8:00am to 8:00pm. Christian was the gentleman helping us out today. Great guy with a great attitude.

Had no idea it was Venezuelan food. Actually, didn’t know what to expect when we came. We were pleasantly surprised.

Only a few people here this morning at 9:00am. All Venezualan customers coming in for their usual empanadas and cafecito. Now, LET’S TALK FOOD!!

Cafe con leche. Of course. What better way to start the morning.

Shredded Beef Omelette. Shredded beef, egg, cheese.

Criollo Breakfast. Perico eggs, shredded beef, black beans.

Cachapa. I used to always like these, but because of @eatlocalorlando I have become more of a fan.

Check it out for yourself. Nice little hidden gem. BUEN PROVECHO!!

Foodbidden Familia APPROVED!!

Orlando Snack Café
(407) 851-4646
3708 Town Center Blvd
Orlando, FL 32837

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Location:3708 Town Center Blvd Orlando, FL 32837

Man-Jo-Vin Restaurant

Childhood memories in this place. Kenneth, Kim, Jerry, Susan, Tiffany, Larry, Tony, Michael, etc. All the usual suspects from Audubon elementary school. I felt like Madonna singing, “This used to be my playground”
Located on Damen and Melrose Man-jo’s has been here since 1953. The team members working here today were here working 20 years ago. Amazing!

The place is squeaky clean. Not what it was before. I remember it being bigger as well. Or maybe I am just getting bigger now.

It’s a much nicer place and my mom and I were impressed with how clean the restrooms were. This whole area had changed from when I grew up here. Now, LET’S TALK FOOD!!!

Chicago Style Hot Dogs. This was mom’s order.

Jumbo Italian Beef with hot peppers. This was my order. We got one To Go for Pops.

Great food. Customer service is good. It was nice to reminisce about the good old days. I hadn’t eaten here for over 18 years. It was nice to be back.

Man-Jo-Vin Restaurant
(773) 935-0727
3224 N Damen Ave
Chicago, IL 60618

Man-Jo-Vin Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Location:3224 N Damen Ave Chicago, IL 60618

Brazil Express Churrasco Grill

Thank you so much to Vinny, Laura, Anny, Hector for such a wonderful meal. This invitation was courtesy of the Morales family. Wow! What a great place this was. Located inside Nantucket Square in Schaumburg.

Established here in 2012 Brazil Express has been pleasing locals with their Churrasco grill ever since their doors opened. We arrived around 6:15pm and we were greeted promptly. As we were being seated I was amazed by the salad bar.

So much healthiness to choose from. I haven’t seen these many veggies in my life. Nor has my body had any since blogging.

I figured I would try a bit of everything. All of the items were fresh. The lettuce, tomato, cheese, etc. all were very good starters to what we were about to face.

When in Rome……A Guarana soda is always a must. Our server best described it as a better tasting version of Ginger Ale. I went more with a Cream Soda taste. Maybe a mixture of both.

Cheese bread. I wish I could give you the name. It was put on the table and it smelled fantastic. I took a bite and it was truly the perfect bite. Warm bread with cheese inside. I needed ten more of these.

Mashed Potatoes and Sweet Bananas. Now these are not your usual plantains. These have a different flavor and seemed to be put on a grill.

Black Beans and White Rice. This is something you can serve yourself from the salad bar area. There are soups to choose from as well. Now…….LET’S TALK FOOD!!

I think the pictures are self explanatory. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. This was a smorgasbord of meats. Meats and meats galore. And oh yeah, did I mention meats? Chicken, Filet Mignon, Chicken wrapped in Bacon, Parmesan encrusted Pork (new item), Garlic Steak, and Sausage. Hector and Laura found this place and come here as often as they can. If I lived around here I would too.

Now the concept is simple. Green card placed on the stand at the table means bring meat. Green card down means stop serving meat.

Brazil Express does not disappoint, not only with the amount of food, but the amazing prices they offer. Every single thing was delicious. You can ask for the meat to be cooked to your liking and they will oblige. Customer service is top notch here.

The flavor of the meats are out of this world. Every time they would cut me a slice of meat I would get nervous and use my little “Operation” type pinchers and grab the meat that was sliced for me.

Brazilian Flan. I am seeing a hidden Mickey. Anyone else? I am sure it’s just me. This dessert is outstanding. I have mentioned my dislike of flan in previous post. This one, other than Maria’s mom, is definitely my favorite.

Anny ordered the Key Lime Pie and it was very good. They had a variety of desserts to choose from, but we could only “stomach” two of them.

It was an amazing experience. The only thing missing is the Feast Shot. I was so engaged in good conversation and good food that it slipped my mind. Oh well, means I better get back here soon.

I do have to say that the final touch made the evening awesome. While walking towards the door ready to exit, the team member from Brazil Express opened the door for us and let us out and wished us a good night. You don’t get that type of service very often in most places.

Laura, Vinny, Anny, Hector, Thanks for an amazing meal and amazing company. This was a great recommendation. Abrazos!!

Brazil Express Churrasco Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Brazil Express Churrasco Grill
1045 S Roselle Rd, Schaumburg, IL 60193
(224) 353-6315
11:30am to 2pm
5:00pm to 9:00pm

Location:1045 S Roselle Rd, Schaumburg, IL 60193