Vespr Craft Coffee and Allures

This morning was a 45 minute drive sort of day. @OrlandoFamStyle @Tarajroth Brian and I were meeting for the Lunch Bunch today and we decided to start things off with some craft coffee.

Vespr has been here for about a month in the Waterford Towers on Alafaya. Kaitlin who was helping us today mentioned that they would be adding new items to the menu. @TastyChomps did a beautiful write up and posted some videos on Vespr.

Being our first time we went The Coffee Siphon way. Had to do it. The Siphon produces more flavor, clarity, and lighter body. Kaitlin was nice enough to explain the process. The Coffee Siphon is like a water vac system. Water vapor goes to the top of the chamber. You steam coffee grounds to a minute and a half. Reduce from heat and the paper filter traps all oils on the top. Not exactly what she said but ya get the idea.

Not the best explanation, but @TastyChomps has it all spelled out for ya. After reading his blog post on Vespr it made me want to go and try this place. I also looked it up on line and found the whole process of The Coffee Siphon.

I was amazed by the whole process. I ordered the
Senda Salvaje.
Honeysuckle, smooth lemon zest, honey, tangerine, roasted cocoa nib.

@Tarajroth ordered the Brazil Ipanema-Peaberry.
White grape, Asian Pear, roasted hazelnut.

I took a sip of each coffee as is. Being the typical Latino that I am I asked for lots of milk to add to it. I could still appreciate the flavor of the coffee.

Overall, nice place. Sweet treats are always a plus in any coffee shop. They had some small cookies and sweets, but nothing that will fill you up. It’s only been open for about a month and I can see this place truly being successful in this location.

Kaitlin, you rock girl! Thanks for showing us the way of the Siphon. We live in Kissimmee, but it was worth the drive. Thanks again.

Vespr Craft Coffee and Allures
(407) 476-3093
626 North Alafaya Trail
Orlando, FL 32825

Vespr Craft Coffee and Allures on Urbanspoon

Location:626 North Alafaya Trail Orlando, FL 32825


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