Festival of Bacon

(Photo courtesy of http://www.festivalofbacon.com)

This was the day we were all waiting for. I had even purchased my bacon IPhone case for the event. The Festival of Bacon was hosted at the Orlando Festival Park. 2911 East Robinson, Orlando, Florida. October 5, 2013. First time ever.

@tarajroth and @xobejm were ready to have some good food. And we all know everything is better with bacon. We were happy to bump into our fellow #foodspotters and food bloggers while we were there.

When we arrived to the parking lot it was all full. We had to park at a school nearby. They charged us 5 dollars and @tarajroth overheard the woman raising the price by the time we were leaving. As a Yelp member I was entitled to free parking, but the lot I ended up at did not honor that.

Bacon lovers from near and far showed up today. I even saw some fellow colleagues and friends hanging around this lovely event.

The DJ was playing some old school hip hop and I was feeling the groove. The Bacon Groove that is.

The mechanical bull is a must at any event in Orlando Florida. The slides and the bouncy houses were all very busy with sweaty and greasy bacon kids.

These were our Bacon Bucks. Included in the price of admission which was $37.00 and some change. I should have purchased the tickets when they were on pre-sale. They were half the price. Lesson learned.

Slow and Low Bar-B-Que was our first stop. We walked around first to see all the bacon treats that were offered. Then we went in for the kill.

Bacon Wrapped Rib. Worth 5 Bacon Bucks. The meat fell off of the bone. Nice and tender just the way I like it. Not too overpowering with the sauce. Well made.
Next up was Anthony’s.

I would say the board says it all. The cream sauce was nice and light. Was expecting it to be strong and it wasn’t. The peas scared me at first but the flavors blended in together very well. Next up Beth’s Burger.

Now I should start by saying that I not only love this woman, but I love her burgers. I had been here for a @dishcrawlorlando once before. I love how this woman runs her business in a predominantly male environment. And her burgers are just plain awesome. Enough said. The peanut butter is a very creative taste with the cheddar and the bacon.
Next up, The Sugar Suite.

Where the hell have I been?!?!?! I have never tasted anything so amazing in my life. I felt like I had died and gone to bacon heaven! This was all courtesy of @tarajroth. She stopped by The Sugar Suite tent. No line, no wait, no hassle, and just went and ordered 2 of them. I was very happy to see @TastyChomps at the Festival of Bacon and having some Whoopie pies in his hand.

Overall, I was impressed with the amount of people there. We didn’t eat much. Long lines, lots of heat. Yet, in the shade the weather felt great. What an amazing turnout from the Orlando bacon lover community. Looking forward to the event next year.

NOTE: Because of personal reasons I only stayed for two hours. Be on the lookout for more pics and blogs from the following:


Location:Orlando Festival Park


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