Moe’s Gyro and Grill

Moe’s has just moved in the Osceola Mall. Now known as Plaza Del Sol.

Moe has come to Kissimmee to show the folks how a good Greek Gyro is made. He has a variety of other options. And because of the demographic of this mall he also makes Puerto Rican sandwiches.

Greek Gyro. Since I am originally from Chicago I felt it was necessary for me to try this one. The portion was a bit smaller than what I’m used to. The meat was good and the ingredients were fresh, but it was just okay it wasn’t fantastic.

Greek Salad. I was heading to work so I had to bring all of it to go. The Greek salad was okay as well. It had all the right ingredients and since I had just traveled from Greece I was in the mood for one of the salads. Again it didn’t blow my mind or my taste buds.
 Overall, the place has potential. Moe is an amazing guy. Loves what he does and has only been here for a few months. he has very decent lunch specials and the clientele may be a little bit hard for him to get because of the demographic, but I feel like it has a chance to be successful here in the mall.

Two Thumbs Up!

Location:3831 W Vine St., Kissimmee, FL 34741

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