Alberto’s Bar and Grill

Lunch time in Cozumel and Alberto’s was the place to be today. Thanks to Amy who took the work shift today and let me go on a food-venture.

Fresh seafood indeed. I saw some crew members here ordering some garlic shrimp which looked amazing.

Wifey and I had been here before. Nice little place. They specialize in seafood and their menu is nice. @Tarajroth doesn’t eat seafood, so we come for the tacos.

Mexican Coke is alway a must when in Mexico.

Steak Tacos with white rice and guacamole and pico de gallo. Amazing dish.
 Staff is very friendly. They take your order quickly and the food comes fast as well. Great little place to come and have a beer and eat some good food. They have free Wifi.

 Alberto’s Bar and Grill
 Find them on line

Location:Cozumel Mexico


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