Pizza A Cone (Pizza A Kono)

Or better known to the folks around here at Pizza A Kono.

(Photo courtesy of Pizza A Kono)

Have been wanting to come here for a long time. Strange because I pass it up every so often. Today was the day to give it a try.

The place is spotless. Very clean and has a very contemporary look. They had a lasagna special today and have garlic bread as well. Lots of choices.

Now I have to warn my American friends. This is a Puerto Rican establishment. Do not be ashamed to use the little Spanish you know or point to their menu on the counter. A smile goes a long way too.

Ferrero Rocher Frappe. I had asked the staff what he suggested. Wow. This is what life is all about. The perfect frappe. I am coming back very soon for another one. Best sugar coma I have had in years.

Italian Sausage pizza in a cone. I love this concept. It’s very new to me. The sausage was perfect and the way the cheese melts all the way down inside the cone is amazing. This is well worth the drive to check this place out.

Two Thumbs Up!!  Great customer service. Came for lunch and it was a bit slow. I would love to see this place on the weekends. Very good.
Pizza A Cone

1928 Fortune Road

Kissimmee, FL 34744

(407) 483-5703

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