All Italian Market and Deli

I have passed this place many times and never knew that they have a whole menu of food in here. I had to try this for myself.

The deli has a lot of class. You can find all kinds of Italian goodies in here. The music in the background is all Italin artist. Very nice.

Locals here today just hanging out drinking their bowl of soup and sipping on their latte. And that is what I started with.

Cafe Latte. Nice and smooth and the way a latte should taste. This hit the spot today. This is going to be the perfect pairing to my panini.

Capri Panini. Fresh Mozzarella, tomatoes, fresh basil, basil pesto, extra-virgin oil and Modena balsamic vinegar. I have to be honest. I saw a picture on line regarding this sandwich here and I literally pointed it out on my phone and this is what I got. Fantastic!

I will have to visit this place again and try their Lasagna and other goodies that they have. I didn’t have time for dessert today but the dessert menu caught my eye.

Foodbidden TWO THUMBS UP!!

All Italian Market & Deli
(407) 704-1856
13526 Village Park Dr. Suite 214
Orlando, FL 32837

All Italian Market & Deli on Urbanspoon

Location:13526 Village Park Dr. Suite 214 Orlando, FL 32837


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