Chocolateria Isla Bella (Cozumel)

Two pleasant surprises in one day. When @tarajroth and I were walking back to the ship there was a woman sitting on a small stool and she asked if we wanted to try her chocolates.

Two Anglo women who live on the island and make chocolates everyday. Very laid back and super friendly ladies.

The place is cozy and smells great when you walk in.

You can see the variety of flavors that they have. @Tarajroth and I had to get an assortment before we left.

We were suggested a few of their favorites. We couldn’t decide so we picked a bunch.

Overall, this place was very nice. I was so glad the woman was sitting outside asking if we wanted to try some chocolate. @Tarajroth and I never say no to chocolate.

Chocolateria Isla Bella
 Wouldn’t be able to tell you the address but here is the best
 I can do. From the Pier: Walk out to the main road and make a left. When you get to the Thirsty Cougar make a right. Just a half a block down is Isla Bella. On your left.

Location:Cozumel, Mexico