Brasa Roja

Pardon the odd picture. If I would have taken a step back I would have gotten run over by several cars. Always excitement in Chicago.

My mom has been here about ten times. She is no stranger to this place. She comes in the morning and has her usual empanadas. Tonight our server was Johnjairo.

I loved seeing the fire going and seeing the rotisserie dripping. It made me very hungry. Johnjairo was nice enough to have me take a picture of the flame.

Mom started off with a Batido de Lulo. (Soursop shake). I gave it a try to see how it tasted. It was nice. Sweet. Pretty good. And I had to Google what Soursop was. I am sure you will too.

Mine, the usual. No matter where I go. Una Colombiana for me. I enjoy this drink a little too much. Now let’s talk COMIDA!!!

Empanadas De Carne. Oh yeah!! You can’t ever go wrong with these in a Colombian restaurant. Especially this one. This was Mommy Bidden’s order.

This is my moms favorite one. Aborrajado. (Plantain with cheese and guava paste). Holy mother of delectable items!! This is amazing. Didn’t realize this even existed on a Colombian menu.

Char broiled Chicken and New York Strip combo served with potato, cassava, and plantain.
This dish warrants two pictures. The steak was perfect and the chicken was just right. Lots of food. Perfect for me.

This place is a must try for any local or tourist. Great food and amazing prices.

Johnjairo, Gracias por su atención. La comida esta muy rica. Espero regresar pronto.

Mommy Bidden TWO THUMBS UP!!

Foodbidden TWO THUMBS UP!!

Brasa Roja
3556 N. Pulaski
Chicago, IL 60618

Brasa Roja on Urbanspoon

Location:3556 N Pulaski, Chicago, IL 60641


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