Khushi Indian Restaurant (St Maarten)

This day was an Indian food day. I have been to St Maarten several times before and always went to the same Indian restaurant. While walking to it I found out it has closed for good. So, I had to search for another one.

Khushi is hidden in the corner. Just to the left of the courthouse. Cash only and no credit cards. Free Wifi is always nice. When I arrived the staff seemed a bit apprehensive. I am sure they have never seen a Latino in their place before. I smiled and said I wanted to sit and eat.

The place is very small. Not sure if they ever get super busy or not. I did experience firsthand what it’s like when the crew members arrive. While sitting there all alone about 10 crew members showed up. Three of which I knew very well.

Mango Lassi was a great way to start my afternoon. Made on the spot.

Samosas. These were served with meat. Nice and crispy. The green sauce added a bit of kick to the samosas.

No Garlic Naan today, so I had to settle for Roti. It was good, but the garlic Naan would have hit the spot.

Chicken Vindaloo (Spicy) I could have had more spice. I think they make it more Americanized to be safe with the customers. I would have loved it extremely spicy.

The combination of the rice and vindaloo were perfect. Again, just would have wanted it spicier. Also, the food was warm but not hot. I could hear them cooking in the back, but it was not steaming hot.

Overall, nice place. Cash only. Staff is nice but don’t expect Disney type service. While speaking to one of the crew members he said it perfectly. He would rate it a 7 between 1 and 10. I would say I agree. Free wifi is a big plus. Come and give it a try for yourself.

I would say One Thumb Up.

Khushi Indian Restaurant
Phillipsburgh, St Maarten
Behind Courthouse.


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