King O Falafel

My baby @vbterp and I finally made it. I have been seeing reviews and hearing from @droolius that this was the place to be for Mediterranean food.

The place was clean. To be honest, not at all what I expected. I thought it was a fast food joint. Wow. Was I wrong. We were greeted by two gentleman as we entered. One of the guys did the cooking and the serving. He was explaining what was good on the menu.

Great looking menu and free wifi is always a plus.

Lebanese House Salad. @Vbterp had this one. I got to taste a few bites. Great tasting salad. As many of you know I and not a salad lover, but this was spot on.

Lentil Soup. This was mine. By the way, I forgot to mention that this is included with the meal. You have your choice of soup or salad.

@Droolius had mentioned they had some good Falafel so @vbterp and I had to order half a dozen. Very nice. First time @vbterp had tasted Falafel. I would say that was a good introduction to it.

Chicken Ticka. This was mine. Loved it. I was warned by the staff that it was spicy. I had to let him know I was Latino and I love me some spice.

Kifta Kabob Platter. @Vbterp loved this dish. She was a big fan of the veggies on the side. I have to say it’s hard to find veggies that are cooked well. King O Falafel does a great job with these dishes.

Was hoping to taste their Baklava, but @vbterp and I were too full. We will be going again.

@Vbterp and Foodbidden: TWO THUMBS UP!! Make that FOUR thumbs up!!  Amazing food at a decent price. Good portions. Clean restaurant. Friendly staff. Great menu items. I would say Kissimmee has a winner here.

5045 Irlo Bronson Memorial

Kissimmee, FL 34746

407 979 4940

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Alma Bella Restaurant


Sadly, this restaurant has closed. Please continue supporting local businesses, so this does not happen in our community. Updated: 5/3/16


Photo courtesy of Arlin De Leon (CEO of Alma Bella)

This is again one of the perks of my job. Being able to drive around and find local owned restaurants. This place use to be a Philly Cheesesteak restaurant. Won’t mention the name since it really never impressed me. As I was driving today I noticed a change in the awning and the colors. It’s right next to the 711 so it’s a bit hard to see.

Photo courtesy of Arlin De Leon (CEO of Alma Bella)

When I walked in I was greeted immediately. By Arlin who is the owner and another young lady who sadly I did not get her name. I was on the phone and had asked for a menu. Their slogan says “Healthy food makes your day”. I won’t lie I was a bit thrown off since I hardly see any Latino establishments with a healthy slogan.

The choices looked great and I must say it all looked freshly made. I always arrived at about 11am. I was told of the daily specials and about the menu items as well. Very impressed with the variety of options. And yes, they do make Philly cheesesteaks. Arlin is capitalizing on the old customers who came here before and proving that a Latina owned business can make an array of foods.

My choice for today was the BBQ Chicken. Never had I tasted anything so succulent. Flavorful and the meat came off the bone by just looking at it. They yellow rice and corn was something I haven’t tasted before, but that mix was very good. The salad is a nice touch to the lunch special. The beans were tasty as well.

Here was my favorite. Smoothie de Lechosa. I know you want to know what that is. Google it and after you find it online order one. Arlin suggested this one. I was going to go with my everyday Coke. I am glad she talked me out of it. Great smoothie.  They offer a variety of healthy smoothies in their menu.

This was an easy TWO THUMBS UP!! Arlin has just opened two weeks ago and is truly going places with her restaurant. I will be going again and bringing my family with me. If you are in the area give it a try. Tell them Foodbidden sent you. Arlin will smile for sure.

Arlin, again. Thank you so much for your kindness. Muchisimas gracias.

Find them on Instagram and Facebook. Their pics of their menu items look great.
Alma Bella Restaurant

1943 E Irlo Bronson Memorial

Kissimmee, FL 34744


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