Go-Hyang-Gip Korean Restaurant

They don’t know it, but tonight’s meal was encouraged by @droolius and @eatlocalorlando. I saw their comments and likes on the internet. I was in a Korean food mood and @tarajroth was happy to join me.

We arrived here at 6:20pm. Completely empty, so I was a bit nervous. Two lovely ladies greeted us immediately and were very friendly. Based on reviews I expected this place to be packed. But it was still early.

The tables are ready for the Hot Pot and the flat top is ready for some true sizzling. Tonight we decided to just order from the menu. More people started coming in later on. Now lets talk COMIDA!!

Yaki Mandu. Homemade pan fried dumplings filled with pork, beef and vegetables.
What a great starter. Wifey and I loved these. Made just right.

Kimchi Pancake is always a must. I didn’t order these. The owner brought some out for us to taste. Very nice of them.

Pork Bulgogi. Grilled pork marinated in special spicy and sweet sauce. This was wifey’s choice. I loved it.

L. A. Style Galbi. Short ribs marinated in special sauce. Grilled from the kitchen. This was my dish and my all time favorite.

The yummy side dishes always make these Korean dining experiences superb.

Stone Pot BiBim Bop. Steamed rice with mixed vegetables, beef and egg served in a sizzling stone pot. I had read about this and I had to order it. Not the best picture, but it was very tasty. The owner and our server came out to talk to us and asked how everything was. We loved every single dish.

The best part of the meal. They brought us out some cantaloupe for desert. What a great way to end our dining adventure.

This is a must try. The staff are super friendly and make you feel very comfortable as soon as you walk in.


Go-Hyang-Gip Korean Restaurant
(407) 856-4242
1400 West Oak Ridge Road
Orlando, FL 32809

Go-Hyang-Gip Korean Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Location:1400 West Oak Ridge Road Orlando, FL 32809


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