El Gordo Restaurant

Thanks to good friends who recommend great restaurants in Chicago. I was in Chicago visiting my parents for a few days.

Chicago has so many local restaurants that have been here for several years and have the same customers coming here for years. My favorite type of food to eat while I am here is Mexican. Orlando seems to be lacking compared to Chicago.

@Tarajroth ordered the Strawberry Margarita.

@Xobejm ordered their Lemonade.

Fresh guacamole. It was just okay. Nothing to write home about. Didn’t taste as fresh as it claimed it would.

Queso fundido with chorizo. Now, this one was perfect. I ordered it with corn tortillas. All that cheese would make @wholycheesus very happy.

Had to take a pic of this. It is the way to the bar that they have next door.

Burrito Suizo de Carne Asada. Later I will show the inside. Huge portions! This was very tasty. I ate half and took the other half home. I always finish all my food, but tonight I couldn’t.

Guisado De Puerco. This was Papi’s dish. Papi wanted it as spicy as possible. The server suggested the green sauce. Papi loved how spicy it was and loved the flavor.

Enchiladas Suizas de Pollo. This was Ita’s dish. Ita liked them. She didn’t love them. The red sauce was a bit overwhelming for her.

Chimichanga De Pollo with rice and beans. This was my friends dish.

@xobejm ordered the steak tacos. They came with lettuce which is a first for me. She seemed to have liked them. She prefers just onions and cilantro.

Torta de Carne Asada. This was my others friends dish. It looked fantastic.

Burrito Suizo (inside shot) I like to order it with steak, onions, and cilantro. The meat was well prepared and it truly was the perfect bite.

Cheesecake. Very good.

Tres Leches. Their best dessert in the restaurant in my opinion.

Flan. I did not like it. As I mention in my other blogs, I am very picky about my flan. This is one did not pass the test.

All three desserts. See if you can find the hidden Mickey (Disney reference)

Great place to come and hang out. Very loud when we went. Soccer games are playing in the background and kids are screaming. Our server was very helpful and patient with us. The woman who I spoke to at the register had a rude sort of attitude when I asked about parking in the back. Not a great way to impress a customer when entering. Food was great! The guacamole needs some help.

El Gordo Restaurant
(773) 286-8608
5746 W Belmont Ave
Chicago, IL 60634

El Gordo Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Location:5746 W Belmont Ave Chicago, IL 60634


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