Olives Mediterranean Bar & Cafe

Another day at work and this was a rough one. While arriving to the port it started pouring rain. I was concerned about heading out, but the hunger got the best of me and I decided to go out under the rain.

Olives has been on my mind and has always caught my eye, but never tried it myself. Crew members usually come here for lunch and WiFi.

The umbrella area seems to be the smoking section. Some people at the bar would step out and come here to smoke.

The chalkboard usually has lunch specials. Today it was blank. Just a few things written on it. I was surprised.

Ahhhh. Here they are. Seems the chalkboard in the kitchen area is not the best place for specials anymore. Everyday they have different specials.

Staff is super friendly. You come in and ask to be seated. Any place you sit is a good spot. It is nice to be seated indoors and yet feel the Bahamian breeze.

This was where I was seated. Near the TV. Oh yeah. They know me well. You can order food at the bar area or with the server. I asked for the recommendation of the day.

Seafood Ensalada
Grilled Shrimp, fish fillet, romaine, chopped vegetables, cherry tomato, shaved parmesan, balsamic herb vinaigrette.

I cannot express how good this was. As you know from my other blog posts I tend not to eat any type of salads. This is not something I would order on my own. Glad the staff recommended this dish.

Olives Mediterranean Bar & Cafe
(242) 356-3986
International Bazaar
Downtown, Bay St.
Nassau Island, New Providence

Local favorite for Greek Gyros, Panini Sandwiches, flatbread Pizza, Rustic Salads and freshly grilled Seafood.


Location:Downtown, Bay St. Nassau Island, New Providence


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