Rancho Latino (St. Thomas, USVI)

Here I was in St. Thomas after a long two weeks of work. I searched on line for a god spot. Found one called Rancho Latino. Dominican owned. While asking a buddy of mine if he knew where it was he directed me to a local who explained where the place was. She also said it was her own personal favorite spot.

Being directionally challenged made it difficult to get there, but I did finally arrive. On the bright side I got some good exercise. It is about a mile away from the ship. I found a shortcut walking back, so it seemed quicker.

This place was very nice. Decor was not extravagant, but made in a way to make you feel at home. I was welcomed as soon as I came in. I was very sweaty from all the walking and was given a napkin to wipe off. Very sweet ladies. Bianca was my server today and offered me a drink.

Jugo de Parcha. Passion Fruit Juice. I had asked for Tamarind, but they were all out. The passion fruit was very sweet. A bit too much for me.

Croquetas de Queso. Cheese croquetas. They were freshly made and came out very hot. I wanted to devour them all and had to wait for them to cool off a bit. Very good and very cheesy. Loved them.

Roast Pork, Mofongo, and salad. The tomato sauce on the side was interesting. Wasn’t sure if it was for the pork or for the Mofongo. Bianca asked what dressing I wanted for the salad and I decided to eat it plain. The pork was very savory. Each bite melted in my mouth. Nice and tender. The Mofongo was unreal. Loads of flavor and that hint of garlic that makes my mouth water every time I take a bite.

I always have to end it with a dessert. The Tres Leches is a must any place I go. This was very good. Not too sweet and the consistency was just right. Sometimes they tend to be too mushy. This one was firm and delicious. Two thumbs up for the dessert.

Overall, great place. Has some good reviews. Staff is sweet. Bianca was awesome. Music is perfect. Not too loud. Locals come here for lunch. Nice place to come and have a great meal.


Rancho Latino (St. Thomas)
Vitraco Mall
W Indies Dock Road, Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands

Location:W Indies Dock Road, Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands

Sabor Del Caribe Kissimmee

I have to emphasize “Kissimmee” in this title, so I can claim that I have this one in my own backyard. True Dominican food at its finest! Notice baby girl at the bottom of the picture. Such a ham.

I have not been on the weekends but they have Karaoke and live music. A co-worker of mine comes here often just to hang out at the bar. Don’t be scared by the emptiness. As I mentioned before, I don’t like taking pictures of people sitting next to me and eating. Several people were having dinner. Not a full house, but most people pick up their food and go.

Spacious. Lots of room. I can just imagine all my fellow Latinos singing and dancing all over these floors. It must be one heck of a party at night. WEEEEEPAAAAA!!!

Ensalada de Pulpo. Yes, you read it right. Pulpo (Octopus). I had tried this months ago and it was divine. No better way to describe it.

As soon as you walk in, there is a buffet on your left. All kinds of deliciousness.

Excuse my horrible cropping abilities. Again, just so you can see the variety of food that they have. Chicken, Pernil, Beef, OH MY!

Baby girl always gets the Pernil with white rice. And it goes without saying that she puts Ketchup on the rice. I used to say, old Latino tradition, but I see everyone puts Ketchup in their rice nowadays.

I had to take some food from her dish cuz they make it so well here.

My little side salad with my dinner. Nothing to write home about, but decent. They have a variety of dressings to choose from.

They make a mean Mofongo. Garlic and bacon pieces together in one bite. YUM. And to accompany my savory dish I ordered the Carne Frita.

Well made. Tender and made on the spot. One word: Flavorful! I have had Carne Frita in some Cuban restaurants in the area, but this is the best by far. I always put some hot sauce on the plate and dip the Carne Frita and the Mofongo in it.

Both the Carne Frita and Mofongo are made to order. It takes a bit to make, but its worth every minute of it. They have lunch specials daily. $3.99 and up for lunch. Dinner is about a dollar or two dollars more. And they serve, in my opinion, way too big of a portion. If you take it to go it cost less than if you have it in the restaurant. The lunch special includes a soda. Whether you get it for here or to go, be prepared to be served A LOT!

Baby girl and I like to go in and sit down and listen to the Bachata, Salsa, and Merengue playing while we eat. It truly is finger licking good. The owner knows us now and is very kind. He is always in the mix of things, whether it be serving from the buffet or bringing the entrees out. A true hard working owner. He is always greeting every customer as they come in. The service is good. The ladies do a good job serving and making sure they are being efficient yet friendly.

If you are ever on my side of town. Come check out my “hood” and visit Sabor Del Caribe. They open at 8am and close late. Weekends they close about 12:00am to 1:00am depending on how good the party is at night.

Baby girl approved and Foodbidden approved!!

UPDATE: February 5, 2013. @tarajroth and I went for breakfast. It was fantastic. Pics below. Eggs, Sausage, Yuca. Other plate, Eggs, Salami, Cheese, and Mangu. Amazing breakfast this morning.

Sabor Del Caribe
1502 west vine street
Kissimmee Florida 34741
(407) 931-0026

Location:1502 west vine street Kissimmee Florida 34741

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