Mervis’ Cafe and Grille

Photo taken and credit to Susan242b. Great pic.

How many people can say they went to Ft. Pierce to work for a day.

It was bright and early when I left Kissimmee. I arrived at Fort Pierce around 8 AM and was looking for a local place to eat near my assignment.

The reviews mentioned that this was a very nice Cuban Café. I had to try it for myself. They have been in this location for 13 years. The owner knew immediately I was not from there. A lot of locals come here for their sandwiches and coffee.

Egg, Ham, and Cheese Sandwich. I wasn’t sure what to get and they suggested this sandwich. It was very good. Made on Cuban bread.

Cafe con Leche. Very nice coffee. I was wired for a bit after drinking this.
 Overall, very good customer service. It’s located inside a post office so it seems strange at first. Again, many locals come to get their food here. Everybody around this area knows about this place. It’s definitely a must try.

Two Thumbs Up!!
 Mervis Cafe & Grill
 (772) 462-6600
 402 S 5th St
 Fort Pierce, FL 34950
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Location:402 S. 5th Street, Ft Pierce, FL 34950


Big Mama’s (Costa Maya)

The unexpected surprises are always the best. @tarajroth and I had a small window to “jump off the ship” and go and get a bite to eat. My buddy Bam from DCL suggested a place called Big Mama’s.

My favorite part of the story was him saying that it was not fancy and that we would get to see Big Mama while there. @Tarajroth and I looked at each other and agreed it had to be done.

It was a rainy day. For some strange reason I had my umbrella with me and we walked quite a bit to find a taxi. Long story on why taxis aren’t allowed anymore near the pier. We found a taxi and we were on our way.

When we arrived Bam was there at Big Mama’s. I always love when people suggest a place that they personally eat it. When we arrived we were greeted by Big Mama. Sweet woman who has owned the restaurant for a year now.

Hugo was our server today. we stayed under the small hut. We had the option of sitting by the beach, but the rain stopped us from doing it today.

Big Mama was standing in the front area of the restaurant advertising to all the tourist stopping by bragging about her fresh fruit Margaritas.

Big Mama had asked if I wanted some serious hot sauce and my answer without hesitation was yes.
 The tears would not stop. This stuff was very spicy. I loved it.

 Fresh Guacamole. @Tarajroth has this philosophy. If the guacamole is good then all the rest of the dishes have to be good. Now you see why I love this woman.

Steak Burrito

Cheese enchiladas with green sauce.

Overall a nice place. Don’t expect anything fancy. This is not for regular tourist. This place is for people who love local eats. Everyone is down to earth. They are all very attentive as soon as you arrive. The food is good. Mexican coke is a must. Guacamole is also a must. Big Mama is greeting everyone with a big smile. Check it out for yourself.

Big Mama’s
 Costa Maya
 When you arrive to the pier. Look for a taxi and ask for Big Mama’s. All the locals know about this place.

Location:Costa Maya