No Name Beach Bar and Grill (Cozumel Mexico)

The weather was horrible in Cozumel. We had a day of rough seas and not able to dock in Costa Maya, so we came to Cozumel in the evening and stayed overnight. This morning the weather continued being bad.

After putting on our ponchos we head out for a food-venture. The No Name Bar was where we happen to arrive. We went to another place beforehand, but it was packed so we came here. So glad we did.

It’s a very small bar area. I had to ask if they served food and they have a large selection of items to order. Including some Turkish dishes.

The menu was awesome. Flags from all over the world. This bar and grill is made by crew, for crew. Their welcome mat says it as soon as you walk in. Sadly, I didn’t get a picture of it.

@aroth was a serious trooper today. After all that rain hitting our faces we were happy to be somewhere that was nice and warm and with free wifi.

Big Momma (@aroth) started it off with a Cafe Latte. Great choice. With that little touch of cinnamon.

Turkish coffee for me. And yes that is a double. Wow. I swear I grew hair with that first drink. The “mud” at the end is always the best.

Oh yeah. Not everyone enjoys this. I happen to be a fan of Turkish coffee. Kudos to No Name Bar for making it so well. As I mentioned they have different Turkish items on the menu.

El Capitan’s Girlfriend. Arrachera (Steak) with French Fries and Side Salad. This was my dish. Oh yes. I tend to come to Cozumel for their steak. It has a unique taste.

@aroth ordered The 2nd Officer. Arrachera tacos with cheese. They bring you the pico de gallo and the guacamole on the side.
 All in all, very nice place. Veronica was our server and she was very sweet. The woman at the bar was not as friendly. She just gave us the menus and had us have a seat. Efficient, but not friendly. No Name is located right across the street from Mega grocery store. Ask for Veronica.

Dos Dedos Para Arriba!! (Two Thumbs Up)
 No Name Beach Bar and Grill
 628 Avenida Rafael Melgar
 Cozumel, Mexico
 Quintana Roo

Location:628 Avenida Rafael Melgar

Jerusalem Restaurant

What a day. Worked all weekend and as soon as my shift was over @xobejm calls to ask if we were going to be adventurous today. My answer, “Oh Yeah!”

Middle Eastern food was on my mind, but I expected a fast food place. This is a sit down restaurant with lots of style and class. The outside seating is spectacular.

I had read many reviews from @yelp about this place in my neck of the woods. Kissimmee has many hidden gems and this is definitely one of them. Rafat, the owner was nice enough to stop at our table and chat with us.

The inside of the restaurant is top notch. The decor is gorgeous and the furniture gives the place a high end look. They have been in this area for over 5 years.

Pita Bread. As we came in we were greeted by a few young ladies. One of them who happened to be our server. We weren’t able to get her name, but she was nice. The pita bread was the first thing to come out and we devoured it in about second.

Next up was my Turkish Coffee. One of the other servers mentioned me not sleeping tonight after having this drink. Nice and strong and very tasty. Now….LET’S TALK FOOD!!

Mazza-A Combination of
hommous, baba ghamouge, grape leaves, tabbouli and kibbeb or falafel. We asked our server what she recommended. She suggested this plate and I am glad we tried it. A bit of everything. Very nice.

@Xobejm ordered the Kids Spaghetti with meat served with tomato sauce. I had to take a bite because it smelled so good. This was very good. Not too saucy which is just like I like it and @xobejm too.

Chicken Shawerma.
Chicken breast pieces marinated with special spices, slowly roasted vertically on a skewer by low fire, thinly sliced served with rice and house salad. @Tarajroth ordered this and her favorite part was the Tahuni sauce. A sort of mayonnaise with garlic type sauce. This was the Foodbidden family favorite.

Kabab Combination
A combination of shish kabab, shish kwook and kafta served on a bed or rice and house salad. Every piece of protein was fantastic. Cooked perfectly. So flavorful.

After all this we were too full for dessert. What a great place. They also have a store next door where you can buy their cheese from their cheese plate and their pita bread too.

Rafat, thank you so much for stopping by our table and speaking to us. It was nice to know about your business. You have a perfect restaurant and delicious food.

Foodbidden Family Approved!!

Jerusalem Middle Eastern Restaurant
(407) 397-2230
2920 Vineland Road
Kissimmee, FL 34746

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Location:2920 Vineland Road, Kissimmee, FL 34746