Thai Thai Restaurant and Sushi

Before I head out to a week of adventures I was told by my friend Sammy from DCL to check this place out for some good curry.

The restaurant is gorgeous. Opened right at 11:00am. I love prompt people. Stanley greeted me as soon as I came in. Thai Thai has been here for over 10 years now, according to Stanley.

The sushi bar is huge. The staff are courteous. The variety of music was very unique. Listening to country and pop music while sitting in a Thai restaurant was awesome. They have Thai and Japanese dishes. When I got the menu it had about five pages to it. Lots to choose from.

Thai Tea. One of the best I have had in a long time. Nice and sweet. This is my go to drink every time.

Crispy Duck Curry.

Crispy Duck Curry. I have to blame @tarajroth for this one. She ordered this dish one time before and I am hooked. Although the sushi looked tempting. The curry is what my buddy Sammy had recommended. Glad I did it. This was a great dish. So good I had to post two pictures of it.
 Overall, great place to come and eat. Locals were here just as early as I was. I did see some people who were from Thailand coming in and enjoying the food. Crew members that I know frequent Thai Thai. Check it out for yourself. The sushi looked great. I will have to come back.

Most definitely a two thumbs up and Foodbidden Approved.
 Thai Thai Restaurant & Sushi
 (321) 784-1561
 8660 Astronaut Blvd
 Cape Canaveral, FL 32920
 Thai Thai Restaurant & Sushi on Urbanspoon

Location:8660 Astronaut Blvd Cape Canaveral, FL 32920


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