Cafe Skans (Nassau Bahamas)

Today the Foodbidden Family had an adventure like never before. In the ever interesting Nassau Bahamas.

We have seen it, but never came in. This was the day we had to do it. Little did we know what we would be getting ourselves into.

The restaurant is huge. I haven’t seen a place this big in Nassau ever. We tend to hit the little mom and pop shops. Well, this one is a mom and pop shop, but they have a lot of space.

The place got packed in a second. Wow. Locals and fellow cruisers were here this day wanting some good grub. This included us, so LET’S TALK FOOD!!!

Gyros Platter. All kinds of choices are served here. From Greek to Bahamian dishes. Lots of flavor in all our dishes here.

Jerk Chicken and Pork Combo with rice and bean mix and Mac and Cheese casserole. @tarajroth had this one and I have to admit this was my favorite.

Pork Chop Sandwich with French Fries. This was @xobejm dish. She originally ordered the ribs, but they are all gone by the time we got there. We arrived around 12:30pm. Strange. So, she went with the Pork Chop. I always have a hard time taking pics of a sandwich. I decided to add two pics to get an idea of what it looked like. It had lettuce, mayo, mustard, and onions. @xobejm went with no tomatoes.

We were absolutely floored on how well the food tasted. The service was awesome and Carla our server was efficient and had the best smile ever. Lots of flavor and way too much to choose from. This is the place to be and that is why so many people were here today. The lobster, shrimp, mussels, etc. looked amazing. My next time here I am going for the seafood.

Foodbidden Family: TWO THUMBS UP!! OH YEAH!!

Cafe Skans
Bay Street

Location:Nassau Bahamas, Bay Street


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