Fortuna Bakery And Cafe

This one I can’t even believe myself. I went to go eat at Mi Bandeja Paisa again today. Two days in a row. This time I went with JB, KB, and @xobejm. As you know from my prior post, they serve huge portions. Well, this time I brought food to go. Meaning what? I had more room for dessert and treats. Last night, while going to Mi Bandeja Paisa I noticed lots of local people going into this bakery. So, of course I had to @urbanspoon it and see what was up with this place. WOWZA!! First of all, lots of positive comments and high ratings. KB had said she had been here before and said, LEGGO!! So, we did.

One word. DANG! Nice. Check out the place. I have truly been surprised with these small Latino businesses and their ability to look stylish.

Nice little selection there of treats and goodies. KB said she had come for breakfast one time before and she loved it. They had so many sweets.

They just keep on going and going.


Tres Leches and yes, more chocolate.

How were we supposed to decide. Finally, JB took the plunge and ordered a few. I followed with my order as well. Since we were too full from dinner, we decided to get them to go.

White chocolate cake, Mocha, and for baby girl the Tres Leches.

They were open pretty late. It was about 8:15pm. I would not expect a bakery to be open at this time. When I passed by yesterday the place was packed. And today before dinner it was again. I will have to check it out during breakfast as well to see what they got.

Baby Girl APPROVED!!

Foodbidden Approved!!

With just one concern. One of the workers in the back. A young man. He was sitting on one of the counters while customers were in the store. As a customer, I feel that they should show more courtesy and respect towards the clientele. I am sure it was after his work shift and he was just hanging out, but it just didn’t feel appropriate.

All the treats and sweets were amazing. I suggest if you are in the area to check them out. Yummy sweets!

Fortuna Bakery & Café
(407) 855-7070
12701 S John Young Pkwy
Orlando, FL 32837

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Location:12701 S. John Young Parkway, Orlando, FL 32837