Delly Deck (St. Thomas)

St. Thomas. Gorgeous island. The place to find great souvenirs and nice places to eat near the pier. Of course, the beautiful beaches are okay as well. : )

We walked around and did some shopping before we arrived to Delly Deck. We entered and only saw outside seating. We then saw some people coming out of a door and we noticed there was an inside area. We went inside for some AC.

According to our server this place has been here for over 30 years. Amazing. Reviews seem to say that they have the best breakfast in town. Wish I could have tried it for myself. We came for lunch. Now let’s talk COMIDA!!

Skinny Dip with French Fries. Their version of a Philly cheese steak sandwich. The Au Jus made this sandwich ten times better. Lots of flavor.

Fried Chicken with a side salad. The Big Cheese was on a mission when she ordered this. I won’t lie I tried some and it was fantastic. It had a sweet flavor to it. They must put some magic in the batter. All I needed was a waffle on the side. : )

Another shot of the Skinny Dip.

Close up shot of the Fried Chicken.

Our server was on it today. Reviews say they take long. We had quick and friendly service with a smile. Lots of locals and tourist come here. When you are in the area come and check them out.

Delly Deck
Building 3 Havensight Mall, St Thomas, Virgin Islands 00802

Location:Building 3 Havensight Mall, St Thomas, Virgin Islands 00802

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