Fogo Do Brazil (Cozumel)

Here we were in Cozumel doing what we always do. I was on a mission to go to another place when this lovely young woman asked us to check Fogo Do Brazil out.

We had never seen this place before. Not sure how long it’s been here now. We knew it was going to be good.

The place is classy. As soon as we got off the escalator we knew we were in for a great treat.

When we entered the place was glowing. It was pristine. Colorful and very well decorated.

Gorgeous table settings.

True Brazil fashion.

I am telling you the place is gorgeous.

This was my view of the beautiful Disney Magic from the restaurant. I truly love my job.

@xobejm ordered the lemonade and it was huge.

Fresh Guacamole. Very nice.

Pico De Gallo was freshly made as well and hit the spot on this hot day.

I had requested some true non American hot sauce.

Feast Shot of our starters.

Steak tacos. This is what @tarajroth ordered.

@Xobejm ordered the Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas. This is her go to dish every time. These did not disappoint.

Arrachera Steak with vegetables and rice. @tarajroth and I discussed when we go to Cozumel the steak is different than what you would find in other regions. Still good, don’t get me wrong. Just different.

This one was a true Foodbidden Family lunch that got our thumbs up.
 Service was great and the staff is very attentive. When coming off the ship take a left and go down the main road. You can’t miss it on your right.
 Fogo Do Brazil
 Cozumel, Quintana Roo

Location:Cozumel, Quintana Roo


One thought on “Fogo Do Brazil (Cozumel)

  1. Great pictures! We also went to El Fogo, the recommendation came from one of the waiters at Papito’s Beach Club (I think it is the same owner?). We picked the all you can eat and were surprised at the quality and variety of the meet, not to mention the great attention from the waiters! After almost a week eating at our resort, this was a great experience. We definitely recommend this place!

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