The Thai Resturant (Grand Cayman)

Another gorgeous day at Grand Cayman. This time I had @xobejm with me and she was excited about our food-venture. My buddy Taufan from DCL told me I had to try this place.

We asked a local taxi driver and she gave us great directions. Behind Scotia Bank and behind the Post Office. Best part was Taufan was inside the restaurant when we arrived. He really likes this place.

Because of my buddy Sammy on DCL he had me talking about Green Curry and I told him one day I would try it. Today was the day. They had a buffet for lunch, but I decided to order from the menu hoping they had Green Curry.

Green Curry and Chow Mein was going to be our order. To my surprise @xobejm and I had to trade dishes. She wanted spicy and not a “plain” dish. I was so proud of her. She loved the spicy Green Curry.

The service was spectacular. I told them Taufan had suggested this place and they loved hearing that. They were super nice to us. Locals come in and get their food and are on their way. Several crew members were here today. Several that I knew.

Thai Iced Tea. This is a must all the time.

Green Chicken Curry (Spicy)

Chicken Chow Mein
 Again, service was spectacular. Great team. Everyone was extremely friendly and happy we were there. The place is beautiful. The decor is perfect and the restaurant is very clean.

 The Thai Restaurant of Grand Cayman
 Shedden Road
 Elizabethan Square
 George Town
 Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Location:Grand Cayman


The Old Gaol Cafe (Grand Cayman)

Grand Cayman today and had to look for a new food-venture. I wouldn’t say the owners were rude. Probably just more shocked that a Latino was stopping by and eating their food. I saw Old Gaol Cafe on line and didn’t think twice about it. As I was walking looking for any place that was unique I happened to find Old Gaol Cafe.

 Indian buffet and menu items as well. On a side street in front of Emerald Marquise. On South Church and Goring Avenue. The seating is outside. Covered and no breeze was rough, but it was the true island experience. The owners were sitting a few tables away from me enjoying their own food. That made me feel good about what I was eating.

On the menu they have hot dogs and burgers for the non adventurers. The menu mostly consists of Indian dishes.

Chicken Korma and Sag Aloo
 They had other choices on the buffet menu but I loved the Korma and Sag Aloo. And the saffron rice made it twice as good.

This was the buffet options for today. I should have tried a bit of each. Maybe next time. Come and check it out for yourself. Nice place. Ask the locals and they will lead you the right way.

Two Thumbs Up!!
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Location:Grand Cayman