No Name Beach Bar and Grill (Cozumel Mexico)

The weather was horrible in Cozumel. We had a day of rough seas and not able to dock in Costa Maya, so we came to Cozumel in the evening and stayed overnight. This morning the weather continued being bad.

After putting on our ponchos we head out for a food-venture. The No Name Bar was where we happen to arrive. We went to another place beforehand, but it was packed so we came here. So glad we did.

It’s a very small bar area. I had to ask if they served food and they have a large selection of items to order. Including some Turkish dishes.

The menu was awesome. Flags from all over the world. This bar and grill is made by crew, for crew. Their welcome mat says it as soon as you walk in. Sadly, I didn’t get a picture of it.

@aroth was a serious trooper today. After all that rain hitting our faces we were happy to be somewhere that was nice and warm and with free wifi.

Big Momma (@aroth) started it off with a Cafe Latte. Great choice. With that little touch of cinnamon.

Turkish coffee for me. And yes that is a double. Wow. I swear I grew hair with that first drink. The “mud” at the end is always the best.

Oh yeah. Not everyone enjoys this. I happen to be a fan of Turkish coffee. Kudos to No Name Bar for making it so well. As I mentioned they have different Turkish items on the menu.

El Capitan’s Girlfriend. Arrachera (Steak) with French Fries and Side Salad. This was my dish. Oh yes. I tend to come to Cozumel for their steak. It has a unique taste.

@aroth ordered The 2nd Officer. Arrachera tacos with cheese. They bring you the pico de gallo and the guacamole on the side.
 All in all, very nice place. Veronica was our server and she was very sweet. The woman at the bar was not as friendly. She just gave us the menus and had us have a seat. Efficient, but not friendly. No Name is located right across the street from Mega grocery store. Ask for Veronica.

Dos Dedos Para Arriba!! (Two Thumbs Up)
 No Name Beach Bar and Grill
 628 Avenida Rafael Melgar
 Cozumel, Mexico
 Quintana Roo

Location:628 Avenida Rafael Melgar

Boiling Crab and Seafood

Today was our UYE event and the spot was in Orlando. @OrlandoFamStyle @orlandouncorked, James, and myself were here today. Located on Colonial and Mills area. Parking is a hassle and once you have parked you only have two hours. I was lucky to arrive early and parked in the back parking lot which is always super full.

Saw some reviews and it suggested many things from the menu. I went with the Fried Catfish and the French Iced Coffee. Honestly we just didn’t want to get messy with the crawfish and what not.

French Iced Coffee. WOW!! Very strong and the condensed milk hits the spot. Maybe not the best pairing with catfish, but yummy nonetheless.

Nice place overall. Everything is very clean. Even the restrooms were well maintained. Also, Free Wifi is a big plus in any restaurant.

Onion rings. James ordered these today and he said they were delicious. I didn’t get around to trying them since I was so focused on my dish.

Fried Catfish basket with french fries and bread roll. I loved dipping the catfish in the tartar sauce. The fish was well made. Not soggy and just the perfect crunch.

Feast shot. You know I have to add this shot whenever I can. All of us partaking in some good grub.

Nice place on Colonial. May bring some of the familia here if we are ever in the area. Check it out for yourself. It has some great food and customer service is amazing.

Boiling Crab and Seafood
(407) 898-7770
1242 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32803

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Location:1242 East Colonial Drive Orlando, FL 32803

Taka Taka’s Cafe

First of all thanks to the UYE Lunch Bunch for hosting such a wonderful event and having great people come together and eat some amazing food. @OrlandoFamStyle always knows how to host a great party.

Venezuelan restaurant on Colonial and Econlockhatchee. Inside the Tower Square plaza. Very easy to miss. I drive down this road often and had never seen this place until now.

Today was Yadira’s birthday. Our server. She was awesome in taking all our orders. Today it was @tarajroth @xobejm @eatlocalorlando @Ann_archy @OrlandoFamStyle Brian, and Mena.

I started off with a Cafe Con Leche. Yadira hooked this puppy up. Smooth taste and had me hyper the rest of the day. Two thumbs up.

We were given the sauces to try on every dish. Garlic, chimichurri, spicy sauce, and the famous green sauce. Who knows what’s inside but it’s fantastic. We all loved the green sauce.

La Gloteneria Del Chef. Ham, cheese, sausage, cheese, arepa, French fries, steak, and chicken. WOW. This was huge. It’s supposed to serve two but we shared it with the group cuz it was way too much.

El Pabellon. Shredded beef, black beans, rice, and plantains. This was @OrlandoFamStyle and Brian’s dish. The beef was so good.

Cachapas. Sweet corn cake with cheese. @Eatlocalorlando loves these so we shared these as well. Nice sweet and savory taste.

My infamous Feast Shot. As I always say, it brings me joy to sit down and eat good food surrounded by amazing people.

Brazo Gitano. Yadira explained it as a sort of Caramel within the cake.

Brazo Gitano. I had never had this before. This was good. Not my favorite but not bad.

Yadira, Feliz Cumpleaños y Gracias por todo. Nos encanto la comida. Vamos a regresar muy pronto.

Taka Takas Café · Authentic Venezuelan Food
(407) 601-5957
9318 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32817

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Location:9318 E Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32817

Mi Tiendita Peruana

This was definitely an adventure not to be forgotten.

It all started with picking up @xobejm and looking for a new place to eat. Traffic was Nasty with a capital N. I didn’t know what to do or where to go, so I made a left from John Young onto Donegan and found another hidden treasure in Kissimmee. On Donegan and a block West of Michigan avenue.

Mi Tiendita Peruana is a supermarket/cafe. I had to double check they served food before we walked in. Walter the owner greeted me with a smile and welcomed @xobejm and I immediately. I knew I would love the place as soon as he welcomed us.

Walter told me what he recommended and I said, I will take one of each. Luckily, he only recommended two things for tonight. : ) He said, if you have never tried Peruvian food this is what you need to try.

You see me post this often, small and super tiny place. But very cozy. I felt very comfortable here after speaking with Walter. Peruvian cuisine is not something I am too familiar with, so I knew I was in for a surprise.

Surprise number one was the Tallarin Rojo. According to
“Tallarín Rojo: Homestyle Peruvian Spaghetti in Red Sauce”
Enough said. Amazing flavor!!

The creamy stuff on the side is what caught my eye. This was a good history lesson for me. According to Wikipedia: “Papa a la Huancaína (literally, Huancayo style potatoes) is a Peruvian salad of boiled yellow potatoes (similar to the Yukon Gold potatoes) in a spicy, creamy sauce called Huancaína sauce. Although the dish’s name is derived from Huancayo, a city in the Peruvian highlands, it has become a staple of everyday and holiday cuisine throughout the country.”
Mmmmmmmm….Amazing!! Creamy and a bit of spice makes it perfect. @xobejm and I were dipping our French Fries in it.

My second surprise was the Pollo a la Brasa. “Pollo a la Brasa, also known as Peruvian chicken or Blackened chicken in the United States and Charcoal Chicken in Australia, is a common dish of Peruvian cuisine and one of the most consumed in Peru, along with ceviche, and Chifa. The dish originated in the city of Lima in the 1950s.” Thank you Wikipedia. My order came with a bunch of French Fries that I did not photograph.

My chicken came with Ketchup, Huacatay (black mint leaves), and a tangy sort of sour cream. I didn’t get a chance to ask Walter what the white sauce was. I will ask next time I go. Oh yes, I am planning to go back. And Yes, it does look like Mickey. : )

After Walter saw me taking pictures of the food he invited me to take a look at a cake that a customer ordered. Pineapple Cake. It looked fantastic. I asked him if he had any now and he didn’t. You have to order this beauty ahead of time.

For dessert Walter suggested the Alfajor. “Alfajores are soft, delicate cookies from South America made, surprisingly, with cornstarch. The cornstarch gives the dough a smooth, satiny texture that makes it a dream to work with and produces a tender, crumbly cookie. Creamy Dulce de Leche holds the cookies together” Thank you

Delicious. Not too sweet. The dulce de leche gives it just the right touch without being to overwhelmingly sweet. @tarajroth, who joined us later on, loved this one.

She had to take a bite of mine. What did ya think about the Alfajor @tarajroth????

I think the white powder thumbs say it all. How about @xobejm, what did you think????

White thumbs it is!! This is truly a great spot. Small and cozy just the way we like it. Great customer service. Walter even gave Baby Girl a Peruvian chocolate as a token of his appreciation. Although, it was us who appreciated him and his great business. They have been here for 6 years and they will be here for several more! Awesome place.

Walter, Muchisimas gracias por todo y especialmente como se portó conmigo y mi familia. Se lo agradecemos con todo corazón.

Wifey, Baby Girl, and Foodbidden APPROVED!! (With the white thumbs up!)


Mi Tiendita Peruana
(407) 846-3255
1126 E Donegan Avenue
Kissimmee, FL 34744
Monday to Saturday: 9:00am to 8:00pm
Sunday: 9:00am to 5:00pm

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Location:1126 E Donegan Avenue, Kissimmee, FL 34744

Wackadoo’s Grub And Brew

Wackadoo’s Grub And Brew

Located inside the Student Union at the University of Central Florida. It’s independently owned and operated by UCF Alumni and students.

The menu is very catchy. Had to take a picture of this one. Modern music in the background. I could listen to Top 10 hits all day.

The table set up is awesome and they have a game room inside. The other half has a bar where you can have a brew and watch the sports games.

This evening had lots of people at the bar so I only took a picture of the tv screens. Lyndsay was the first person to greet me as I sat down. I saw the lunch special and had to order it. It was the BBQ Bacon Quesadillas with French fries and a side of Ranch dressing.

Not the best lighting for pictures but great for having a meal and a drink. The food order came quickly. I love quick and friendly service.

BBQ, Bacon, and Cheese. You can’t ever go wrong with those flavors combined. Great place to come and have a bite. Wackadoo’s does a good job taking care of the array of customers who come in. Always busy. Not a dull moment at Wackadoo’s

Lyndsay, you rock girl. YOU GO! Thank you so much for the quick meal with no hassle. Your customer service is well appreciated.

Foodbidden APPROVED!!!

Wackadoo’s Grub & Brew
(407) 282-1900
4000 Central Florida Boulevard
Orlando, FL 32816

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Location:Pegasus Cir,Orlando,United States

Melao Bakery

Melao Bakery

Thanks to @annrodoz for suggesting this place to me. She is a hardcore foodie as well who goes out to all these neat places to eat. Kissimmee is full of best kept secrets. This is off the beat and path. In front of the Oscoela Health Department. It’s been in this location for 4 years and still going strong.

The place is big. Not your typical hole in the wall. So much room, they could have a small nightclub in here. While sitting here in the restaurant I noticed all the music is Christian music. The staff shirts say, “Glory Be to God” (In Spanish of course) The restaurant is kept extremely clean.

I was careful taking pictures today. Lots of locals coming in and out for the fresh bread and coffee. Also, their breakfast selection is amazing. Best Puerto Rican food in this area. You name it you can order anything here and they will make it for you.

They have a separate area for all the sweets and treats. All of the other blogs I have done you see the buffet and the sweets together. Melao has its own section for sweets. Very nice.

Number 5 Breakfast Combo: Fried Eggs, Plantains, Ham, French Fries, Toast, and Cafe con leche. All of this yumminess for $8.00. Great prices and great portions. Open from 6am to 9pm. Highly recommend this place for anyone on a budget.

Foodbidden APPROVED!!

Melao Bakery
(407) 348-1777
1912 Boggy Creek Rd
Kissimmee, FL 34744

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Location:-1936 Boggy Creek Rd,Kissimmee,United States