Singh’s Roti Shop (Grand Cayman)

Grand Cayman once again and this time I was with the big boss @aroth. Luckily, she enjoys great food like I do.

When I first told her about going to a Roti shop she was ready to try something new. She even did her research on line finding information on what a Roti shop had. We head out into town and started asking locals where the Roti shop was located.

They sent us down Shedden road in Georgetown. When you come out of the gate from the ship you make a right. Second street is Shedden make a left and walk straight down passed the Thai restaurant until you see Singh’s Roti on your left.

My first Roti shop experience was in Orlando. At Singh’s Roti Shop as well. I thought it was perfect that it had the same name. Curious to know if it’s the same owners.

When we walked in my buddy David was there. I love bumping into crew who enjoy good food. It smelled great when we walked in. Trudy was our server today. We decided to order the lunch special and a Roti. I also wanted a typical drink from Trinidad.

Mauby. A typical drink from Trinidad.

Stew Chicken with Rice and Salad. Delicious. The only thing that was difficult for @aroth and I was the bones. You had to be careful while chewing.

Curry Chicken Roti. This one deserved three pictures and more. Outstanding. The curry was spot on. No bones in the chicken and I swear I swallowed it in two seconds. My buddy David was making fun at me and asking if I needed another one. It truly was that good.
 Singh’s Roti Shop
 Shedden Road, Georgetown
 Grand Cayman, BWI

Location:Shedden Road, Georgetown

Golden Krust Caribbean Cuisine

What a great way to start my morning. I thought it was a pizza place at first. When I saw the sign below saying Caribbean cuisine and open at 8:00am. Perfect!!

Walked in and asked for the breakfast special. The gentleman recommended Ackee or Callaloo. I told him to pick his favorite.

Nice place. This must have been a pizza place before. The way the seats are set up it feels like it. Of maybe a Subway. Either way they are making this work for them right now.

All types of Caribbean cuisine here. The Oxtail has got my attention. I will have to come back for lunch. And the curry goat looks great as well. Now on to the FOOD!!

My dear friend here was nice enough to give me a bit of both. Callaloo on the right and the Ackee on the left. WOW! This was very good. I am a bigger fan of the Ackee. I enjoy the Saltfish taste early in the morning. The Callaloo is more of a spinach kind of substance. Still good but I am liking the Ackee better.

Let me not forget the boiled banana on the bottom and the two rolls. I could have done with one roll since they are so filling. Not a dull moment for my palate today. This was something different for me. Very nice!

Don’t be scared by the man behind the register. He seems mean, but is a nice guy once you start talking to him.

Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill
(407) 944-8879
1009 W Vine St
Kissimmee, FL 34741

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Location:W Vine St,Kissimmee,United States