Yalaha Bakery (Orlando)

Nice little place in Orlando. Ivanhoe Village is lucky to have this awesome little bakery in town. All the goodies are brought in from the actual Yalaha bakery in Yalaha Florida.

Believe it or not all these people here today were talking about not knowing about this place and how they happened to find it by accident.

I had to chime in and tell them that I was in the same boat. I never heard of it until today. They have been here for a year and a half. Now, on to the SWEET STUFF!

Fruit Slice Raspberry. Cindy was the one helping me out today and I got her to tell me one of her recommendations.

Almond Horn. This was Cindy’s suggestion. Great tasting treat. She said if I liked marzipan that I would love this one. She was right.

Overall, nice little place to be for a nice hot latte and a sweet treat. Ask for Cindy she will steer ya in the right direction.

Yalaha Bakery
(321) 800-5212
1213 North Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32804

Yalaha Bakery on Urbanspoon

Location:1213 North Orange Avenue Orlando, FL 32804


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