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 So you know with me there is always a story. I was eating at El Tapatio in Kissimmee last night. @Xobejm and I have dinner there often. I happened to see a sign that said Didn’t think much of it until I read the rest.

Carne Frita and Mofongo. (Tu Casa Restaurant) They are a delivery service. Similar to what Orlando has had for a while now. You order food from a restaurant of your choice and the delivery service will deliver it. Well, now Kissimmee has the same program. has a few restaurants to choose from. Many more restaurants will be added later. You pick which restaurant you want, you see the menu, and pick the food you want, and they deliver it to your home. Kissimmee has never had this before and I am so thrilled that they are starting to do this. We will be able to taste menus from several places from the comfort of our own home.

Garlic Chicken with white rice. (Tu Casa Restaurant)
 Tonight was my first time trying it. I went to and placed my order. Tonight I chose Tu Casa Restaurant. Located in Orlando. You have to create an account and once you are logged in you are ready to order. The website is very easy to use. Adding a delivery address was a challenge at first and then it just automatically worked which was weird.

Peppered Steak with Mofongo (Tu Casa Restaurant)
 After I picked the restaurant and the food I wanted I checked out and paid. Received email confirmation of the order and in even got a phone call from saying that they received the order and will be delivering it at the time I had specified.

Bread Pudding (Tu Casa Restaurant)
 Even cooler about 30 minutes before my delivery time I received a text message saying that the driver was at the restaurant. I was in shock. A text message keeping informed and updated on the driver and his or hers status. Very cool.

Tres Leches (Tu Casa Restaurant)
 My delivery time was scheduled for 5:15 in the afternoon, so I was anxiously awaiting around 4:50 PM. I had told the guy from that I was very happy that the service was provided in Kissimmee and I was looking forward to using the service often.
 The part I enjoyed the most was the communication every so often. These were the messages I received:
 FRM:Hungry Express
 MSG:Your order (#68) has been confirmed by the dispatcher.
 FRM:Hungry Express
 MSG:Your order’s (#68) driver has arrived at the restaurant(s).
 FRM:Hungry Express
 MSG:Your order (#68) has been delivered! Thank you for using Hungry Express!
 Truly amazed with how smooth the process went. The delivery was here on time and the food was great. I have been there before, but it is out of my way. Now, with I can have the food delivered to my door step.
 For now there are only a few options available. More restaurants will be added soon. The delivery woman Betty is actually the owner of It is operated by her and her sister. I thanked her so many times for having this service available in Kissimmee. She told me to spread the word and I said that I definitely would.

This is a definite Two Thumbs up!! A much needed service in Kissimmee. Spread the word.

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