Oceanspray Cranberry Bog Experience

The Cranberry Bog event hosted by Oceanspray at Epcot Food and Wine was the highlight of my evening. Big MEGA KUDOS to @TheLittleKitchn for the invite. This was for a special invite only media event. All great and powerful gurus from Central Florida coming together for this special event.

Usually from mid-September until around mid-November cranberries are ready for harvesting.

The health benefits to eating cranberries are endless and Oceanspray is doing its part in educating the public via their website, events, and social media outlets.

Tonight was the Cranberry Bog experience. We would have the opportunity to go into the bog and experience it firsthand.

The set up was spectacular. Every guest that was at Epcot today for the Food and Wine festival would pass by the bog and take lots of pictures.

This was our first time going into a cranberry bog. @TheLittleKitchn and I were so excited to this. I found myself thanking her every chance I could for getting to do this.

Putting on the waders was much harder than I expected. A cast member suggested that I sit down and put the boot part on first and then pull the rest of the wader up. The boot part was heavy. Not at all what I thought it would be. After I had it on I felt like a true blue farmer.

Once you got into the bog you were offered a beverage.

Snacks were provided as well. Every snack and drink provided incorporated cranberries.

We all felt like superstars in the bog. Guests from Epcot would stand and wonder who we were while we took pictures and tried the different treats. The true VIP experience.

The set up was perfect and the tables in the middle of the bog made it twice as awesome.

I truly enjoyed the natural effects of the lights and the shadows on the cranberry bog.

Here I am taking pictures of @TheLittleKitchn and getting caught doing it. Amazing time.

Thanks again to @TheLittleKitchn for the invite. Without her I wouldn’t have had this humbling experience.

Huge thanks to Oceanspray for hosting this event and allowing people to experience a cranberry bog in the middle of Epcot.

Location:Epcot Food and Wine


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