It’s Sugar (Grand Cayman)

How can you possibly say no to a shop like this. I had gone in about three weeks ago and knew I had to write about this place. This week I was ready to take pics and share this store with the world.

The place is amazing. It’s truly a child’s dream come true. Located in Grand Cayman at Gate 1 when you arrive from the tender boats.

The store just goes on and on. With different sweets and treats and tons of memorabilia. Even merchandise from way back in the day.

Everything here is candy. Even huge candy. The biggest jaw breaker I have ever seen here.

Bacon candy products which would be perfect for my buddy @droolius.

Candy, Candy, and more candy. This is truly the place to be to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Had to take this pic of these kids with their life size sweets. Look how big the gummy bear is!!

Gelato as well? Oh yeah. Lots to choose from. The ladies were nice enough and would give samples.

Mint Chocolate Chip. This was Amy’s choice for the day.

Butter Pecan. This was mine. Amazing gelato. We both have actually eaten gelato in Italy, so we were ready to criticize it. We were shocked how good it was. Very tasty.
 Definitely something you need to see for yourself. It’s pretty pricey because of the location, but the the products they have are unique. You won’t be disappointed.

Two Thumbs Up!
 Grand Cayman
 At the pier (Gate 1)

Location:Grand Cayman (Gate 1)


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