Sunshine Restaurant

We had to laugh about this one. It’s closed on Tuesdays. Random day, but they are not open. We had to come back on Wednesday just to give it a try.

Pete, the owner has had this place for 43 years. He is still there making all the magic happen in the kitchen.

Peggy was our server today and she was awesome. Super friendly!

The hot sauces were the first thing on our table. They must know our style. Papi and I love hot sauces.

The rib eye was a must for breakfast. Ita ordered this dish and finished the whole thing.

Mine was the Chopped Steak with Onions. Very tasty. It was like having a well made burger for breakfast. YUM!

@Xobejm had the Waffle. Plain as always. This was the best waffle we had all week. My mom had a waffle this week, but this one was much better.

Scrambled Eggs, Ham, and Hash browns. We tend to get the usual so we can compare and see which is better.

Eggs over medium, hash browns, and ham. So far I would say Sunshine has my vote. The food is good and the service is even better.

Sunshine Skillet. With all the fixins inside. Green peppers, corn beef hash, and topped with eggs done your way.

Feast shot. We enjoy every moment of eating. Never a dull moment at the table. BUEN PROVECHO to us!

Sunshine Restaurant is a must while in the city. They have a second restaurant as well. Pete, the owner is a very laid back guy who loves to work and is enjoying every moment of it. 43 years and going strong. If you are ever in the area check them out. Ask for Peggy.

Sunshine Restaurant
(773) 267-1578
3523 N Kedzie Ave
Chicago, IL 60618

Sunshine Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Location:3523 N Kedzie Ave Chicago, IL 60618


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