Murray’s Deli

Another gorgeous day in Paradise. Paradise Island that is. AA and I had decided to go on a #foodventure and Atlantis would be the place.

Lucky for us @gailyw and hubby happened to be in town visiting, so we planned on meeting for lunch.

This place is HUGE. Fits a bunch of people and trust me after a few minutes it got packed.

The place is clean. Open kitchen is always nice. Makes me feel safe.

The decor is amazing and the place is jammin with current songs and oldies.

Shakes with liquor. @Gailyw and hubby wasted no time. You can order the shakes with the liquor of choice. Good way to start a vacation.

Roast Beef with Au Jus. This was very flavorful. Now I won’t say that it’s better than Chicago. But I would say this was pretty good

Chicken and waffles. How can you ever go wrong with chicken and waffles? Their portions are big. You have to come hungry.

All kinds of cakes for dessert. None of us could possibly eat one of these desserts, but it all looked so good I had to take a picture of it.

Thank you so much to Gail and Simon for making time to eat with us. AA and I had a blast.

The service was a bit slow, but our server was very nice and efficient. It does get very busy and that’s why it tends to take a little bit longer to get your food.

Two Thumbs Up.

Murray’s Delicatessen
Atlantis Paradise Island
Nassau, Bahamas

Location:Nassau Bahamas, Atlantis Paradise Island

Location:Nassau Bahamas, Atlantis Paradise Island

Sharkeez Bar and Grill

I have been pleasantly surprised today. This was a place I did not want to go to. I repeat. Did not. While being upset about going in to the restaurant we came across a lovely young lady who greeted us at the top of the steps.

I was traveling with my good friend AA this week and we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. I wanted to try this Italian restaurant just down the road, but we weren’t in the pasta mood.

Sharkeez to me will always be a tourist trap. I guess I got suckered into being trapped as well. But I have to tell you…..I LOVED IT. Let’s start with the basics. Greeted by a lovely young lady. Sat down and the music was just right. All kinds of Pop songs that made you want to boogie as soon as you walked in. There is outside seating as well which I didn’t take a picture of. And it’s a gorgeous view of the water and the ships.

I asked our lovely server what she recommended to drink and she came back a second later with a Kalik. Nice and smooth beer. “The Beer Of The Bahamas”.

Bahamian Conch Fritters
 Delicious Caribbean conch fritters, fried golden brown, served with their homemade calypso island sauce. I had to order this one. Saw it on the menu and I loved the sauce that came with it.

Fish and Chips (Mahi Mahi) This was AA’s dish. I had a taste and it was perfect. Our server suggested the Mahi and she was absolutely right.

Jerk Chicken Sandwich
 Jerked to perfection served on sesame seed bun with lettuce and tomatoes with cheese. This was my dish. What else is there to say?
 Unfortunately, I never got the name of our server. She was great. The whole staff work as a team here and everyone was in great spirits. The music makes a big difference in people’s mood. They serve all kinds of dishes. American and Bahamian. For you non-adventurers this is the place to come and have a good meal. I truly enjoyed it.
 Lots of crew come here for the free wifi as well. When we walked in it wasn’t busy. By the time we were leaving it was packed. Big Kudos to AA for being a trooper and coming out to find a new food-venture.

Dos Dedos Arriba!!!
 Sharkeez Bar and Grill
 Prince George Wharf, Nassau, New Providence Island

Location:Prince George Wharf, Nassau, New Providence Island

Taj Mahal (Nasssau, Bahamas)

Here we were with @tarajroth. Our last meal at Nassau of 2013. We had to go out and venture out on the island and get some good grub.

As always I asked around to crew members and I was told to check out Taj Mahal. Formerly known as Green Shutters. It was an Irish Pub way back in the day.

@tarajroth and I walked out and had no idea where to go. Luckily, I am not a typical male and asked for directions as many times as I could. It seemed the locals were sending us all kinds of different ways.

Finally a taxi driver led us to the right direction. From Bay Street you go to Parliament and go up the hill. Taj Mahal is on the right.

The Green shutters cannot be missed. We walked in and some locals were sitting down enjoying a good meal. We were greeted by a lovely young lady and sat down near the bar area.

Mango Lassi with Cinnamon

Chicken Vindaloo. The spice was perfect. I walked out sweating. Just like I like it.

Chicken Korma. @tarajroth ordered this one. I didn’t want to taste it because my dish was so yummy.

Garlic Naan. Very garlicky. Amazing.

Feast Shot.
 The place is expensive, but worth every penny. The portions are more than generous and the flavor and spice was like no other. Service is spot on. I will be going back and taking friends here.

Two Thumbs Up.
 Taj Mahal
 Parliament Street
 Nassau, Bahamas

Location:Parliament Street

Pepper Pot Grill (Nassau, Bahamas)

 My dear friend Leslie from DCL was the one who introduced me to this place years ago. Today I had to bring my buddy Chris with me. It is near the straw market. You have to cross the street from the main road and it’s hidden in the back. I asked some taxi drivers and they told me it was closed. I then asked around again and they directed me to where it was at.

It was the first time Chris was eating Jamaican food. This was truly a great place to start. Sandra was our server today. She was awesome. Got our food out quickly. The place is nice and clean. It is cash only. They claim to have the best Jamaican food on the island. It is strange to be in the Bahamas and have Jamaican food.

Mango Juice. This is what Chris ordered. I wanted to take a sip, but I was enjoying my carrot juice way too much.

Carrot Juice. I was expecting to taste carrots and soil. I was not expecting it to be creamy. I wanted five more of these. This juice is perfect.

Jerk Chicken with rice and peas and plantains. I remember it having more of a kick. This time around Chris said it was tasty, but it was missing the kick.

Curry chicken with white rice and plantains. This was my dish. The curry was perfect. Great taste. Had a nice spicy kick to it, but my issue were the bones in the chicken. Still delicious, just annoying. They have other sides that they offer. I love their plantains.

Fruit Cake. For dessert I had my eye on the chocolate cake they had near the register. To my surprise it was their Fruit Cake. Fantastic. I could not tell you what it had on the inside, but it was great. Chris and I were full and we still took more than one bite because it was that good.

Two Thumbs Up. Foodbidden Approved.
 Overall, the place is a hidden gem. It is off from the main road. Short walk and definitely worth it. Cash only. Place is clean. Ask for Sandra. She is awesome. Oxtail is on the menu. Busy during lunch time. Lots of locals call their orders in and come and pick them up.
 Pepper Pot Grill
 Nassau, Bahamas
 Near Market and George Street

Location:Between Market and George Street

Cafe Skans (Nassau Bahamas)

Today the Foodbidden Family had an adventure like never before. In the ever interesting Nassau Bahamas.

We have seen it, but never came in. This was the day we had to do it. Little did we know what we would be getting ourselves into.

The restaurant is huge. I haven’t seen a place this big in Nassau ever. We tend to hit the little mom and pop shops. Well, this one is a mom and pop shop, but they have a lot of space.

The place got packed in a second. Wow. Locals and fellow cruisers were here this day wanting some good grub. This included us, so LET’S TALK FOOD!!!

Gyros Platter. All kinds of choices are served here. From Greek to Bahamian dishes. Lots of flavor in all our dishes here.

Jerk Chicken and Pork Combo with rice and bean mix and Mac and Cheese casserole. @tarajroth had this one and I have to admit this was my favorite.

Pork Chop Sandwich with French Fries. This was @xobejm dish. She originally ordered the ribs, but they are all gone by the time we got there. We arrived around 12:30pm. Strange. So, she went with the Pork Chop. I always have a hard time taking pics of a sandwich. I decided to add two pics to get an idea of what it looked like. It had lettuce, mayo, mustard, and onions. @xobejm went with no tomatoes.

We were absolutely floored on how well the food tasted. The service was awesome and Carla our server was efficient and had the best smile ever. Lots of flavor and way too much to choose from. This is the place to be and that is why so many people were here today. The lobster, shrimp, mussels, etc. looked amazing. My next time here I am going for the seafood.

Foodbidden Family: TWO THUMBS UP!! OH YEAH!!

Cafe Skans
Bay Street

Location:Nassau Bahamas, Bay Street


Nassau, Bahamas.

Summer and I were told by a lovely crew member about a new place she had tried on the island. I was a bit hesitant at first, but I figure you only live once and had to check it out. Thank you so much Summer for indulging me in my craziness with @foodspotting.

Originally, I thought it was only Indian food. They had Italian as well. Mr. Govind Chhatlani, the owner, spoke to us at our table to see how we were doing and enjoying our food.

This used to be a European sandwich shop way back in the day. Many crew members come for the free Wifi. Thanks to our server for the password to access the Internet. Unfortunately, we never got her name. Great server.

There were four ships at port today, so different crew members from different ships were here checking their emails and enjoying a cup of coffee. One local came in and went straight to the food. Summer and I started with the Samosas. Summer got the chicken and I got the veggie ones.

We were told by the owner, Govind, that he just started adding the chicken samosas to the menu. He asked how we liked it and we said we loved it. Thanks Summer for sharing your Samosa with me. The veggie ones were good. A bit spicier than the chicken ones, but the chicken ones were fantastic. This was Summer’s first time and I am so happy she enjoyed her order. The odd part was being offered Ketchup or Hot Sauce with our order. I obviously, chose both. Not typical for me to have a Samosa with those toppings but it was very tasty. I actually enjoyed it. Very different from your typical chutney, mango, pickled sauces.

I tried to be gentle while cutting into them to take a great picture, but was not successful. Again, to give you the idea of what the insides looked like. While I am writing this I can taste that chicken with all the herbs and spices.

Several choices to be made and I decided to keep it simple today. Chicken Curry with white rice. Great choice. Spicy enough to provide that sweat from the forehead and clear the sinuses at the end of the meal. It was great. It’s always nice to get off the ship and find dishes with some true flavor.

I tend to always order the Garlic Naan. Unfortunately, they had none today, so I had to order the Garlic Roti. Wasn’t my preference, but I said yes and ordered it. I was happy I did. This Roti was nice and soft and complemented my dish perfectly. Thanks to our server for the suggestion.

I am trying to always add the “Feast” picture to show all that I had. We had a great time and I have to say it was nice that Summer enjoyed it. Her first time eating a Samosa was a success.


Foodbidden APPROVED!!

The place is small but had lots of character. Nice decor and at the same time very simple. Some stools to sit outside as well. Only about two tables outside. No smoking inside, only outside. Thank you Govind.

If ever in Nassau. Check them out. Govind speaks to all his customers to be sure they are taken care of. He wants to be sure his customers are satisfied with the quality of his food.

Afterwards, I had to get chocolates for wifey at Sugar Happens. Be sure to read my blog about this candy store. They have it all. Thanks to @signcarmelo who introduced us to this place. Scary that the ladies from the candy store recognize me now. : )

Cafe Bar and Restaurant
Fine Indian and Italian Cuisine
#6 Charbay Plaza
Charlotte Street North
Nassau, Bahamas
(242) 328-4360

Location:#6 Charbay Plaza, Charlotte Street North, Nassau, Bahamas