Taco Norteño

This was a great start of my day. I was sent out to work in Winter Garden Florida. It’s a good 35 minutes from home with traffic. I took the Turnpike North and got off at 50 to Winter Garden.

As soon as I got off the exit I noticed this deliciousness. It was only about 9:40am, but I had to stop and get some tacos for breakfast.

The place is very nice. Very clean. One cook this morning and one gentleman who rung me up at the front.

I asked if I could get tacos. The gentleman said, “you can order whatever you like”. Menu was sweet and concise.

After ordering I had to go straight to the Salsa Bar. All the cilantro and onions you can put on your tacos. Not to mention all the hot sauces. This was heavenly.

Steak Tacos with onions and cilantro. This is my favorite way of eating an authentic taco. The steak was made perfectly. The flavors of the meat is what I have been craving since I left Chicago in 1999.

I had to take another picture of them since they looked and tasted so good.
 The customer service was okay. Not overly friendly, but not rude either. The #food can be seen cooked which makes me feel safe. I plan to come back and try their enchiladas and other menu items.

Foodbidden Two Thumbs Up!!
 Taco Norteño
 (407) 656-2567
 12307 W Colonial Dr
 Winter Garden, FL 34787
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Location:12307 W Colonial Dr Winter Garden, FL 34787

Señor Iguanas. Cozumel Mexico

I would like to give MUCHO thanks to @burgerbeast and Mrs. @burgerbeast for suggesting this place. Definitely off the beat and path. Or should I say off the “BEAST” and path. Also, big thanks to Angela who always puts up with me and all my food adventures and joining me today.

Great Mexican restaurant in Cozumel Mexico near the beach. Tourist come from all over the world just to sit down and have a Corona and then be on their way. This is the usual taxi stop when the taxi drivers give you a tour of the island.

Our view from our table was breathtaking. When @burgerbeast told me about the place and showed me pics I knew this was something I had to do.

Amazing. Felt so good to sit and hear the crashing of the waves. The breeze today was perfect. Now…on to the FOOD stuff!

Ok not yet, first I had to show what the bar looks like. We came early so the bar was not hopping. Once we were leaving lots of people were stopping by. Ok, NOW on to the FOOD stuff!!

WOW! The salsa was truly the freshest I have had. Angela had to ask what was inside. All fresh cut goodies. Best part was the Habanero peppers. Had a great kick to it. Excellent pico de gallo!

Guacamole. Once again. Freshly made. Not often have I found a place that makes it all on the spot. You can definitely taste the difference.

Arrachera Fajitas. Angela ordered these and they were great. They also had a mix of shrimp, chicken, and steak. Luckily, Angela and I were in the mood for all steak today.

Arrachera tacos, black beans, guacamole, salad. We ate these in two seconds. They were nice and soft and tender. Very flavorful. The tacos come plain and you add what you want. We always added the pico de gallo to everything.

Feast Shot. I cannot tell you how quickly we ate all of this. It was delicious. Only one observation, no Mexican coke. We got Pepsi in a can.

House Sangria. Angela saw it on the menu and it got her attention. They brought it over and even I tried some. Very refreshing! Not too overwhelming strong. Perfect ending to a great meal.

Foodbidden TWO THUMBS UP!!


I was not able to get specific address on this location. Will update when I can. Also, if getting off the cruise ship go to the Taxi area and ask for Señor Iguana Restaurant next to Mezcalitos. All the drivers know the place. It’s about a 30 minute drive from the pier.

Location:Cozumel Mexico