Cafe Osceola

This was a different experience to say the least. Rosen Shingle Creek is an amazing hotel with a variety of restaurants.

Cafe Osceola was my first try. I cannot wait to try what other options they have within the hotel. I have heard many great things about their other restaurants.

I was there for lunch today and it wasn’t as busy. Many conference folks come here for lunch. We got in before the rush.

Amazing soups.

Great options for salad

The buffet options just keep going.

Sandwich options.


Food and more food.

Did I mention food?

Funny how with all those choices I ended up picking the curry chicken with the fried rice.

Key Lime Pie

Red Velvet
 Overall, the buffet is a very nice. It is very pricey, but worth every penny. The service is fantastic. The desserts were just okay. I tried the red velvet and key lime pie and I wasn’t too crazy about them. The buffet on this day for lunch was $18.99. So make sure you come hungry. I would like to come here for dinner and see what it’s like.

Two thumbs up!!
 Cafe Osceola
 (407) 996-9939
 9939 Universal Blvd, Orlando 32810
 Caf\'e9 Osceola & Osceola Bar on Urbanspoon}

Location:9939 Universal Blvd, Orlando 32810


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