One Sweet Sista! Heavenly Cakes

This afternoon was a new discovery sort of day. Downtown Kissimmee has so many wonderful places. Last Thursday One Sweet Sista has opened their doors. And today was the day I would discover it.

Christi was the young lady who welcomed me to the store as soon as I walked in. The place looked and smelled great. The bright pink on the awning is a great touch. It got my attention in a second.

The inside is very pretty. Everything was super clean. They are going to be serving a full breakfast menu starting Monday. I cannot wait.

Plenty of space to come in and have a great tasting cupcake with a cup of coffee and sit by the window and enjoy the view of Historic Downtown Kissimmee.

Cupcakes galore and more treats. Don’t be fooled. This is just a soft opening and they will be kicking it into gear by Monday. Plenty of treats yet to come.

Banana Bread Pudding.
 I was recommended to try this one. I had to take a picture of it. It was fantastic. It has been a long time since I have had a good banana bread pudding.

They have cupcakes with no filling and cupcakes with Bavarian Cream filling. Those were the ones I purchased today. I loved the cream filled ones. They were perfectly made. Nice and moist. The icing was just right. Not too sweet. Perfect amount of filling.

Red Velvet, Vanilla Confetti, Chocolate Confetti, and Pumpkin.
 I will be going back to One Sweet Sista very soon. The experience was amazing.

Banana Bread Pudding.
 Operating hours will be 6am to 6pm for now and trying to get a feel of the clientele. They will then take it from there and change opening hours depending on the turn out.

Peanut butter, Cinnamon, and Chocolate Chip cookies.
 When I was about to leave I asked what else I should order. I was suggested to try the cookies as well.

It all tasted so good. It’s always hard to find the perfect cupcake. This one is a must when in downtown Kissimmee.

Stop on by and visit One Sweet Sista when you are in downtown Kissimmee. You won’t be disappointed. The staff is awesome and I am looking forward to their breakfast menu coming this Monday.
 Christi, thanks for being so awesome today. I will be back and bringing my family with me next time.

Foodbidden Approved! Two Thumbs Up.
 One Sweet Sista! Heavenly Cakes and Desserts
 (407) 973-6314
 324 Broadway
 Kissimmee, FL 34741
 One Sweet Sista! Heavenly Cakes and Desserts on Urbanspoon

Location:324 Broadway Kissimmee, FL 34741


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