El Inka Grill

My pre-birthday celebration and @vbterp said I was to choose what I wanted for the day.

I was in the mood for some good Peruvian cuisine.

I had overheard that this was a good place.

Toasted Corn with jalapeño sauce

Calamares Fritos
 Crispy calamari rings with creole sauce and fried yuca.

Tallerines Verdes Con Churrasco:
 Charbroiled Black Angus skirt steak served with Peruvian pesto spaghetti

Picante de Mariscos
 A seafood mix sautéed with spicy rich creamy sauce served with rice.

Suspiro A La Limeña. Milk, sugar, almond flour, meringue, and cinnamon.

Picarones. Squash, sweet potato, and chancaca (solidified molasses)
 Overall, The service was good. The restaurant is pretty pricey so I was expecting excellent customer service. It lacks in that department, but the food is very good. The ambience is very nice. When you walk in you are expecting fine dining, but the customer service kind of lets you down.

Two Thumbs Up for the food. Customer service need to be bumped up a notch.
 El Inka Grill
 (407) 730-7979
 4106 Town Center Boulevard
 Orlando, FL 32837
 El Inka Grill on Urbanspoon}

Location:White Cedar Cir,Kissimmee,United States


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