Hawkers Asian Street Fare

Thanks to @kokocooks, @tytyeats, and @Joeyme1 for the invite on lunch today. I love any sort of quality time with them. Great people to be around. I have always heard about Hawkers, but thought it was a place that sold wings and beer. Man, was I wrong. This is Asian Street Fare. They had me at “Street”.

I arrived super early to check out the parking scene. Surprisingly, they have a parking lot. I assumed everything on Mills didn’t. Love Orlando and its surprises.

I had read all the reviews and it seemed half and half. At least with the people that I know or trust with reviews. But as you know I had to try it for myself. I love seeing 15 blog posts about it because it makes it easier on me. Enjoy the other blog posts. Here are my pictures and my thoughts.

Thai Iced Tea. This is a must every place I go.

2 Spring Rolls
Crispy spring rolls filled with shredded vegetables and served with Vietnamese vinaigrette.

6 Curry Hawker Meatballs
Asian beef meatballs skewered then covered in curry sauce. Spicy. Oh yeah!! I couldn’t get enough of their curry sauce. I literally poured it on everything.

Roti Canai
Malaysian flat breads served with a side of signature spicy curry dipping sauce. Spicy. Not sure why they say spicy. It wasn’t for me. It may be spicy for others.

5 Spice
Your choice of protein lightly battered and fried to a golden crisp then tossed in signature five spice seasoning. Today I chose Fish. @Joeyme1 had talked about the fish tacos so it prompted me to get fish for this dish. Very yum!

Hawker’s Delight
Tofu, broccoli, napa, carrots, bell peppers mushrooms piled high and stir fried in a light soy based sauce. Vegetarian. This was @Joeyme1 dish. I couldn’t taste it. Too many vegetables and way too healthy for me. : )

Ramen Burger
Freshly ground beef, Kalbi sauce marinade, Dried Ramen noodles, House-made kimchi,Cilantro sprigs, and Scallions. @Kokocooks follows Hawkers on Facebook and knew about the burger. It was great. I took a bite and loved it.

Banh Mi Slider with Bulgogi Beef. They didn’t have the roasted duck which I really wanted to try. Kind of sad they didn’t have it. @Joeyme1 suggested the Banh Mi and I went for it. Great taste. The Bulgogi makes it ten times better.

This place is nice. Very nice. I was impressed with the restaurant. Very clean. Well lit. A bit noisy at times. The best way to experience these Asian tapas are with a group of friends and sharing a bit of everything. Two thumbs up!! I will be back here again!!

Again, thank you so much to @kokocooks and @Joeyme1. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have most of my experiences. You two rock!!

Hawkers Asian Street Fare
(407) 237-0606
1103 North Mills Avenue
Orlando, FL 32803

Hawkers Asian Street Fare on Urbanspoon

Location:1103 North Mills Avenue Orlando, FL 32803


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